To find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing will take some work but not very difficult to do once you understand the overall process and what to avoid.

Affiliate marketing is a terrific online business model created for more precise business targets where you can offer products or services, to your specific audiences, that have actually been created by someone else.

The product owners are willing to pay you a commission every time when you make a sale. You do not have to worry about producing any of the products, handling customer support, having to deal with any payment gateways, processing any refunds, or even deal with the deliveries.

Usually, you can think about affiliate marketing as the concept of any business selling their products or services, and seeking out others (i.e. affiliate marketers) to assist in selling those services or products in exchange for profit-sharing.

You can likewise refer to the affiliate as the publishers or advertisers. And it does not have to be a substantial business either. It can be just about anyone!

Affiliate marketing services can produce income all over the board depending on the number of products sold and just how much traffic you can drive to the promotion/offer.

The affiliate will promote their chosen niche’s products in an effort to convert and sell to as many customers as they can in their profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

In this manner, they can earn tons of affiliate revenue from the profit-sharing method of affiliate marketing.

For example, you could do exactly that if you have a popular blog that drives targeted traffic through the blog posts or subsequently by the autoresponders.

affiliate marketing infographic

Due to the fact that affiliate marketing is so popular, there are many products available for sale in almost every niche and industry you can think of. Although you may be essentially sure in your mind that you will become a success in your target niche, you are probably still wondering of any proven ways to understand whether your efforts in that niche will actually pay off?

Here are some of my suggestions to discover a rewarding niche for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Merchant Platforms

Affiliate platforms like Shareasale, Warrior+, JVZoo, ClickBank, CJ.com, etc. are simply a few of the platforms to find successful affiliate niches. If you plan to sell digital information products, you will also get a good feel for it on some of these platforms.

Your potentially profitable niche for affiliate marketing will not make you money if you do not have the best products to promote. So, when you have locked in your niche you wish to work with, and some good search from the Google keyword research tool, you can browse through the affiliate networks to find unique and popular products to promote.

Alternatively, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a good keyword research tool I personally recommend.

Level of Competition?

Excessive competition can make it challenging for you to carve out your unique presence in a popular niche. Conversely, having no competition is a bad indication as well. A simple enough way to check whether a niche will be profitable enough for you or not, type in the name of your specific niche into a couple of popular search engines and then check out the search results.

If you find that there are ads matching the search results, it’s an excellent indication. That would certainly indicate that at least some other affiliates are making sufficient revenue in that niche to invest in paid advertising.

If you discover your search term is popular with more than 30,000 searches monthly, simply avoid that and search again for another niche. Keep in mind that the more popular the niche is, the more countless content and promotions have already been published around it.

If you must stay on a niche knowing that there is a lot of competition, then drill down into sub-niches where the competition is more manageable. For example, food > pizza > new york pizza.

Search in Amazon

A lot of affiliate marketers are making a significant level of income from the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. Try searching your prospective niche in Amazon to check whether the search results are in thousands or more, or perhaps fewer than only a hundred? In the case of the latter, you should probably be looking for some other niche if the greatest selling website does not show too many items for sale in your potential niche.

Check Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators are platforms where many blog creators submit their own blogs from their blog sites. Bloglovin.com is a complimentary blog site aggregator. Use it to browse your niche subject. If there are a decent number of search results, you most likely have a niche that is workable. If not, keep on trying to find another niche where there is a sufficient level of interest. Use the search filters to drill down your specific interests.

Is It Only Seasonal?

Some affiliate products offer dependably at specific times every year. Think about chocolates at Valentine’s Day or costumes at Halloween. Some markets can really take off at certain times of the year, while others might simply flatline. Google Trends is a very effective tool to check month by month performance of all types of niches. It can expose some truly important trends you could expect about your niche.

Some Popular Niches

  • Money Niches – Investing, Credit card, Mortgage, Bitcoin, Debt Settlement
  • Health and Fitness Niches – Fitness, Weight Loss, Yoga, Organic, Vegan, Nutrition,
  • Tech Niches– Gaming, WordPress, Web hosting, VPN, SaaS, Software
  • Lifestyle Niches – Fashion, Luxury, Cruises, Airlines, Travel, Online dating, Jewelry
  • Hobby Niches – Travel, Photography, Sports betting, Event Tickets, Fishing
  • Alternative Niches – Essential oils, CBD, Marijuana, Personal development, Herbal
  • Home & Family Niches – Coffee, Home security, Gardening, Baby products, Dogs

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the affiliate programs that offer you recurring monthly or yearly commissions.

