Finding it hard to sell your products and services?

In every field, there are top performers in sales. There are individuals who are making great money, who have great clients, and who are at performance levels that others admire.

And in the same or similar fields, there are individuals who are finding it hard to sell anything and are trying to get out. They believe that for whatever reason, no one can make money in that field.

There are those who love and work in/with real estate, watches, jewelry, travel, hospitality, automobile sales, hi-fashion brands, and so many more. They love iconic brands and the beautiful environments, and they sell successfully in them.

And then there are people who say there is too much pressure and too much stress which makes it very hard to sell. They will site not having the right clients, things are not working, and they are quick to get out of there and try something else.

What’s the person who is excelling is doing? What do they know that the other person doesn’t know? Is it the territory? Is it the timing? Is it luck? Is it personality? What is it that is causing one individual to perform well while the other individual is having challenges and finding it hard to sell?

Now, these are big questions when it comes to many fields. What I would like to do here is to be a bit more specific to those who are selling high ticket and luxury products. Of course, as you go through my explanations, you will find that these will apply across many situations besides the luxury market.

So, let’s get started.

The question then becomes is, why are you not selling enough of your high-end products or services? Is it really that hard to sell premium products and services? Why are you not getting more affluent and wealthy clients?

Well, in my years of working for premium clients of my own agency, I have also had the pleasure of working with many sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and premium brands. I’ve discovered first hand the many reasons that could possibly contribute to why you may be experiencing a hard to sell slump.

Commonly experienced in these cases are that your brand is not growing and that you’re not able to move your products as you would like to. And if you are in this zone, you’re left wondering what is it that’s happening?

You seem to be doing everything you can and it’s just not working!

Let explore with you here five of the more common issues, that I run across often, that affect those who are finding it hard to sell their high-end products. Let’s start in reverse order from number five and end with the number one reason for your hard to sell slump.

Each one of these ideas are ideas that you should look at in your own career life, business performance and explore whether you are experiencing any of these.

Number Five: Lack of Professionalism

hard to sell

Believe it or not, that the brand and the product is not selling because you’re not professional about selling. You’re not taking selling seriously enough.

I can’t tell you how many individuals I’ve asked the questions:

  1. What does your database look like?
  2. How many people are you approaching?
  3. How many people have you talked to?
  4. What kind of effort are you making to sell your product?

And the answers are invariably similar to:

  1. Oh, we just do it without any database.
  2. Word of mouth.
  3. We try to see what happens.
  4. We hope that someone comes in.
  5. We hope that the word will spread.

They just don’t have a professional approach to selling.

So, I look at that and I reply that a lack of professionalism is what’s making it hard to sell. You don’t have a definite approach to selling.

You don’t have targets. You don’t have key performance indicators. You’re not making a certain effort on a daily basis. You’re not using certain tools to your advantage.

Bottom line is that you’re not professional about selling.

Number Four: Poor Communication

hard to sell

This one is a very common reason.

Essentially, the person, the company, or the brand who is selling is not doing their market communication part very well. In other words, what I am talking about is the written words, also known as the copy, is poorly constructed to communicate the brand/sales messages to the prospects.

My questions would be similar to:

  1. What is the copy that you’re using?
  2. What are the words that you’re using to ask someone to engage with you?

And this could even be the copy that is in the form of a script. For example, when someone is speaking with someone one on one over the phone or it could be in person.

Sales copy should always be well researched and highly targeted to the audience in any print advertisement. The same for any digital advertisement copy and it’s always about saying the right words that resonate with your audience and make them compelled to act.

They hear what you’re saying. They hear the words and those words make them want to buy now.

So many people take this issue very casually. And when you’re targeting affluent and wealthy individuals, I must tell you that you should never take that casually. The idea is that every word matters in every word should be carefully chosen.

If you’re not doing that, it is likely that you’re saying the wrong words, that your words are not unique enough, and those words are not compelling your audience to act.

That’s what you need to achieve in order to sell effectively.

Number Three: The Offer

hard to sell

The problem for many high-end brands is their offer. They don’t really have an offer. And so what is an offer?

The offer should encompass many things such as the proposition to the client, the positioning, perhaps even how it is packaged, vivid description, even certain terms, and conditions, maybe even indicates a deadline or scarcity, etc.

So, the offer is the way you say to someone that, you can have ‘all of this’ if you do ‘this now’.

The offer should also ‘speak’ specifically to some emotional idea that your client will immediately resonate with. So, you could easily see that you could have a great product, but if you don’t have a great offer, then any prospect will not be compelled to take any action.

They may simply look at and say, that’s nice, and simply move on without considering to take any immediate action. Imagine how damaging this type of trend can be to your brand.

So, you have to have an offer that is constructed properly with much thought going into it while keeping in mind that the offer is and should be different than your product.

Number Two: Wrong Audience

hard to sell

More than often, I see that brands, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs in the high-end and luxury sector are not successful at moving their high-ticket products and services is who they are offering it to. They offering the product or service to the wrong person.

In the marketing category, this is about your list. If you have the right list aimed at the right individuals with the right products or services, those people are going to respond because they really want what you have to offer.

So often, we’re trying to sell something to an affluent and wealthy audience. But we don’t have that audience in our database. We don’t have an offer constructed specifically for them.

Naturally, you’re not going to sell the product if you’re just trying to sell it to anyone. A high-end product has to be matched with the right people who are seeking high-end products. The right audience has the willingness, the interests, and the inclination to buy that product.

So, what’s the number one reason that you might not be moving your expensive product of service?

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Number One: Internal Conflict

hard to sell

The number one reason that makes it hard to sell or to sell effectively is the level of conflict that they have internally. This literally refers to the person who is selling, has a conflict about selling the product.

This actually might surprise you, but the person is not able to truly focus on selling is because they think the product is expensive, the product is not worth it, or may even have some resentment toward the audience.

Simply put, they are uncomfortable presenting the product. They don’t understand the marketplace, and that prevents them from offering the product and presenting the brand in a definitive way. These are all examples of conflicts, and the conflicts can have a rather wide swing.

I’ll tell you, the most common conflict I see is a person is selling an expensive product or service, but they would never buy that product or service for themselves even if they could. This is because they’re not aligned with prosperity. They’re not aligned with affluence and wealth.

So, you might hear someone talking about trying to sell their premium products or services, and in the very next breath, they’ll talk about how they don’t have money to invest in their business or any other related things.

They would even resort to making excuses about the marketplace about how the prospects don’t have money or this is the wrong target group. This type of behavior shows that they are deeply conflicted about the way they look at things.

Understand that the person who sells a multimillion-dollar jet is not trying to sell that jet to the average person on the street. They know that person is not in the capacity to buy a jet. So, no point in even thinking about where that person is financially, and so a lot of conflicts come up where a person is just not aligned with their product and service.

You will need to think and target the appropriate affluent audience.

If you fail to think wealthy, think successful, then there is surely a conflict in the ability to move any product or service.

All of these things would be major hard to sell roadblocks when it comes to selling a product or service, and all of these are in the category of being aligned with the client so that you can make sales.

So, to summarize these things quickly again, number five is you’re not approaching selling from a professional standpoint. You don’t have a professional approach or a professional system. You’re just not taking steps in a way that is organized professionally so that you could get the results that you would like to have.

Number four is you’re not using the right words. You either don’t have an effective copy or your copy is not compelling anyone to take action.

Number three is you don’t have a compelling offer. It isn’t positioned, packaged, or presented in a way that makes someone want to have it.

Number two is the people that you’re targeting are not the right people. You don’t have the right list or the right audience. You’re not targeting people who have the capacity, the desire, and the willingness or inclination to buy your product and service.

And finally, the number one reason is that you are not properly aligned with what you’re doing. Your psychological conflicts, challenges, and the way you think about money or affluence, or wealth make you somewhat divided. You are simply sending out mixed messages.

You’re selling an expensive product, and at the same time, you’re keeping score about your own inability to buy and sell. Sometimes you’re so fixated on needing the sale, that gets in the way of serving the clients properly.

I do hope that these five points were helpful for you and will serve you to identify issues in your business. All of these or any of these issues will make it very hard to sell any premium products.

I do have ‘Done For You’ services where I assist professionals, entrepreneurs, and brands not only solve these five issues but understand how to move high-end products and services to market and build a business and scale that business quickly and successfully.

done for you

This unique set of service packs have helped individuals, marketing teams, entrepreneurs who are keen to run leaner while taking their businesses to the next level of success. This is a great time in the marketplace, a great opportunity, where digital marketing is the way to go. Maintaining large marketing teams is rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

My team and I not only work with you, but we actually do for you all the usual day-to-day marketing activities so that you can truly focus on innovating your business to increase your sales and profits.

In many ways, my services have opened up opportunities for the savvy marketers of emerging brands who want to capitalize on the opportunities out there.

Prevailing market trends have always shown that clients are willing to buy from multiple channels. They’re receptive to emerging brands, and the interest in luxury products, services, and experiences is greater than ever before.

So I invite you to schedule a strategy call with me at your earliest convenience to discuss what opportunities I can create for you.

My services are only for those who are serious about business building. It isn’t about a cursory exercise aimed at the marketplace.

