Have you been trying to create a digital product but struggling to do so?

Well, I have good news. You don’t have to struggle if you follow my recommended strategies. Creating a high-quality information product isn’t all that hard to do.

Digital products have become very popular over time due to their very low creation costs while being inherently scalable. Some commonly seen digital product types are ebooks, online courses, downloadable templates, software, audio products, etc. The most popular of the lot are ebooks.

I’m going to show you how to create a digital product in only a few steps. Digital products are an exciting way of making money online. It’s so easy that you can start selling in just a few hours. Before you start, go through the steps of learning how to create a digital product to make sure that it will be done properly.

Let’s go through the steps on how to create a digital product to make money online.

1. Find a Good Niche

You’ll need to have something interesting to write about. Something that can stand out from the crowd. Some people will want to read some kind of tutorials while others will want to learn something specific about your niche.

Think about it this way that there is no point in creating something that hardly anyone is interested in.

You can find a niche in which you are interested or in which you already have a skill. Then answer the question, “Are people spending money in this niche?”

Look to see if there are products for sale in this niche. Are there books on Amazon, Dummies, magazines? Is there coaching available? If yes, then people are willing to spend money in this niche.

Be sure to study your market before you start to create any digital product. I usually start off with Google Trends and search for areas of interest around which I could viably create a digital product.

When you enter a specific keyword phrase, Google Trends will present to you the popularity of that keyword phrase over a specified time frame.

Next, I move on to another tool by Google, one which actually assists me to verify the possible success of a digital product. It is called the Google Keyword Planner, part of Google AdWords. This allows you to analyze the month-to-month search volume and forecasted competition on particular keyword phrases.

Once I decide on a general keyword I am comfortable with, I head over to Neil Patel’s Ubesuggest. It’s a free tool while more comprehensive paid versions are available.

Ubersuggest will analyze your keyword and offer you the possible variations for that keyword based on SEO difficulty, paid search difficulty, the average cost per click,  etc. It will also present you with the links to competitor websites along with their domain score and backlinks.

As you can probably understand that selecting a niche and targeting a worthwhile keyword for that niche should be of paramount concern for you. After all, you will want to be found in the searches (preferably on the first page) to establish reach over your target audience.

You will need to become very familiar with doing research in a similar fashion as I had mentioned above to find a solid product idea that people will actually be interested in, leading to a purchase.

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2. Find a Pressing Problem to Solve

This is a very important part.

Always start to create your digital product with the idea that it must solve a problem. You can’t create a product and hope that people will buy it just because you have created it. The information within your digital product must compel the prospect to buy it because of the amount of value and urgency you create.

You must look for a problem people in your niche are experiencing. And they must be willing to pay for the solution.

Now there are some pressing problems people have but are not willing to pay for the solution. For example: How to unclog a toilet is a pressing problem. But most people won’t buy a video course or eBook on the subject. They need the answer now and will go online and get their information for free.

One good way to find problems that people are desperate to solve is by going to the more prominent forums on your niche. You could also search for books available on your niche and get a sense of what types of problems those books are addressing.

Youtube is also a great idea generator for content. I always find popular videos on a niche and scour through the comments to find the problems people are discussing.

3. Find the Solution to the Problem

Naturally, after finding the problem to solve, you will need to be aware of or find the solution.

Always be specific to the solution. One problem one solution. Research the solution properly and discuss it elaborately throughout your digital product.

You do not necessarily be an expert yourself on the solution. However, you will need to offer well researched and justified solution to the people you are selling the product to.

You don’t have to know everything but the more you know the easier it will be to create a digital product and even scale it up into other future digital products.

4. Write Out the Structure

Determine how you are going to package your product. Will you do an eBook, video course, or perhaps even an audio course?

Here’s my recommended way of creating an outline of your digital product.

List down at least 5 to 10 main topics.

Now list down 5 to 10 subtopics for each main topic. Refer to your research for this and take your time to develop the subtopics.  Now add some bullet points for each sub-topic.

Write a paragraph on each of the bullet points and subtopics.

Once you are done with these steps, review and add any more important things to it. Feel free to create more topics, subtopics, and bullet points to elaborate upon.

In addition, you can also create record audio and make videos to highlight or stress any specific points.

Sometimes, I find it easier to start this work with a PLR (private label rights) product which matches my interest. Mostly the structure is already there and I simply start adding in all that needs to be added.

Do keep in mind that any or all of this part can be outsourced also.

5. Repeat the Process

When you create your next digital product, you can offer it as an “upsell” to your first product. Believe me that after the first one, it only gets easier and easier to create products.

Here is my recommended training for learning how to upsell your products using a sales funnel.

Eventually, you could take any or all of your eBooks and convert them into a more detailed video course. You can certainly charge more money for the video courses, especially if they are very specific and detailed.

So, here you go. Now you know how to create any digital product.

So many people think of every excuse why they can’t create their own products. You only need to follow the time tested formula I have provided to you.

I do use a few tools to help with my writing. You can check them out also as I am sure that you will find these invaluable.