After all, why not earn money numerous times for each and every sale?

And that’s precisely what recurring programs/products provide.

Now the other hand of this is that many subscription-based recurring programs only pay out a few dollars per month.

So having 4 recurring clients paying you around $9 monthly isn’t going to purchase you that island in the Caribbean you have always dreamt of. However, 100 repeating consumers paying you $900 per month will definitely be good for your monthly finances.

Here is a program I use which every online business owner should use.

In summary, try to discover a successful and profitable niche for affiliate marketing to produce and promote content for it. You should also make certain that there is sufficient search activity surrounding it, and that you can get plenty of buyers who search for that specific niche’s products and services.

Proven specific niches, with really few exceptions, are more profitable than untried ones. So you can invest a great deal of time, cash, and effort in looking for that one specific niche no one has actually thought of yet.

Or you can dig down into a niche you already know or found to be profitable.

Also, you will need to ensure that your selected niche has some excellent products for you to promote, and the most fundamental part, to always think of working in a low competition niche. Just keep drilling down the niche to reduce the competition.

Stay away from promoting basic niches that popular blog sites and marketers are promoting. Concentrate your efforts on specific niches where it is easier to find success.

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Have you been trying to create a digital product but struggling to do so?

Well, I have good news. You don’t have to struggle if you follow my recommended strategies. Creating a high-quality information product isn’t all that hard to do.

Digital products have become very popular over time due to their very low creation costs while being inherently scalable. Some commonly seen digital product types are ebooks, online courses, downloadable templates, software, audio products, etc. The most popular of the lot are ebooks.

I’m going to show you how to create a digital product in only a few steps. Digital products are an exciting way of making money online. It’s so easy that you can start selling in just a few hours. Before you start, go through the steps of learning how to create a digital product to make sure that it will be done properly.

Let’s go through the steps on how to create a digital product to make money online.

1. Find a Good Niche

You’ll need to have something interesting to write about. Something that can stand out from the crowd. Some people will want to read some kind of tutorials while others will want to learn something specific about your niche.

Think about it this way that there is no point in creating something that hardly anyone is interested in.

You can find a niche in which you are interested or in which you already have a skill. Then answer the question, “Are people spending money in this niche?”

Look to see if there are products for sale in this niche. Are there books on Amazon, Dummies, magazines? Is there coaching available? If yes, then people are willing to spend money in this niche.

Be sure to study your market before you start to create any digital product. I usually start off with Google Trends and search for areas of interest around which I could viably create a digital product.

When you enter a specific keyword phrase, Google Trends will present to you the popularity of that keyword phrase over a specified time frame.

Next, I move on to another tool by Google, one which actually assists me to verify the possible success of a digital product. It is called the Google Keyword Planner, part of Google AdWords. This allows you to analyze the month-to-month search volume and forecasted competition on particular keyword phrases.

Once I decide on a general keyword I am comfortable with, I head over to Neil Patel’s Ubesuggest. It’s a free tool while more comprehensive paid versions are available.

Ubersuggest will analyze your keyword and offer you the possible variations for that keyword based on SEO difficulty, paid search difficulty, the average cost per click,  etc. It will also present you with the links to competitor websites along with their domain score and backlinks.

As you can probably understand that selecting a niche and targeting a worthwhile keyword for that niche should be of paramount concern for you. After all, you will want to be found in the searches (preferably on the first page) to establish reach over your target audience.

You will need to become very familiar with doing research in a similar fashion as I had mentioned above to find a solid product idea that people will actually be interested in, leading to a purchase.

Btw, can you guess the keyword for this blog post?

AWeber: Free email marketing and landing pages

2. Find a Pressing Problem to Solve

This is a very important part.