You can contact me using the contact me page or leaving a message using the WhatsApp button you see at the corner.

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content marketing

So, let’s explore content marketing and how to create a content strategy.

To be successful at content marketing, it’s important to understand the various parts of a content marketing plan, including personas, brand story, listening, and measurement.

Equally important is to become aware of choosing the right channels that will complement your content, and prioritize and plan content ideas around your company’s biggest opportunities.

Content Strategy Versus Content Marketing Strategy

There is a difference between content strategy and content marketing. Where content strategy focused on the actual content, content marketing focuses on the outcome. Content Strategy is about the management and creation of the media, the tools you are using, the resources you have available, what are the types of content you will be creating.

Content marketing is all about the customer. Who are you targeting with the content? How well do you know this person? And most important, what is the expected business outcome? Are you creating and sharing content to build brand awareness? Or are you aiming to increase revenue?

More generic content marketing questions are how it fits within your overall digital marketing strategy. What does your content calendar look like? And also, by sharing your content? Are you exposed to risk in any way? Does your content work for every market and content creation framework?

A good way to start putting together your content marketing strategy is by creating your content marketing framework. It enables you to map out to required content along the customer buying journey while considering the impact it has on your online presence, your social media, your website, and your sales between these two areas.

The Types of Content

content marketing

For the customer journey and your overall digital marketing approach, you should be mindful of two to three types of content. They would be link content, conversion content, and authority content.

Link content is content that drives traffic from the internet and from your social media to your website. This is content that is created with the goal of attracting quality backlinks for SEO purposes.

Conversion content is content that drives web visitors to the next stage in the buying cycle through a call to action or CTAs. This is the content that is created with the goal to convince prospects that they should buy from you.

Authority content drives web visitors to sales through goal-to-actions and drives repeat traffic to your website. This is content that is created to build a community of people that trust you and see you as the expert in your fields.

This is a very useful structure for organizing your content. And it keeps you focused on the customer needs and the impact on your overall digital marketing objectives.

You should also know that each of these types of content has different requirements.

1. Link content needs to be high quality and often based on research so other websites can refer to it. It’s all geared towards generating high-quality backlinks to your website, which Google sees is very important for your search ranking.

You should make this content failproof, and could also repurpose it and promote it everywhere you can.

2. Conversion content is based on helping the customer to go through the buying cycle. This will only work if you understand what they need, and that your content clearly articulates that you can help them solve their problem.

Additionally, an important point here is that this type of content must provide the option to move to the next stage through a very clear and compelling call to action.

3. Authority content is a logical follow-up from your link content. It is content that confirms you are an expert in your field. It helps you to build trust, as long as you are truthful, transparent, and show integrity, and done continuously and consistently.

This type of content also helps you to deepen your relationship with your prospects and your clients.

Content Marketing Strategy

There are several steps in developing your content marketing strategy. The obvious thing, of course, is to start with setting your objectives. Additionally, you could also consider a number of things.

  • Create customer personas
  • Create listening outposts
  • Write your brand story
  • Develop your channel strategy
  • Create a content marketing playbook
  • Measure your content marketing
  • Establish your content marketing ROI.

Let’s have a more detailed look into some of the elements of your content marketing strategy.

Customer Personas

A vital step in your content marketing strategy is creating customer personas. This is a concept that comes directly from the user interface and design world.

In a customer persona, you look at things like demographic characteristics like age and gender. But it is important to add to this, what the pain points are. What is their affinity with technology? Where do they hang out online? And what are their interests and their hobbies?

You can also consider things like education, the preferred method of communication tools they need to do their job goals and objectives, some of their challenges, and how they gain knowledge.

Once you completed your customer personas, you should even print them out and keep them handy so that you can refer to them often. Also, make sure you add them to your briefing document when you ask your agency to create a new campaign.

Establish Listening Posts

content marketing

An important part of your content marketing strategy is to listen to what people are talking about online. You can find out what they think about your brand as well as other topics they like to talk about.

It is also great to listen online to find good content you could share. You don’t have to share just your own content. There’s nothing wrong with sharing relevant content from others. Obviously, when I say listening online, I mean this in the widest sense like watching videos, reading articles or blogs, looking at photos or infographics, or literally listening to podcasts.

Here are a few tools you can use to listen. Feedly is a reader app on which you can listen to live RSS feeds. Google Alerts is a widely used tool that will send you a notification for certain terms that you could set. You can also use Google Trends to find out search trends for keywords.

Your Brand’s Story

The next thing you need to work out for your content marketing strategy is your brand story. What are your mission, vision, and values? What is the story of your company and even perhaps you?

content marketing

Remember that people want to listen and share stories. When I search for IKEA on Google, you get an understanding of what I mean by stories about the history of the company, the founder of the company, the way they work with their employees, and what makes them unique. The more twists and turns, and uncertainties in these stories, the more people will love them.

And it gets even better. If you can show them how you overcame obstacles and bumps in the road, it will increase your credibility. A good example of this is Elon Musk. He came from a very simple background but kept on following his beliefs. Even when he was nearly bankrupt, he kept on going and look where he is now.

An important element of defining your content marketing strategy is understanding what kind of brand you are. The type of brand you are determines the type of social media you will use for your content. If you are a basic brand, you won’t get many people to engage and talk about you. Let alone comments on your social media posts.

One of the ways such brands can get engagement on social media is to turn themselves into a funny brand, like Blendtec blenders who launched the ‘Will It Blend’ campaign.

If you are a functional brand, such as Adobe, you will have customers asking questions about how to use your product. You need to respond to that by offering content in which you answer their questions.

Exciting brands don’t have a problem getting social media engagement with their content. They have 1000s of fans who love to talk about brands. Harley Davidson is a classic example.

These brands need to keep on posting amazing content that becomes almost like collector items for their fans.

And finally, vital brands are for the greater benefit of mankind. Greenpeace, World Wildlife Fund UNICEF, have no problem in getting engagement and discussions. But they should be very alert to what people are talking about and try to find influencers that can help them spread their cause.

So, think about all this when you start putting your content marketing strategy together.

content marketing

It will guide you on the type of content and campaigns you should create and the types of calls to action you should be using.

Before deciding on the type of content you’re going to create, it makes sense to explore and select the social media channels you are going to use.

In the listening stage, you should have learned about which channels your clients usually hang out at. You’re going to make sure you are there as well. You will synchronize your branding, the key messages, and the campaigns.

To grow your followers on these channels, you need to make sure you understand the latest features and trends on these social channels.

Content Gap Analysis

It also makes good sense to do a content gap analysis.

The analysis should show you what type of content do you already have for each channel and where the gaps are. You will then know what type of content you need to further create. The gaps will also help you to align an intelligible content marketing strategy with your content marketing playbook.

Content Marketing Playbook

content marketing

So now you are in a position to decide on the type of content you’re going to create.

Link content and authority content can be fairly similar. It’s more on the promotion side of things where they differ.

But the conversion content needs to be organized along the customer journey from awareness to evaluation to purchase. We call this the marketing playbook.

You need to create your own by selecting the right content for the right stage.

Measuring Content Marketing Efforts

You can measure the traffic you get through your content, you can measure the engagement you get, and you can measure the sentiments.

Whether you are targeting consumers or businesses, the metrics are the same, but the priorities may differ. Today, lead generation is seen as the number one KPI when it comes to measuring the success of your content marketing, closely followed by traffic generation to your website.

These metrics show how your content marketing efforts are succeeding. But you need to go a level deeper to discover what specific content campaign channels and efforts are most effective in driving value.

Content Marketing ROI

And in the end, whether you are in B2C or B2B, it comes down to measuring the ROI of your content marketing. How much money did you earn from your content marketing in relation to the cost you incurred in creating and distributing it?

The things that can improve your ROI or quality of your leads, sales, web traffic engagement, successful SEO, and brand exposure. And remember, improved ROI is not just based on more sales.

It can also be based on lowering costs and the planning of your content marketing strategy.

Planning Your Content Marketing Strategy Is Very Important

There are so many things you need to take into consideration. If you don’t put some structure into this, you may lose control.

content marketing

It is best to create your own content marketing process guide. In this guide, you could specify how you create and manage your content, how you optimize and curate the content, how you listen and engage in conversations, and how you measure your content marketing.

Additionally, there are tactical aspects you could include like roles and responsibilities, writing style and guidelines, posting, and publishing guidelines. Highly suggested that you communicate a process guide to the relevant people in your organization.

You may even want to put a training video together for the people who will work with this on a daily basis. Another vital part of your process guide is the content marketing calendar. It’s the calendar that contains your content production and publication schedule.

There are many templates and tools for this on the internet. My favorite ones are and Google Calendar. The most important part of it is that it is a collaborative tool. So, you can schedule the calendar with your colleagues and clients.

content marketing

You can give people viewing or editing access. You can use color codes for the different types of content or for the different channels becoming a content marketing agency.

In Summary

Understand that content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to generate website traffic and new leads. The content creation framework consists of linked content, conversion content, and authority content. It puts your content in the context of the customer journey.

A customer persona is a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research, and real data about your existing customers.