Your audience will also appreciate your final products as they will become highly polished and presentable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started immediately to create a digital product to make money online.

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Investing in gold often draws a certain opinion from investors around the world that gold is ancient antiquity that no longer holds the financial premiums of the past. In the present-day financial environment, paper money is the currency to prefer. They argue that gold’s only advantage is the point that it is an element that is utilized in the manufacturing of precious jewelry. On the flip side of the same coin are those that assert gold is an investment with numerous inherent qualities that make it essential and distinct for investors to have in their portfolios.

Throughout the times, people have always found investing in gold to be prosperous for numerous purposes. All modern economies have also placed value on gold, hence bolstering its worth. It is the metal we resort to when other forms of currency don’t perform well, which suggests it consistently has some worth as a guaranteed safeguard against difficult economic downturns.

Here are 8 factual reasons for investing in gold.

The Fragility of the U.S. Dollar

Even though the U.S. dollar is among the world’s most essential reserve currencies, when the market value of the dollar falls opposed to other currencies as it did in between the 1998 and 2008 period, this typically triggers a lot of people to drift to the safety and security of investing in gold, which raises the gold prices. The value of gold almost tripled between 1998 and 2008, reaching the $1,000-an-ounce breakthrough in early 2008 and almost doubling between 2008 and 2012, reaching around the $1800-$1900 point. The fall in the U.S. dollar took place for a variety of factors, consisting of the nation’s large budget and trade deficits and a rather big boost in the money supply.

A Strong Tradition of Maintaining Its Worth

Dissimilar to paper currency, coins, or other investments, gold has actually kept its worth throughout the ages. People see investing in gold as a means to hand down and safeguard their wealth from one generation to the next. Ever since ancient times, people have actually valued the special aspects of this treasured metal. Gold doesn’t rust and can be melted over a basic flame, making it simple to deal with and brand as a coin. Additionally, gold has a lovely and distinct color, unlike any other element.

Concerns over Geopolitical Issues

Gold maintains its worth not just in times of economic uncertainty, but also in times when geopolitical concerns emerge. It is frequently called the “crisis asset” due to the fact that people always inevitably flocked to gold’s relative safety and security when the global economic stress levels increase. Throughout such troubled periods, investing in gold typically outperforms other types of financial investments. For instance, gold prices had seen some significant price moves in recent times in reaction to the crisis that took place in the EU. When trust in govt gets low, gold prices typically increase the most.

Protection Against Deflation

Deflation is described as a time period in which prices reduce when business activities slow and the economic situation is strained by extreme financial obligations, which has actually not been seen around the world ever since the Great Depression of the 1930s (although a little degree of deflation happened following the 2008 economic crisis in some parts of the world). Throughout the Depression, the relative buying power of gold skyrocketed while other prices plummeted dramatically. This is due to the fact that people decided to hoard money, and the most safe location to hold money remained in gold and gold coins at the time.

Hedging Against Inflation

Investing in gold has traditionally been an exceptional hedge against inflation due to the fact that its price tends to go up when the cost of living rises. Over the past 50 years, investors have actually found gold prices to skyrocket and the stock exchanges to dive throughout the high-inflation years. This is due to the fact that when fiat currency loses its buying power to inflation, gold tends to be priced in those currency systems and therefore tends to increase in value together with whatever else. Additionally, gold is viewed as an excellent store of value so consumers might be motivated to invest in gold when they think that their regional currency is on the decline.

Rising Demands

In the past years, the growing wealth of the emerging market economies raised the need for investing in gold. In a number of these nations, gold is entwined into their way of life. For example, India is among the biggest gold-consuming countries on the planet. Gold has so many usages there, including precious jewelry. As a result, the Indian wedding peak time of year in October is historically the time of the year that sees the largest worldwide demand for gold. Also in China, where gold bars are a very traditional form of savings, the demand for gold has actually been enduring.

Functioning in the Modern Economy

Despite the fact that gold no longer stands behind the U.S. dollar (or any other international currencies), it still holds much significance in today’s society. It is still essential to the worldwide economy. To confirm this point, it isn’t necessary to look further than the ledgers of central banks and other financial institutions, such as the IMF. Currently, such institutions are accountable for holding nearly one-fifth of the world’s supply of above-ground gold. Moreover, many central banks have actually increased their gold reserves, showing apprehensions about the long-lasting worldwide economic conditions.

As a Diversifying Investment

Generally, investing in gold is viewed as a means to diversifying any investment portfolio. It is certain that gold has actually in the past functioned as a financial investment that can bring in a diversifying aspect to your portfolio, irrespective of whether you are stressed over inflation, a receding U.S. dollar, or perhaps safeguarding your wealth.

In summary, investing in gold must be an integral part of a mixed financial investment portfolio considering that its price rises in reaction to the activities that trigger the worth of paper assets, such as bonds and stocks, to drop. Even though the price of gold can be unpredictable in the short-term, it has actually consistently sustained its worth over the long term. Throughout the years, it has actually functioned as a hedge against the rising cost of living and the eroding of major currencies, and this is a financial investment well worth thinking about.

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