Always start to create your digital product with the idea that it must solve a problem. You can’t create a product and hope that people will buy it just because you have created it. The information within your digital product must compel the prospect to buy it because of the amount of value and urgency you create.

You must look for a problem people in your niche are experiencing. And they must be willing to pay for the solution.

Now there are some pressing problems people have but are not willing to pay for the solution. For example: How to unclog a toilet is a pressing problem. But most people won’t buy a video course or eBook on the subject. They need the answer now and will go online and get their information for free.

One good way to find problems that people are desperate to solve is by going to the more prominent forums on your niche. You could also search for books available on your niche and get a sense of what types of problems those books are addressing.

Youtube is also a great idea generator for content. I always find popular videos on a niche and scour through the comments to find the problems people are discussing.

3. Find the Solution to the Problem

Naturally, after finding the problem to solve, you will need to be aware of or find the solution.

Always be specific to the solution. One problem one solution. Research the solution properly and discuss it elaborately throughout your digital product.

You do not necessarily be an expert yourself on the solution. However, you will need to offer well researched and justified solution to the people you are selling the product to.

You don’t have to know everything but the more you know the easier it will be to create a digital product and even scale it up into other future digital products.

4. Write Out the Structure

Determine how you are going to package your product. Will you do an eBook, video course, or perhaps even an audio course?

Here’s my recommended way of creating an outline of your digital product.

List down at least 5 to 10 main topics.

Now list down 5 to 10 subtopics for each main topic. Refer to your research for this and take your time to develop the subtopics.  Now add some bullet points for each sub-topic.

Write a paragraph on each of the bullet points and subtopics.

Once you are done with these steps, review and add any more important things to it. Feel free to create more topics, subtopics, and bullet points to elaborate upon.

In addition, you can also create record audio and make videos to highlight or stress any specific points.

Sometimes, I find it easier to start this work with a PLR (private label rights) product which matches my interest. Mostly the structure is already there and I simply start adding in all that needs to be added.

Do keep in mind that any or all of this part can be outsourced also.

5. Repeat the Process

When you create your next digital product, you can offer it as an “upsell” to your first product. Believe me that after the first one, it only gets easier and easier to create products.

Here is my recommended training for learning how to upsell your products using a sales funnel.

Eventually, you could take any or all of your eBooks and convert them into a more detailed video course. You can certainly charge more money for the video courses, especially if they are very specific and detailed.

So, here you go. Now you know how to create any digital product.

So many people think of every excuse why they can’t create their own products. You only need to follow the time tested formula I have provided to you.

I do use a few tools to help with my writing. You can check them out also as I am sure that you will find these invaluable.

Your audience will also appreciate your final products as they will become highly polished and presentable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started immediately to create a digital product to make money online.

P.S. If you liked this post and are thinking about launching your own digital product, I strongly recommend you check out my eBook titled ‘TIME TO LAUNCH YOUR ONLINE COURSE’.

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Did you know that you now have the flexibility to make money online and that too is on your own terms. The good news is that I will help you to get started as I explain below in very easy to follow ways while trying to avoid all the complex industry jargon.

These days, you’re no longer cemented down to making money by trading your time for a wage in someone else’s office for hours on end with very few vacations or sick days.

Let’s get started.

1) Be Aware of Scams ☠️

There are several ways to make money online, yet there are also scams. be sure to check out the reviews from trustworthy sources and all the fine prints before committing to anything.

Even after doing the due diligence, sometimes you will have to trust your experience and instinct to guide you. Sometimes a very promising opportunity may end up being a scam and also the other way around.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid anything that resembles a pyramid, MLM, or Ponzi schemes.

2) Never Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

When planning on ways to make money online, never put all your eggs in one basket. Keep as many options open as possible. This is to make sure that you will simply have money coming in from several options. Failure to plan like this may really cost you if your main site suddenly runs into any sort of trouble.

3) Paid Surveys for Side Income

Take paid surveys online if you wish to make some extra cash on the side. Market research companies always want to collect maximum amounts of consumer feedback, and these surveys are an excellent tool in their arsenal. Surveys may range anywhere from few cents to few dollars based on the type you select.

4) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing remains as one of the simplest yet performance-based ways for you to make money online in your spare time. This kind of marketing means that you will sell someone else’s products or services and get paid a commission when a sale takes place. There are all types of items that you can sell depending on your preferred niche.

Check out this free training here.

In addition to regular sales commissions, there are also subscription-based products and services you can sell which will generate a recurring income for you as well.

Some examples of this can include, but not limited to, are domains and hosting, email autoresponders, magazines, weight loss programs, etc.

More on the basics on Affiliate Marketing on my blog here.

5) Pace Yourself to Make Money Online

Give yourself a schedule. If you wish to make money online, you need to pursue it relentlessly. This is not a fast way of making tons of money, despite popular belief. You will need to work hard at it every day. Choose specific times to work on it every day. Even just an hour in a day can mean that you do well or fail.

Once you put in the elbow grease to create a system that is working for you 24×7, you could then rely on a truly passive income to start.

6) Start Article Marketing

You could also consider freelance writing in your spare time to make money online through what is known as Article Marketing. There are websites that you can join where you can choose from multiple varieties of topics to write articles on. Sometimes, the higher paying sites may request that you take a test to gauge your writing proficiency

You can find more details on my blog on Article Marketing here.

7) Become a Blogger

Do you enjoy writing? Are you trying to find an outlet for your creativity in writing? You should then seriously look into becoming a blogger. It can benefit you to get your thoughts and ideas out there, while also earning you money.

However, to do well as a blogger, you will need to ensure that you blog about something you are passionate about and also that you are knowledgeable enough to deliver value to the readers. This is a sure way to draw others to your work and develop a steady readership. Once you have got a following, you can approach the relevant advertisers or start writing paid reviews.

An example of this fact is this blog itself, which you are reading 😉.

More on blogging your way to profits here.

I believe that you now understand that there are many money-making opportunities available to you for making money online, even beyond the scope of this article.

The Internet has truly brought the world closer and just about any information can become accessible through a simple Internet search. Similarly, learning is another aspect that is now within everyone’s reach through the Internet. For example, if you need to learn more about blogging, going through an online course for less than 10 dollars could make you a formidable blogger.

Whether you have a formal degree or not, there is opportunity for you to make money online with the help of your computer with an Internet connection. I am certain that you will really enjoy making a full time and yet leading to passive income thanks to the make money online opportunities available across the Internet.

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Working from home might not have been in your initial radar, but do keep in mind that life will throw some curve balls at you often times. Having a flexible mindset could embark you on your biggest financial success while breaking all the rules of the norms.

Before having kids, my wife and I had never ever pictured dedicating every waking hour to their needs. Besides, our years of formal education did not prepare us for months of changing unclean nappies to dashing around to calm their endless shrilly cries.

Yet, when we did set our sights on both our daughter after birth, our hearts simply became numb. It’s a very humbling experience no matter what your circumstances might be. We would certainly do anything to spend every waking moment of ours in their lives. And also, I wager that if you have children, you would certainly have felt similarly as well.

However, did financial and career concerns constantly overshadow your thoughts at the back of your mind even at times like these, like they did over me? If so, don’t let it upset you any longer even though such concern simply will not fade away for anyone. Whatever may be the reason for you to become a stay at home parent, you can actually plan for making money while working from home.

Surely this isn’t the 1950’s anymore, so mothers can do away with your warm rollers as well as dad’s striped suit.

You are the mom and dad of the 21st century! You have many options to be working from home and make money from the favorite room of the house!

But exactly how?

I suggest that the modern-day mothers or fathers can end up being entrepreneurial rather easily – running their own small business as working from home online. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The business ideas and options available to you are rather huge.

Millions of small businesses across the globe are managed from home over the Internet and also this trend is still sharply increasing. The best component is that you aren’t restricted to any crazy working terms and conditions created by someone else.

You are your own employer!

You make the decisions as to when and how long you will spend time with your youngsters as well as when you will commit the time to your home-based business. Working from home enables you to develop the perfect balance of family and also work in your life. So why not start today?

A blog owner – connecting to anyone on the planet

Starting a blog website sharing ideas as well as tips online, for example, about solitary parenting, fostering, youngsters’ wellness and lifestyles with so many other moms and dads across much distances and cultures could bring lots of rewards to your life. Mothers or fathers that create good blogging websites can have hundreds and thousands of fans around the world and genuinely become authentic voices of modern-day parenting.