Stories are the currency of content marketing and your story starts with your mission and your editorial statements and content marketing ROI is how much revenue you gained from your content marketing in comparison to what you spent on creating and distributing your content.

I hope this post helped you with your understanding of how to develop your content marketing strategy. Please feel free to comment below on any questions or thoughts you may have.

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how to start investing

We often think a lot about how to start investing and picking the right stocks, but sometimes I think we may just be making it a little more complicated than it really needs to be.

Even any investing blogger flips on CNBC and they expect you to hit the ground running like Warren Buffett himself. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and you end up not starting on that investing journey that’s going to eventually set you financially free.

I ran a poll a few months ago on how to start investing and found that one in every five of the participants hasn’t started investing yet. And only some of them had just begun. So, I want to change that right now and share some very practical info on how to start investing.

I want to get every single one of you out there started investing and making money. I will try and cover the most important investing questions for beginners to get you started. Then I’m going to tie it all together with a step-by-step strategy that you can use to make a $3000 monthly income on just 15 years of investing from small investments.

So, let’s get going.

For those of you that have already started investing, though, it’s going to be a great refresher course on those basics that will make you rich, especially the step-by-step plan towards the end.

How much should I invest?

how to start investingIt’s one of the most common questions I get about starting investing and really the one I think keeps most people from getting started and the best and the worst answer here is just to invest what you can. I know it’s not the easy answer that you want, but it’s also the truth.

I’ll show you how to start investing by planning your finances around your own capabilities, but there is just no hard-set rule for how much you should invest in what I am about to explain to you.

Later on, I’ll explain in a step-by-step strategy on how to turn $150 or $300 a month into a $3000 monthly income. But that’s not an absolute rule and might not work for you.

You’re going to hear, from other sources, things like invest 10% of your income or calculators telling you how much you need to invest. But they all leave out one critical detail, and that’s you. Your own income, your own situation, which are both going to determine how much to invest each and every month.

Now, figure out what’s left in your budget, after paying those must pay expenses. I would recommend starting with at least $100 to $150 a month. But if you can’t do that, just start with $50 a month.

What is important here, is that you get started investing. You start building that habit of putting money in stocks each and every month, no matter what, whether it’s $250 a month or 25 bucks.

Once you build that habit, then you could worry about whether you’re investing enough to meet your goals. But I want you to get into that habit first.

Now, think about what is or what was your biggest obstacle to start investing. What’s that one question that you just aren’t sure about is keeping you from getting started. We’re covering a lot of these questions here, but I want to make sure to help you get started.

Remember that you can use the comments section below to provide any comments or opinions.

I can’t stress enough that it is critically important that you get ready to invest, and this is something most investors just don’t do. Now what I’m talking about here is about getting your finances ready, getting them in order for you to start investing.

It’s one of the most heartbreaking things to see and it happens all the time, to see a lot of people out there just putting off investing until they realize the time wasted.

On the other hand, I also see some people start investing, being motivated and their portfolio is growing. Then something happens and they have to withdraw that money. And this is so demotivating, having to start back from zero.

And a lot of people just simply give up. They never get back to investing, and it just ruins their lives. So just a few recommendations here to get your finances ready to invest.

First is that you need at least a month’s worth of expenses tucked away in savings.

Now, I know a lot of people are going to tell you to have 3 to 6 months of expenses saved before you start. I’d say three months is probably a really good target, but I don’t want you saving forever before you start investing.

The important point here is you have some of that ‘what if’ money in savings. So, you never have to withdraw your investments.

It’s time to take a hard look at your budget and your income

If you can’t scratch together at least $150 to invest each month, it’s really a time to take a hard look at your income directions. And that’s something most people don’t think about, the income side of the equation. Sure, you can usually find an extra 50 bucks or so in the budget to invest, but sometimes you just got to realize you need to make more money.

Investing should be enjoyable and not miserable

But as you’re planning here, I also want you to not be investing every single dime, sacrificing everything, and just being miserable. I fell into that trap in my early twenties. I was saving every penny, working two jobs, and managing my own rentals. I was living on ramen noodles and having zero fun just so I could invest more money.

The problem with this type of choice is that I’d burn out every six months or so and just go on a shopping spree. I’d set myself back two steps, and it was because I didn’t have a plan for what I could realistically invest in and still be happy in the now.

So, take a look at that budget set in an amount to invest that can get you to your goals, but will also leave room for a decent amount of enjoyment in your life.

Now you’re ready to start investing. But what do you invest in? You’ve got the money. What do you put it in for? That maximum return?

The greatest lies of investing

how to start investingI want to reveal one of the greatest lies of investing, that it’s all about picking stocks. In fact, investing is much more about the timely amount you invest and just watching it grow over 10 or 20 years. So, don’t stress out so much about picking the right stocks.

Honestly, the best strategy for your investment dollars is that you have some core investments that makeup maybe 60 or 75% of your portfolio. These are in Exchange Traded Funds or ETFs.

For example, you might have 15% of your money in the Vanguard Real Estate fund, which is going to hold shares of companies in that real estate sector. Maybe you hold another 10% of your money in the Vanguard long term bond ETF, which invests in hundreds of bonds and pays a 3.3% dividend.

Finally, maybe you hold another 50% of your portfolio and a few funds like the Pro shares S&P 500 dividend aristocrats CTF, a fund of the best dividend stocks in the market.

So, by investing most of your money that course 60 to 75% in 3 to 5 funds, you get instant diversification across stocks, bonds, and real estate. Your money is spread out across hundreds of stocks. You’ve got bonds in that bond fund and cash flow from the real estate funds.

Then with the satellite portion of your portfolio that remaining 25% or so of your money, you can invest in individual companies that you really think could produce those higher returns. And the beauty of this satellite strategy Is that because you only have about 25% of your money to invest in these individual stocks, and say you invest maybe 3 to 5% in each of these.

That means you’re only picking maybe 8 to 10 or 15 at most of these individual stocks. So instead of having to find 20 to 40 stocks, doing the hours of analysis on each one, and keeping them up to date, you only need that handful of winners.

This is so powerful because it’s going to cut in half the amount of time you spend looking for stocks to buy and then following your investments. You don’t have to worry about those 3 to 5 funds your hold. They are diversified across a group of those stocks, bonds, and real estate, so they’re always going to be getting that average return on their investments.

Where do you buy them?

Now that you have an idea of the stocks you want to buy, where do you buy them from? Which is the best online platform for beginner investors?

There are a million and one investing platforms, but honestly, they’re all pretty much the same. However, there are three things you want to look for though, so let’s look at that, and then I’m going to tell you which platforms I personally use.

No commissions

First is you want to look for an investing site that doesn’t charge you to buy yourself stocks. When I started investing in 1999, Brown and Company disrupted the industry by being one of the first low-cost brokers at $5 a trade. But even that’s too much anymore.

Most of the major brokers and investing apps have gone totally commission-free.

Fractional shares

It’s also nice to use a site/app that lets you invest in fractional shares. That means you can invest in any amount of money in the stock, no matter what the stock price is at.

For example, you can invest $50 in shares of Amazon, and instead of having to buy a full share of $3000 the sites just going to split up that share and you’ll get $50 worth.

Research and tools

Look for a platform that gives you the investing tools (i.e. CopyTrade) and the research that you will need to invest. Now this one isn’t quite as important as those other two, and some investors, especially the beginners out there, may never need those research tools.

The trick, though, when you’re thinking about where to start investing, is that there’s nothing wrong with having more than one investing account.

In fact, between retirement and regular accounts, I have five different accounts on three different investing apps. But my main go-to app is eToro for the research and some other tools and because of that commission-free trading.

How to start investing?

A great question I get from beginner investors all the time is how do I start a portfolio. You’ve got the money to invest. You have an idea of the stocks and the funds that you want to buy and the investing site you want to use.

Now the question is, do you buy them all at once with just a little in each? Or do you invest everything in one stock each month?

And I would definitely recommend buying all your stocks at once, putting a little in each, and then adding to them each month. Makes sense?

The reason here is if you buy just one stock a month, putting all your money into it, there’s going to be a long time when you have a lot of risks just in one or a few companies.

For example, even if you’re planning on investing in just 15 stocks or funds for six months, you’re going to have all of your money in just a handful of them. That is a huge amount of risk.

Think about it. If you’ve got just six stocks, that 17% of your money in each one. Now let’s say two of those stocks fall hard on some bad news, each losing a third of their value. Because you had so much of these in just these two stocks, your portfolio is now down over 11% and that’s if all the other stocks are holding steady.

But if you had started your portfolio with all 15 stocks, then you’d have about 7% in each. That same drop in two of those stocks would hurt, but your portfolio would only be down about 4% and not nearly the same level of pain.

Again, this is where using an investing app that allows fractional shares really comes in handy because you can invest your money each month across all those stocks in your portfolio. You don’t have to worry about buying at least one whole share of each. You could just invest 50 in one and 50 in another one and so on for your whole portfolio.

So now we’ve moved on from how to start investing down to actually investing here. Putting your money down into a stock, and this is going to be surprisingly easy. If I could show you how to buy a stock on my account at eToro, you would see that the process is almost identical on any investing platform.