With this type of working from home niche, you could open up into opportunities like amazing publication deals, parenting conferences as well as also the possibility of television appearances. These things can significantly boost up your home-based business and generate a lot of revenue.

A quick Google search for Jen Singer will reveal excellent examples of exactly how her sweet and small blogs turned into fortunes within a relatively short period of time. Jen is a delight to listen to as well as to watch also!

Did you know that you can utilize platforms such as WordPress, WIX, etc. to start your very own blog in a matter of minutes? In fact, I am not a tech-savvy person at all, but I managed to get this blog site marching forward slowly but surely. And if I can do it, so can you.

Trying to find new ways to connect:

A cellphone and fast-speed Internet connection could have you promptly responding to the phone with, ‘Hey there, how can I help you today?’ to clients from highly successful firms. Businesses are constantly looking for consultants who can help them to grow their organization. The consultants being available online is actually a plus point for them. A few of the most effective ways to reach potential customers can range from looking in your local paper to posting ads in online forums and bulletin boards. You can do a search for ‘Freelance Admin Jobs’ to see what I mean.

Have buckets full of suggestions – and just be prepared to sell them:

Your potential customers will always enjoy originality, appealing catchphrases, innovative ideas as well as simplicity. Keep these points in mind whenever handling new customers. On a side note, you can also find lots of surveys using various platforms that pay YOU to tell companies what you think of their products or services. Imagine that!

All you need to do is to try out an item that is sent to you and then you need to tell the company what your thoughts are on the experience. Also, if you have some crazy expressions, you could certainly enjoy seeing them be used on ads on various platforms such as Sitepoint to answer dozens of ‘call my …’ questions for cold cash. This is making money from home just by being mindful.

Please don’t be constrained to these few examples; there are literally zillions of ideas out there. Businesses are constantly looking for unique thinking individuals to make their world beam a little brighter. So, you are not a stay at home parent, rather an entrepreneur working from home.

Understand that the Internet has put the entire world right at our reach which were not readily the case even ten years ago. And don’t forget, sometimes working from home may get a little crazy so be prepared, yet you will have the best of both worlds if you succeed.

BON CHANCE my friends.

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For those starting out to create an online presence, building a website is surely in their minds. And if you consider the road map to eventually lead to monetizing that website, you will need to incorporate auto responders and landing pages onto that site.

Of course the type of website will determine the type of auto responders and sales funnels needed to be implemented. The more you want to sell any products and/or services through this website, a sales funnel will need to be a ‘must have process’ for you to properly monetize from your site visitors. More intense type of these sales funnels are usually implemented on affiliate marketing and e-commerce sites. Keep in mind that even personal blogs can be easily monetized through a well-planned sales funnel.

In this post however, instead of focusing on auto responders or sales funnels, I want to highlight the importance of landing pages in the marketing/sales process.

Any successful sales funnel process begins with an attractive landing page. Other terms such as squeeze page, opt-in page, etc. are also used widely as synonyms of landing pages. The term comes from this page being the very first page the visitors land on to view your offer, in contrast to your home page. While your site’s home page surely has a lot of relevant links for other pages such as about us, contact us, products, terms of use, etc., the landing page will not have any of those whatsoever.

Why use landing pages?

The sole purpose of the landing page is to immediately engage the visitor to your offer, usually a free giveaway, with the sole purpose of the visitor submitting their email address. There could be any other promotion than a free giveaway, but whatever it is, it should be engaging immediately with only a singular actionable objective for the visitor, without any other on page distractions.

Surely by now, you can understand that building nice and attractive landing pages can impact your income significantly. While page analytics will provide you with many essential data about your site visitors such as visiting device, locations, bounce rates, operating systems, time on site, visited pages, etc., only landing pages are designed to capture the visitor specific information such as name, email address, phone numbers, preferences, etc. in return for free e-books, catalogues, discount codes, product lists, etc.

Hence, your landing pages should be a very important consideration in building a successful lead generation strategy. This is why a lot of marketers and business owners spend a good deal of their time driving traffic to their landing pages, hoping that it will deliver the desired results. On average, a good landing page will convert between 1 percent and 3 percent.

Key elements & uses of landing pages

Let’s now have a closer look at some of the, yet not limited to, features of any successful landing page.

1.       Creating User Engagement

You need to have a cool headed brainstorming session to think about your offer and how it may appeal to you visitor enough so that they will give you their email address willingly so that they can receive the ‘benefits’ of your offer.

One such tool use could use is to incorporate video(s) into your landing page. This will allow them to absorb the offer into greater details as the benefits are explained by a person or simply a voice which is easier to process.

2.       Every aspect of your landing page must corral all visitors towards a ‘Call to Action’. This is something to consider very deeply in terms of below.

a.       The message/content on the call to action button plays a very important role. Consider the difference between ‘Download’ as opposed to ‘Send My FREE eBook’. While both messages serve the same purpose, one of them is obviously more compelling.

b.      The color of the button should always be of a contrast to the background color. The call to action button should never blend into the background color or design.

c.       Similarly, the size of the button should not be odd looking as too small or too big. Rather it should exude the aura of being highly purposeful.

d.      And finally, the placement of the button should be prominent. It is also common to see that the call to action button is displayed at several different places throughout the landing page. This is done intentionally to invoke a sense of urgency.

3.       Let’s not forget to use relevant image(s) in your landing pages. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I follow this age old dictum strictly when I design my landing pages. General statistic is that 80% of people tends to remember what they have seen. Chances are that they may bookmark and remember your landing page for any future action if the image is relevant and compelling enough.

4.       And finally, the form itself should be nice and short. I usually have name and email fields and that’s it. A compelling offer followed by a simple form always work well. Often enough I see that people are trying to capture too much information through their forms. This often discourages the visitors to fill out the form and should be avoided like the plague.

Maximizing your landing pages

The performance of your landing page must be constantly monitored a tweaked accordingly. Performance depends on many factors and I will lightly touch on one of them… traffic. Your traffic sources, meaning how your visitor found your landing page, affects your landing page performance a great deal. The usual traffic sources include social media, SEO, FB ads, adwords, PPV, CPA, Solo Ads, etc. Not all traffic sources are the same and considering the source of traffic, you can design your landing pages accordingly. In fact, I recommend using multiple landing pages for the same offer and split test them by sending traffic to them using several traffic sources. This will take a bit of time to do but well worth it in the long run.

Naturally, creating multiple landing pages for the same offer and regularly creating landing pages across many offers can become a major drag if you are not creating the landing pages using a simple software, programs or plug-in.

If creating landing pages becomes too time consuming accompanied by a large learning curve, not only is it difficult to create the pages but will be also difficult to split test them regularly. Fast and easy should be the core strength of any landing page creation program/software.

In addition, you would want to use a software which is web based and involves zero coding. It should be based on a drag and drop feature rich environment. Always remember to think like a visitor and be able to design the page as such. If you get too involved with coding to build the page, I can almost guarantee you that eventually you will simply give up improving the page for optimum results. The page should be first and foremost visually appealing with engaging content backed by a simple form.

What I recommend

I often use this software called Landing Page Monkey. It’s the fastest & easiest way ever to build high converting, amazing looking landing pages.

For video integrations into your landing pages, Landing Page Monkey works with any hosted video from services like YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 or your own server. No tech skills required, no inflexible templates to edit – It’s just point & click easy!

As for working with the emails that your visitors provide, Landing Page Monkey works with all major email autoresponder services like Aweber, MailChimp, GetReponse, etc. Further, it will allow you to use custom coded forms for any email service providers.

Another amazing aspect of Landing Page Monkey is that you could use their awesome pre-made templates to customize them as your own and use those pages at their hosted service completely free of cost. This is very useful for creating quick promotions for campaigns that can be up and running in matter of minutes!

Whichever browser or devices visitors may use to view your pages, the experience they’ll have would be second to none – Looks great on tablets and smartphones.

You can browse through all of Landing Page Monkey features into details by clicking the link.

Click here for my recommended book on the subject available at Amazon.com.

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