Let’s say I want to buy shares of everyone’s favorite stock. Tesla. A short tip here, if you don’t know the abbreviated ticker symbol, you can always search the company name in the app, and the drop-down is usually going to show you that ticker on the stocks profile page.

Inside the app, you would be able to see all the basics like price market cap, the 52 weeks range of the prices, and then across the top here you can see a bigger chart.

Let’s say I’ve already done my own research and want to buy the Tesla stock, I would click the buy button to do it. The order page that follows is almost identical on any platform.

You will see the bid price of the shares, which is the highest price an investor in the market is offering to buy the stock. And there is also the ask price is the lowest than the investor is willing to sell their shares for in the market right now.

Now, these two prices, the bid, and the ask price, they’re going to be more important to you if you’re doing options trading because they could be much further apart. For most stock investors though, this bid and the ask price are going to be less than a few pennies difference.

The common actions you can do at this stage are buy, sell, sell short, or buy to cover stock. You can simply select buy and then put in how many shares you would want. If you’re on a platform that lets you buy fractional shares, this is probably going to be just a dollar amount.

How much you want to invest, rather than having to pick the number of shares you want for this price type, the majority of the time when you’re buying stocks, you could just pick the market order type.

Doing so will buy the shares immediately at the current market price. These other orders, like the limit order, are much more important when there’s a larger bid ask spread, and you need to tell the app what price you want to buy the shares.

Though not really an issue for most stocks, the app is automatically going to show the total cost of the trade, and you’ll be ready to go.

How many stocks should I own?

This is another really common question for beginners and even those investing for a while. You get all these great investing ideas every day, online or on TV, and it could get very easy to build a portfolio of hundreds of stocks.

You just keep investing in everything you read about, but you really don’t need to. Research shows that once you get to maybe 20 or 30 stocks in your portfolio, your overall return starts to look a lot like the average market return because you’re so diversified. You’ve just got a little of everything in your portfolio.

Having those 3 to 5 funds, like we discussed earlier, gives you all the diversification you’re going to need in those asset classes. Then you just pick 10 to 15 stocks of companies that you really like. Stocks you think you could do really well.

The strategy spreads your risk around with those funds. Those they’re going to give you that market return. But since you’ve got a little bit more in that small handful of stocks, you get that opportunity for the higher returns. Just 10 or 15 stocks for that upside shot if a few of those really take off.

When should you sell your stocks?

A question every investor needs to ask eventually is that, ‘When should I sell my stocks’?

You’ve got your stocks. You’re investing every single month. When do you take those profits and run? The simple answer here would be never. Just hold those three funds and the 10 and maybe even 20 stocks you really like until you retire and start living off your investments.

But we all know it’s not as easy as that. Even longer-term investors don’t hold their stocks for that long. Sometimes you need to sell, and only you could know when that time comes.

What troubles to look out for

how to start investingIt really comes down to three problems that I watch for in my stocks.

First is if there’s a scandal or a lawsuit in the company and then no accountability by the management. Hey, we all know that bad things happen to good companies, and even the best run into problems sometimes.

But if the management doesn’t step up and say this was my fault, here’s what I’m doing to fix it, then it’s time to dump the shares.

The second problem I watch out for is a company piling on too much debt. I’ve just seen this become a problem too often in the past, and companies go on an acquisition spree, buying up everything they can, and they fund it with mountains of debt.

And of course, those acquisitions never go as planned, and the debt payments just become unsustainable. The dividend is cut, the share price plummets. So, I would want to be out before that happens.

The third signal here is if the stock price just reaches where I think it should be. Whenever you’re investing, you need some kind of an estimate, whether it’s from analyst targets or your own of how much that stock should be worth. I wouldn’t necessarily sell a stock just as soon as it reaches that target. But if it goes much higher, I’m looking for something with a little more room for return.

So now you’ve got that road map to how to start investing. Now, I want to share a step-by-step strategy to start investing and can possibly give you an extra $3000 or more a month just from your investments.

Understand though that this is just a general plan.

I’ve already suggested certain amounts to invest in how to start investing. But if you can invest more, you’ll be able to reap those benefits even faster.

Step-by-step Plan

how to start investingYou start that first year investing just $150 a month following the outline we went through in this video. That first year, you’re just getting used to investing, putting that money away, and watching it grow. And I started you off slow in that first year to make sure that everyone could get started.

This second year, we’re going to increase that monthly amount to $300. So, you’ve got a whole year to play around with your budget and your income, so you have that money available. Now, we’re going to be doing this for three years, $300 a month.

This is to build that rock-solid habit of investing each and every month. Most of your investments here are going to be more than likely in those riskier stocks like tech and communication services for that higher return.

You’ve got more than a decade to let them run. So, it’s a great time to take that risk right here. This is also a runway though. You’ve got three years of investing that $300 a month, but then we’re increasing it to $500 to really start building your wealth.

So, in those three years, that’s a perfect time to start building up your income sources. Maybe start those passive income sources that we talk about in this site, so that you’re ready to invest that $500 a month starting in year four.

And by the time that year comes, you’ve got that investing habit and the cash. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all to work. At a modest 10% annual return here, you’ve seen your portfolio rise to over $20,000 and you can really start to see it grow.

You’re going to be doing this for five years, and I guarantee after that first year, it’s going to be like second nature for you. You won’t even miss that $500 a month. By year 10, you’ve got more than $80,000 in your investments, and we’re going to be doing our last increase here for the next five years.

You’re going to invest $650 a month. Stick with it though and find the cash to invest because this is the last five years, you’re going to have to put that money away. And here maybe you could start pulling back some of the risks in those new investments.

You could start buying those cash flow investments like real estate stocks and some dividend stocks in your portfolio. Now, these investment ideas are just that. Ideas. I’ve tried to start you off with a little bit more risk in those earlier, but then suggest a little less as you become a more mature investor.

Basically, you are front-loading your returns when you can stand the risk and then protecting your money later. But you always want to hold that diversified portfolio and use the strategy that we talked about earlier.

And after that, five years of investing $650 a month, that’s it. That’s all you need to produce that $3000 a month income when you retire. Feel free to keep investing here for more income or just enjoy the extra money each month, and here you might have more of your investments and safer sectors like utilities and consumer staples, just to make sure your money is there when you need it.

But at this point, you can sit back and watch your wealth grow. And after 15 years of investing, you’ve invested $87,000 and are eventually going to see it grow to three-quarters of a million.

That’s $750,000 and you can safely withdraw about 5% of that each year, letting the rest grow. That’s going to produce $37,500 a year more than $3000 a month for the rest of your life.

And that’s if you stuck to that modest plan to start investing, just starting with $150 a month. Most of you hard chargers out there, you’re going to have more money to invest each and every month, and you’re going to build a bigger portfolio.

Hope you enjoyed the information I had provided you here.

Of course, investing in the stock market bears a certain element of risk and you should always do your due diligence before investing your money.

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social media marketing

Every successful online business brand that I know of, has active social media marketing campaigns. I am also pretty sure that you know that your business (despite its size) needs to be on social media as well. Some of the most popular social media marketing sites on the web to consider are YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Also, Snapchat, even though Instagram is totally crushing it, it’s still doing really well. They have over 100 million daily active users.

I can certainly understand that to a beginner, all of this is overwhelming and complicated.

So how can you get started?

Here, I’m going to share with you how to get started with social media marketing as a beginner. The first thing you need to do is pick the right social network. Yes, there’s a lot of them.

Tailwind Visual Marketing Suite

Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter, it’s up to you to select which network you want to be on. You could be on all of them, but if you’re on all of them, you’re not going to spend enough time to make your presence anything amazing.

You don’t want to do anything short of doing an amazing job. For example, you don’t want to be on LinkedIn and do an ordinary job. Just as you don’t want to be on Facebook and do a substandard job. It’s better to not be on them than it is to do a mediocre job. Because doing a mediocre job will get you absolutely no reach.

I kid you not. Social Media 5-6 years ago was way easier to leverage to get traffic from. Nowadays, their algorithms are so strict because there’s so much competition, they’re looking for the cream of the crop. Simply put, if you’re not doing all the right things, you’re not going to do very well.

Pick the Right Social Network

social media marketingTherefore, you do need to select the right social network, and what’s working for me may not work for you.

The way you pick the social network is to look at what space you are in. If you’re in B two B, the chances are LinkedIn is going to be the best choice for you. Twitter is also another good social work for B two B, but LinkedIn typically is better. If you happen to be in B to C, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube do really well.

Worth mentioning, YouTube works well for both B two B and B to C for social media marketing.

Now here’s the thing. You should look closely into what content type would you like to create. Are you someone who’s really good with videos? If so, would recommend you to start with YouTube or LinkedIn.

Facebook’s much more competitive. With YouTube, you can get longevity even if you don’t have an audience or a subscriber pool. You could get more traffic over time on YouTube. With Facebook, people don’t really search on there.

At YouTube, people perform searches all day long for videos, and your videos can continue to get views if you rank higher. If you’re going after an older demographic, Facebook can deliver amazing results. But if you’re going after a younger demographic, Instagram and Snapchat would be simply ideal.

So now that you have a rough idea of which social network to go after and if you’re still unsure, just let me know in the comment section below. Be sure to let me know your business and I’ll help answer the question for you so that you’re using the right social network from day one.

Creating Content

social media marketingOnce you have the right one, the second thing you need to do is start creating content. So now you most likely would say that you have no friends or following. Doesn’t matter.

You must understand that you will not get any followers if you don’t have any content to offer them. So, start creating content right away.

That starts off with completing your profile. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of them have profiles for you to complete. Be sure to complete everything from a user name to your email address, to uploading a really stand out image, to a description of who you are or your company.

If you don’t complete your profile, you’re not giving people a reason to follow you. And when you complete your profile, talk about the benefits that people are going to experience from following you or subscribing to your page. So, complete your profile, and then lead into the content.

If you’re confused as to which type of content to create, just have a look at your competitors. All niches have competitors, even if you’re in a new space. Let’s think about when uber starting out and about to revolutionize the taxi industry, their competition naturally was the entire taxi industry.

So, you look at what is your competition doing on social media. Now I know that Uber has been already around and they are a multibillion-dollar company. But to give you an example, if I was creating Uber from day one, that would be my competition. You look at your closest competitors. It could be even indirect competition, yet is still your closest competitor.

You want to see what types of content are doing well for them and what contents aren’t. That’ll give you ideas on what you should do more of and what you shouldn’t do as much of. If you don’t know how to create content, it could be the simplest as status updates.

Remember, it’s social media marketing. Just about anything is considered content. You could do something as simple as pulling out your phone and recording a video of you.

Share some links along with those videos.

If you’re not sure what links to share, you could go to Buzzsumo dot com and type in any keywords from your industry. It will then show you all the popular articles that shows you what people like on Facebook, Twitter, all the social sites, which will then give you an idea of what kind of content will resonate with that social network and what doesn’t.

Build Connections

social media marketingNow that you’re creating content, the next thing you need to do is build connections. Remember that you need to build connections with people. It’s a social network.

Just because you’re on a computer doesn’t mean you’re not connecting with humans, so make sure your friending all the people that you know, following them, and engaging with them. You’re building connections.

So, if it’s your friend already, like someone that you know in person, you can just invite him to friend you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter. If it’s someone you don’t know, then you’re going to have to work more to build that connection.

Here’s how you do this.

You go and look for all the people in your space or putting status updates post. If they have questions, respond to them, help them out. If they have articles, feel free, and share them. If you think they’re valuable right, you could repost, share, etc.

If there are other people on these channels, groups, or fan pages that are related to your industry, even if they are your competitors and they’re asking questions, you could respond to them. Help them out.

That’s how you build connections. Even when you’re posting on your own page, when someone responds with a question or a comment, you should acknowledge that there. Thank them for leaving a comment. Respond to them when they have a question. That’s how you engage.

And what I found is that over time, as you engage, what you’ll see is a lot of people will come back over to your site. They’ll start to follow you. You engage deeply with them and they will become loyal followers.

It’s not just about growing your numbers and having 1000 followers or 10,000 followers. A very important tip for you is not to go for follower count. It’s all about having valuable connections, personal ones. Because if your 1st 100 fans or followers aren’t that engaged with you, all these social networks have it in their algorithm, and they’re looking at a percentage.

So, if you have a million fans but only 1000 engaged, the algorithm will consider this as a terrible engagement rate. It will not be showing your content to much of anyone, because no one likes it. But if you have only 100 followers and every single one liked it, shared it, and commented, they did all three of those things, the algorithm would be most likely to think that this content is amazing and needs to go viral because everyone loves it.

Quality Over Quantity

social media marketingSo you can understand now that it’s not about having the most amount of fans. It’s about having the most amount of engaged fans.

If someone’s not going to engage with you or your content, you don’t want them. It’s about having the most relevant diehard fans.

A bonus tip for you before I finish.

Don’t push people to your business from day one. Perhaps within three months or six months, by all means, you can start talking about your business. Try to get people over to your site by doing simple things, like just sharing a link.

But preferably you don’t want to do that from day one. Why would you want to promote your business when no one’s following you? They’re not engaged.

Look at it this way. If you walked up to a random stranger on the street, and you said, Hey, my name is John. I know that you buy paper towels because everyone uses paper towels. Would you like to buy the paper towels I am selling? They’re most likely going to feel like you’re crazy. Who are you? We don’t want to buy anything for you.

You need to build a connection. No one’s going to buy anything from you until you build that relationship. So, my advice is that don’t promote your business until 3 to 6 months. I’m to the extreme in which I like waiting nine months to a year. But again, you can do it within 3 to 6 months.

Conversely, If you’re doing paid advertising for social media marketing from day one, you can promote your business right from the very beginning. But if you’re trying to build up everything organically, you shouldn’t promote your business from day one.

If you’re still confused about how to get started with social media, leave me a comment below. I’ll answer and will try to help.

Thanks a lot for being here today.

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Affiliate Marketing Scams

Many of us are always on the lookout for new types of work with brand-new opportunities. You are finally realizing that the 9-5 grind isn’t really for you. You would prefer to work when you feel you are most productive, not when your boss or manager feels it to be so.

You are also tired of working hard with a very marginal incentive or reward scheme in place. You are either burnt out with what you are doing right now and wish for brand-new challenges, or do not like the place you are currently working at and also seriously want to upgrade to higher standards.

In such cases, most of us would certainly enjoy running our own companies.

The flexibility and also freedom that this brings, being answerable to no one as well as also to be able to work whenever or wherever only you may want to is an unbelievably desirable thing. However, the truth of this reality may seem rather slim to none for most of us.

Affiliate marketing programs are perfect for those people who are motivated and self-starters. They are also great for those who want to venture out on their own and set their own working hours. The internet has already helped up change so many aspects of our lives in so many aspects. We can study, learn, and work from home with only the help of a computer and high-speed internet access.

Yet, the majority of us are simply frightened off by the element of risk associated with running your own business. The thought of any stable income will seemingly dissipate as well when considering the fact that nearly 90 % of all new organizations fail within their very first year!

Affiliate marketing has always been a method of an online business model for quickly starting a business without the usual risks and any hefty startup costs. Affiliate marketing generally has zillions of options to get started for free and hence the risks being very minimal. Best of all, anyone can do it regardless of their race, color, or creed.

Affiliate Marketing

When you join an affiliate marketing program, you will likely be selling a product or a service. With products, you may have a choice and range to sell. How you decide to do this is largely up to you. You could also sell a service. For example, web page designing, selling internet traffic, downloadable info products, software services, etc. are all examples of services offered by affiliate marketing programs.

You are paid according to your own performance from the sales you personally generate and has very little to do with the performance of the company. While there is a wide swing of affiliate programs available for you to get involved with, doing some due diligence with a grain of caution is always recommended.

Beware of Affiliate Marketing Scams

Unfortunately, today we reside in an age where affiliate marketing scams run rampant throughout the Internet. Too many people have on occasions lost large amounts of cash to make money online and home business rip-offs.

There are unfortunately lots of scammers out there ready to take either your money or your work to use for their sole benefit. A lot of these fraud programs have very little hope of ending up as any type of kind of living.

Sadly, the world of affiliate marketing is also susceptible to such scams. While it is impossible to note down every preventative measure a person should take, there are some indications that anyone could try to look out for. Now, these do not always mean that the company is deceitful you should try and find some background information on any affiliate program you wish to join.

Because there is no initial investment on your part into most affiliate marketing programs, you absolutely should do the due diligence before you sign up. You may feel that since there is no cost to you to start, however, you do risk the most precious commodity you have, which is time.

The thing to realize is that although there may not be any start-up investment to sign up with any affiliate program, just like any business, you will need to spend a significant amount of time and hard work to bring your business into maturity. Hence, time is something that you do not want to waste.

One of my preferred ways is to look for online testimonials and reviews left by other marketers on 3rd party websites like Better Business Bureau, Trustpilot, various social media platforms, etc. Do not rely solely upon the reviews on their own blogs or websites as those could also be a part of affiliate marketing scams.

Here is a checklist:

    • Does the company have good support?
    • Are they responsive to emails?
    • Do they have good contact information?
    • Do they have a real offline address?
    • Do they pay a good commission %? > Shoot for 40% – 50%.
    • Make sure they have a functional and modern affiliate tracking system. It needs to be in real-time for you to track your commissions.
    • The products need to be of good quality and they also need to be well-targeted and specific to the target audience.

You could also request the reviewer’s contact details to contact them to discover exactly how the program helped them. You can also try searching online by looking under rip-offs, scams associated with the company name. You may have a great chance of finding out some negative incidents of any kind.

Always be sure to check through the testimonials very carefully. A few negative reviews here and there should not deter you. In some cases, many people simply are not cut out for particular programs. If most of the reviews are of a higher rating, then it should be fine to proceed with.

If you seem to have trouble finding any or many details, then it would be wise to proceed with caution. The more popular affiliate programs that have been around for a while will have at least some track record. You should always make it a practice to avoid rushing into joining any affiliate programs, no matter how good it may seem at the moment.

Also, no matter the urgency they may stress, if it is a great program it will certainly exist after you are done with your background checks. If the product or service is worth having, there will still be lots of profit to be made out of it.

More of where you could do some research:

    • Find a forum related to your industry. There are many savvy people who use the forums for references. You can ask for advice from anyone in there and they will most likely be happy to help you.
    • Look into the program very carefully. Inspect every aspect.
    • As mentioned earlier, search online the company name along with the term “scam” for any negative sounding results. Use your own judgment, because sometimes these reviews may not be all true. Some fake scam review sites have been made just so they can promote their own product! Amazing what some people will do.

How many times have you seen ads on the internet promising overnight fortunes? Things like “Earn 1000$ a day” or to join programs which will be guaranteed to make you a millionaire. Closer scrutiny of these types of ads, you will find that they are not really selling anything.

Companies that are selling the opportunity to make money without any real products or worthwhile services are likely to be affiliate marketing scams. It is true that some affiliate marketing companies will have attention-grabbing headlines like the ones mentioned above.

However, if you go into their details and do your background checks, you will most likely find more elaborate details on what the company sells. They will also have a disclaimer and terms and conditions clearly listed.

Unfortunately, these scammers have made their way into the world of affiliate marketing for long. There are some excellent affiliate marketing programs to get involved with; the trick is how to spot the scammers.

Affiliate Marketing

Companies that offer only the opportunity to make money are most likely pyramid schemes. The only profits are generated by the joining fees of the newcomers. There are no other sources of income, money is simply trickling off to the others as commissions. Not only are these scams and you’ll lose what you invested, but they are also illegal and you could face legal troubles.

The face and manner of the internet and affiliate marketing are constantly changing and makes it rather challenging to produce a decisive list of the dos and don’ts. Yet, there are some telltale signs which you could look for.

An affiliate marketing program should always provide you with some support. This can include an affiliate manager that you can contact with any questions or issues. A legitimate company should want you to do well. The better you do the better they do.

They should have a contact number, email addresses, and a local street address. Since the company offers an online affiliate program, not having an email or web page should definitely raise some questions. Other things such as no phone or address do not mean necessarily that they are trying to scam you. However, you need to investigate them thoroughly.

You may also want to send the company an email with some basic questions. If it takes them weeks to get back to you then you need to give them careful consideration. Then again, also consider that they may not be out to con you but they may simply be poor at communication, yet this could be a sign of other internal problems rather than affiliate marketing scams.

If the company has no website, it should be a big red flag. Legitimate affiliate marketing programs generally have a detailed website with all the information you need. You should be very suspicious of companies that operate only by email.

The GOLDEN RULES to follow:

    • Look before you join.
    • Ask about it online.
    • Ask other people’s opinions.
    • Do not rush yourself into an obligation.
    • Choose a good and reliable program that is of high quality.

Affiliate marketing can be a fun way to make money, but it can also quickly spiral into being a nightmare if you fall into the traps of the internet.  I stress again that the key to a successful affiliate marketing business is to find the right programs.

You might find a decent affiliate program, but then you find out that they don’t pay you on time, or at all!  After all your hard work of promoting, you find that the company won’t pay you.

Tips to help you to avoid affiliate marketing scams

    • Most scams are never “upfront” by explaining how you will actually make money. Many ads may state, “no selling, no work,” as if money will simply materialize out of thin air. It should be obvious to you that no profits can be made until some sort of goods as a product or service is sold.
    • Most scams do not offer any type of support either by phone or email. You would need their assistance to get your business started on the right path. If someone has developed a really good business model, they will be glad to help you to succeed.
    • Here is the biggest tip-off that you are about to be scammed. Is there an unconditional, money-back guarantee? They should know that no type of business would appeal to everyone. If they truly have confidence in their business model, they have nothing to lose by offering you a full guarantee.

Following these few simple steps can save you worlds of time and give you the confidence you need to move forward with your affiliate marketing business. Don’t let any bad past experiences keep you from accomplishing your dreams and goals.

Keep in mind that over the past 15 years or so, the make money online business industry has literally exploded. As this industry approaches the $500 billion mark, scams have also been popping up everywhere. It is unfortunate that more and more people are falling victim to these scam artists and as a result vowing never again to try and realize their dreams of working from home.

If you were to do an online search for, “make money from home” or ‘affiliate marketing” it would take you a couple of days to read through all the search results. Some of which can be either misleading or just outright lies. It seems almost impossible to figure out which ones are legitimate and which ones are scams.

That being said, affiliate marketing can be an excellent way for highly motivated and creative people to make an excellent living. There are great companies with profitable programs out there just waiting to be joined. I hope that I have provided enough information here for you to avoid the pitfalls of shady practices by the scammers.

Naturally, such dubious practices do not represent the entire industry. With proper due diligence, you should be able to steer clear of any scams and make your affiliate marketing journey to be a successful one.

I also hope that you will take advantage of all the BLOGs, tools, and resources available at this site to take your online business to the next level. Feel free to contact me for any assistance.

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Of course, we all know that to generate traffic is the lifeblood of any online presence, which includes any website, portals, platform, blogs, so on, and so on.

However, not just any traffic will do.

What you’ll need in order to become successful is to generate traffic that is highly targeted. That means being in front of people who are interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting or selling.

The good news is that there are numerous ways in which to generate traffic. Some are considered easy to do while some may not be as easy. But if you know how to handle them properly, any and all methods to find or generate traffic can be extremely beneficial to your online business.

For example, pay per click advertising is a popular method of attracting specifically targeted viewers. And the more you step up your pay per click campaigns, the more targeted traffic you’ll receive.

In fact, there’s no end to the amount of traffic you can ultimately generate. Just keep selecting the right keywords and deploy a sufficient budget for the campaign.

Of the free options, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is at the top of that list. It’s the most popular and widely used free method which can bring in from a trickle to targeted viewers, depending on the keyword or keywords chosen for web page optimization.

But when it comes to keyword SEO, quantity doesn’t always beat out quality. Selecting the right keywords can be tricky to generate traffic if you don’t invest in the time for proper research. There are some online tools to help you with that. I use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel, while there are a few other similar options available.

Apparently, you could get much better results from a group of 100 targeted viewers than you would from 1000 viewers from a not so targeted keyword. So, you need to really take your time to research and target the appropriate keywords to generate traffic.

Only targeted traffic will provide the positive results you are after. Whether that equates to more subscribers signing up for your mailing list or more people purchasing your products or services, it still spells success.

Do keep in mind that pay per click and keyword SEO isn’t the only options to generate traffic.

Another very effective method to generate traffic is to write and distribute your own articles.

Just pick a topic, one that relates to what you’re promoting while at the same time is associated with a targeted keyword. Then write an article around that topic and include links that funnel people to the page or pages that contain information about any product or offer you mentioned in the article.

Further methods of traffic generation include:

  • link popularity/backlinks
  • posting on discussion boards
  • posting comments on blogs
  • starting your own affiliate program
  • forming alliances with other business or product owners
  • creating and distributing free eBooks and software
  • creating and distributing software utilities
  • making your blog or website content available through RSS
  • offering product testimonials and endorsements
  • distributing a syndicated column

The list goes on.

Just use your imagination, either to improvise on already established methods or to come up with your own creative ways to generate traffic.

Of course, the best traffic methods are the ones you can set in motion once and still receive good results over an extended period of time… weeks, months or even years to come.

For example, if you place posts on discussion boards whereas they will remain there indefinitely along with your signature file and/or reference to any specific URL address.

If you write articles and submit them to directories, it will be available for as long as those directories are in existence along with a link back to whatever page or pages you’ve chosen to mention within the article and resource box.

If you create free to distribute eBooks or software utilities, those could be distributed and change hands for as long as there’s any perceivable value along with all your advertising messages and links that lead to your sales pages as well as your primary website.

If you start your own affiliate program, you could have hundreds or even thousands of people promoting your products or services for you. Along with links back to a page on your main website.

And of course, each and every one of these methods would be driving targeted traffic on a regular and continuous basis. All because you set something in motion once.

Regardless of what methods you use, it’s always a good idea to implement the most powerful ones first. That would include keyword SEO, pay per click advertising, and writing and distributing your own articles.

Once you have any of those types of methods to generate traffic in place, start implementing the other methods, as many as you feel comfortable with.

But don’t stop at any point and time. Whenever you have the time to do so, keep adding more methods to generate traffic as well as increasing the volume of those that are already in place.

That’s the way to ensure that you’ll not only receive a substantial amount of targeted traffic, but you’ll also be able to consistently raise the numbers. And like all aspects of marketing and promotion, the more targeted prospects you attract, the more income you’ll ultimately bring in.

So, let’s dive a bit deeper into these traffic methods.

Traffic Generation Methods

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

generate traffic

When it comes to generating targeted traffic for free, this is by the far the most effective method you can choose, if you invest the time to learn to do it effectively.

The whole objective is to optimize individual pages for specific keywords. Viewers search for those keywords, find your page listed in the search engine results and subsequently lead to that page.

Of course, there are specific details that need to be addressed in order for this method to bring in scores of targeted traffic.

For one thing, you need to choose the right keywords with the following in mind:

  • keywords that are directly related to the content or subject matter of the specific page
  • keywords that are widely searched for each and every month by a considerable number of people
  • keywords that have little or no existing competition by other websites with similar content and/or purpose

You then need to create quality content that’s based on each of the keyword(s) you’ve chosen. The more content you place on your website, and the more content-laden pages you create, the more search engine traffic you will receive.

The only problem is, it takes a great deal of time and effort to create individual web pages. Especially since you have to create them with search engines in mind.

It’s not just a matter of jotting down subject matter and getting it on your website. You need to carefully choose topics that can be optimized for keywords that can generate the most traffic, either individually or collectively.

But it’s not just about how many pages you can create. You also need to focus on the content, mainly because it plays such a large role in how search engines assign value.

But whether you create and optimize pages manually or through the use of software programs, the only thing that really matters is the choice of keywords. Choose ones that will attract the type of viewers and prospects you need and you’ll continue to receive unlimited traffic for free for as long as your website exists.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

generate traffic

If you have the budget for it, pay per click advertising is probably the most effective and productive method of getting traffic. And since you choose and then bid on keywords that are precisely and specifically associated with your offer, you’re more or less guaranteed to receive highly targeted traffic.

Another top benefit is the fact that you can start receiving traffic right away, oftentimes within minutes of launching a pay per click campaign. Which in turn means you could potentially begin to receive financial benefit almost immediately as well.

Naturally, you’ll want to conduct a fair amount of research before diving into any pay per click campaign. That includes choosing the right (and most effective) keywords for your particular niche, determining how often those keywords are being searched for each month, and establishing how much competition already exists for each of the keywords.

Once you’ve conducted all the necessary research, you then need to select the keyword(s) that would most likely generate the best results.

Performing each of the tasks involved in that type of research can be performed manually. Or, you can save a great deal of time and effort by simply using a site like Ubersuggest.

What’s most important about the pay per click ads is maintaining a balance between the amount of targeted traffic you attract and preventing too many clicks from people who are not seriously interested in what you’re offering.

Writing Articles

As previously mentioned, you want to choose topics that are related to both a product or offer you’re promoting and one or more targeted keywords that are associated with whatever you’re promoting.

This gives you two distinct advantages.

One, you’re able to capitalize on everyone who is searching for a particular keyword and will therefore already be highly interested in the subject of your article.

Two, you’re able to mention specific products or offers within the article (related to both the topic and the keyword) and then provide links that take the reader directly to any sales page(s) of your choice.

For example, let’s say your article explains how to use Aweber more effectively and you‘re an affiliate for it, within the body of the article, you could mention that Aweber is the perfect autoresponder and then include either your affiliate link or the page on your website where you pre-sell the product.

AWeber Free: Email marketing for free. No credit card required.

And don’t forget your “about the author” resource box. It’s the perfect opportunity to advertise your business, your website, your products, or even drive people to a page where they can sign up for your mailing list.

Of course, once you’ve written an article, you need to get it published and distributed. To start with, place it on your own website.

Next, submit the article to as many directories as possible. That will allow other websites and newsletter owners to use your articles for their own content.

Some of the article directories include:

Article City

Ezine Articles

Go Articles

You’ll also want to encourage people who visit your website to use your articles posted there. Ways to do that would be:

  • Tell them outright that your articles are free for reprint as long as no changes are made and the resource box is included and remains intact.
  • Provide the means for people to simply copy and paste your article, both in text and HTML format
  • Place your articles in a zip file that people can download to their own computer.

It’s also a good idea to have them sign up for notification whenever a new article becomes available. That accomplishes two things at once. You get additional mailing list members and you give people the opportunity to publish your latest articles hot off the keyboard.

Remember, the more times your articles are published and distributed, the more traffic you’ll receive. So, you need to do everything you can to make it easy and convenient for website and newsletter owners to use your content.

Link Popularity / Backlinks

generate traffic

This is probably the most controversial of all traffic generation methods. Not because it’s a bad idea, it’s just that the majority of people don’t seem to use the method to its full potential. Or worse, they use the method in a way that does more harm than good.

The first thing you need to understand is that search engines don’t generally reward websites for having a vast number of links to other websites. What they reward is how many quality links point back to any given website.

For example, if you get involved with a large link directory and exchange links with countless other websites, you’ll receive a certain degree of benefit both in terms of traffic and search engine reward. However, if numerous high-ranking websites are linking to specific pages on your website – and the links contain keyword-rich text rather than just a URL address, you’re going to receive highly targeted traffic due to the favorable status from the search engines.

So, it stands to reason that merely exchanging links is not the most effective method. Not for gaining targeted traffic or attaining higher search engine page rank status. Quality over quantity certainly dominates when it comes to backlinks.

What you need to do is to concentrate on gaining backlinks from quality websites that already enjoy a large amount of traffic and the same viewers who would be interested in your product or niche market.

There are two primary ways to do that.

1. Seek out and contact the owners of those high authority websites and then offer some type of deal that would involve them placing a link to your site on one of their pages that would match your profile.

For example, you could give them a major discount on a product you’re selling. Or, you could create a custom eBook that includes their business information and then have them distribute it to their viewers.

Whatever you choose to do, the idea is to reward the website owner in some form or another. And since it’s beneficial to approach them with an offer that is specific to them, you should always become familiar with their particular business prior to making contact. That way, you can come up with something that’s tailor-made for each of the owners you approach.

2. Place webmaster tools, online generators, how-to instructions, or any other helpful service that other website owners would be interested in linking to.

For example, the web page where people can download the free Adobe Reader from carries a higher Google page rank. That’s because so many other websites have chosen to provide a link to that page.

Mind you, although countless pages throughout the internet are displaying a link to that page, Adobe is not reciprocating any of those links or engaging in any form of link exchange. They don’t have to. The page has something on it that is so useful, other websites automatically link to it without expecting anything reciprocal.

For your own page content, you can pretty much provide anything you like. The only criteria are that it’s valuable and useful to other webmasters. They simply consider it beneficial to pass the information along to their own website visitors.

And since you want to encourage other websites to link to yours, it’s important that you give them the exact information. In other words, don’t just ask them to provide a link back. Give them precisely what they need.

That would include the URL address and the words that you would like hyperlinked when they place it on their website.

For example, if you wanted them to link to Aweber, rather than just give them the URL to Aweber – you would suggest several phrases that would be hyperlinked and lead to the Aweber page.

Basically, you’re the one who determines what type of link gets displayed. That gives you the ability to tap into popular and effective keywords. And that gives you a lot more credibility and value where search engines are concerned.

For convenience, have those links set up so that someone can simply copy and paste the code. It makes it easy for them and it ensures that the link will be displayed exactly as you intended.

Start Your Own Affiliate Program

generate traffic

If you have your own product or service, you can set up an affiliate program so that other people can promote it in exchange for a percentage of the sales they make.

The two methods of establishing this type of system are either installing your own affiliate program software/plugin or using any paid online service.

Either way, it’s important that you provide support to your affiliates. That alone will make the difference between generating a considerable amount of traffic and achieving less than glowing results.

What you want is an entire sales force of eager affiliates who actively promote, market, and advertise your products or services. For that to happen, you have to make certain they have everything they need in order to be successful.

  • Have someone (or some system) available to answer questions and provide assistance.
  • Develop a frequently asked questions section that gives comprehensive answers.
  • Establish a knowledge base that contains marketing and promotion advice and information.
  • Provide them with plenty of quality ads, images, and sales content – in addition to the usual affiliate sales page.

These are just a few of the ways you can help your affiliates succeed.

Remember, the more success your affiliates experience, the more traffic and income you and your business will ultimately enjoy.

Alternatively, you could join some affiliate platforms where you could post your products/offers. Interested people using that platform already would apply to become your affiliates. Over time, you could build up an army of affiliates to generate traffic to your offers.

Post On Discussion Boards / Forums

generate traffic

If you take the trouble to make time for it, posting on discussion boards can be an extremely effective means to generate traffic.

For one thing, you’ll have a signature file that commonly contains a link to your website and oftentimes a link to something that you’ve referenced within your post. Granted, in most instances, you won’t be able to outwardly promote something. But discussion boards generally do allow URL’s that lead to additional topic information.

For example, someone wants to know some of the best keyword SEO tactics and you‘ve written a report about that particular topic. Most boards would allow you to include the URL address where the report can be downloaded from.

If the board doesn’t allow you to do that, you can still let the person know about the free report and suggest they contact you through email for the download location. Either way, it gives you the opportunity to let people know about you and your business.

As long as you use discussion boards wisely and don’t break any of the forum rules, you can gain a lot of benefits. Not just in terms of people getting to know and respect you and your expertise, but in terms of the traffic you’ll receive from the links that are in your posts.

To get started, search for discussion boards or forums that have topics directly related to your business. Once you’ve visited them, single out the ones you feel are the most active and the most compatible with whatever advice or information you have to offer.

Beyond that, all you have to do is contribute a valuable post now and then, always including your URL.

Post Blog Comments

generate traffic

Although this method is similar to posting on discussion boards, it can also generate traffic for you.

Blogging has been historically one of the preferred marketing and promotion techniques, responsible for generating a countless flow of targeted traffic.

If you happen to have your own blog(s), you’re way ahead of the game. But even if you don’t have the time or the means to maintain your own, you can always contribute to someone else’s blog.

Just like discussion boards, find blogs that have content directly related to your business or niche. Frequent them on a regular basis and place valuable and informative comments whenever possible.

The advantage here is that there are no restrictions with regard to placing links or URL addresses within blog comments, within reason of course. If you get too carried away and use your comments solely as a means to blatantly advertise and spam, the owners can and will remove your posts.

Generate Traffic With Free Promotional eBooks

generate traffic

Creating and distributing free eBooks is a tremendous viral marketing technique. And the reason it’s so successful is simply that this type of product can be responsible for a substantial amount of targeted traffic.

That’s assuming the content of the eBook is valuable and interesting, something the average reader would feel is worth passing along to someone else. Once you know it qualifies in that respect, you can begin the distribution process with the aim to generate traffic for yourself.

The first step is to get your eBooks out to as many locations as possible. That would include eBook directories, download sites, such as CNET, and private websites that contain similar or related content.

You should also actively seek out website and newsletter owners and offer them a special deal. For example, you could customize the eBook with their business name and information.

You should also consider publishing eBooks that are created with a specific product or website owner in mind.

For example, let’s say you find a popular and high-traffic website where dog products are sold. You could contact the owner and offer to write a how-to eBook about house training a puppy. Or whatever topic the owner feels would be beneficial to their specific clientele.

To encourage the owner to widely distribute the eBook, it would be customized with their website or product information such as website name and URL address, product sales page, product ad, etc. And naturally, like any of your other eBooks, it would also include information about you and your website.

The goal is to create an eBook that’s geared toward one specific marketer who just happens to have a large subscriber or viewer base. That way, you both benefit from having the eBook distributed.

Whether it’s a free eBook or one that’s being sold, let the owner know the product you’re offering to create will be exclusive to them and only them. If they agree, stick to the deal and don‘t share the eBook with any other site owners.

Generate Traffic With Free Software Utilities

generate traffic

This is basically the same concept as creating and distributing eBooks. If you come up with a good idea for a software product or utility (i.e. mortgage calculator, calorie counter, etc.), hire a programmer through a service like or to create it for you.

Just make certain that you have them include information about your business and/or website. For example, you could have an “About” button included that displays your business name and URL address.

You could even include a brief ad or link to your mailing list or newsletter sign-up page. Whatever you feel is most beneficial to your business.

That way, any and all copies of the software that get passed around will lead back to your website. That amounts to great viral marketing and lots of free publicity. And that means more traffic, which is exactly what you want.

Business Alliances / Joint Ventures

generate traffic

Although these are commonly referred to as joint ventures, they are simply an arrangement between you and another party for the purpose of generating additional income or any other designated result, such as gaining new mailing list members.

No matter what kind of alliance you’re looking for, you need to conduct a fair amount of research before you approach anyone.

Start by determining exactly what you have to offer. Then search for websites, products, and businesses that would make for compatible partnerships. For example, if you’ve written a book on how to house train a puppy, a website that sells dog supplies would be a good prospect.

Once you’ve located a number of possible partners, you need to become familiar with their operation. That way, when you contact the owner, you can personalize the communication/email.

The more personal and specific you can make the email, the more likely the owner will take your offer seriously. So, it’s important to invest as much time and effort is necessary to gather information about your prospective partners.

And don’t be vague about what kind of deal you’re offering. Before you ever contact someone, decide exactly what you want and what you’re willing to give the other party, so that you can provide specific details for it.

If they’ll be selling your product, let them know exactly what the terms are and how much commission they’ll be making on each sale. If you want them to promote your product to their mailing list, tell them exactly what they’ll receive by doing so.

If you’re going to include their information in your eBook, show them exactly where and how it will be displayed. It’s important to do this before the project kicks off.

And don’t be afraid to give more than you get. This type of partnership is more about establishing a relationship that will reward you with additional exposure and traffic. The first time around, you might not gain as much as the other guy. But you’ve set the stage for future business arrangements.

Always think in terms of long-range benefits rather than immediate compensation. Putting together a one-shot deal isn’t half as beneficial as building a foundation that will bring in traffic and increase sales for an extended period of time.

Offer To Give Testimonials

generate traffic

Product testimonials and endorsements are a great way to get free publicity. Just write something positive and send it to the owner, letting them know they can use what you’ve written as a public testimonial (on their website, in their newsletter, in their ads, etc.).

But don’t ever write testimonials just to receive traffic. You need to genuinely be familiar with the product. That way you can be honest if someone should contact you personally and ask for additional information or confirmation.

And since this method is intended to gain you traffic for your own business, make certain the owner publishes your URL address in the testimonials before you even consider writing something.

What you’re looking for is high profile products on web pages that receive a substantial amount of traffic. Add your testimonial to that equation and you’ll gain considerable and valuable exposure.

Start A Syndicated Column

It doesn’t have to be an actual column. You could simply write tips, advice, or general information on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly).

Of course, it would be to your advantage to turn that content into an “official” column, one that could be used by owners of both websites and newsletters. Think about all the publicity and recognition you would receive.

It would not only include content that is valuable and interesting, it would contain your byline. And that would include your name, your business name, and your URL address.

Whatever the content happens to be, the idea is to make it possible for other webmasters to display it on their sites.

The following are two of the more popular and common methods (among others) used to distribute and share content.


Place the content in a separate file and then supply the JavaScript code which links to that file.


If the content was contained in a file called seo-tips.js, this would be the JavaScript that would be placed in the user’s web page code:

<SCRIPT language=”javascript” type=”text/javascript” src=””></SCRIPT>

The only problem with using JavaScript is the fact that only the code can be seen in the page’s source code. If you want the code replaced with the actual content – so that you can benefit from search engine optimization – you’ll need to use another method.

Server Side Includes (SSI)

This one solves the problem of not having actual content in the source code. When the web page is live, the code is automatically replaced with whatever content is in the file that’s been called up.

That means the search engine spiders see the content and not the code. And of course, that also means the web page will get credit for whatever text and/or keywords are displayed there, just like any other web content.

Taking it a step further, if you included a link somewhere in that syndicated content that led back to your website, and it was in the form of text that was keyword-rich, you would get credit for that valuable link. For each and every occasion someone else displayed your content on their web page.


If the content was contained in a file called seo-tips.html, this would be the SSI code that would be placed in the user’s web page code…

<!–#include virtual=”/seo-tips.html”–>

Unlike other HTML documents, the ones that are associated with SSI only contain the exact content and nothing more (no HTML, HEAD, or BODY tags).

The only drawback to this method is the fact that the page used for displaying server-side includes needs to have an .shtml extension. Since regular website pages don’t carry that extension, the server-side include won’t even display.

One way around that problem is to include the following code in the .htaccess file.

AddHandler server-parsed .html .htm

Once that‘s done, server-side includes will display on pages with .html and .htm extensions.

Of course, if there’s no .htaccess file, one would have to be created. And some of the people who want to display your syndicated content might not want to go that far. That’s why you need to offer the JavaScript option as well.

For more details about .htaccess and JavaScript, you’ll find some valuable information at JavaScript Kit.

Start Your Own Blog

generate traffic

These days, a blog that’s operated properly is considered one of the best methods for generating a great deal of traffic. Assuming, of course, that you even have the time and inclination to operate your own blog.

Let me tell you that it’s certainly not easy to start and run your own blog.

Statistically speaking, there are a lot more blogs started and abandoned than those that remain alive and active. It’s no different than publishing a newsletter. Perhaps seemed like a good idea at the time, but after a while, it just gets way too difficult to keep up and maintain.

For the most part, it’s a matter of providing quality content week after week, month after month. Unless you have little else to do or an endless supply of relevant topics running through your head, you might have trouble keeping up the pace as a routine.

However, considering the value and benefit of having a blog site, if there’s any way you can keep one going, it’s something you should definitely think about.

Share Your Blog or Website Content Through RSS Feeds

One of the most creative methods of getting traffic to your website is to share content through RSS feeds. What you do is supply other webmasters with content that contains links that lead back to your website.

The content can take any form you choose. It can be a list of article titles that are hyperlinked. It can be a list of article titles that each includes a brief description of the content contained in the article. It can even be the article itself.

If you operate a blog, you can share part of the content through RSS feeds but bring viewers to the website to read the rest of the post. The content you provide through RSS feeds is entirely up to you, depending on what type of content you have available. You also have to decide how much content should be included in the feed.

Some webmasters will be looking for “filler” while others will be looking for major content, such as complete articles. That being the case, any quality content you provide would be suitable for delivery through RSS feeds.

In Summary

  • What you need in order to achieve success is targeted traffic, people who are seriously interested in whatever information, product, or service you happen to be promoting.
  • When it comes to keyword SEO, quantity doesn’t always beat out quality. Fewer viewers who respond to a less competitive keyword might not be large in numbers but they’ll be extremely large with regard to how targeted they are.
  • The best traffic methods are ones you can set in motion once and still receive good results over an extended period of time.
  • The objective of SEO is to optimize individual pages for specific keywords. Viewers search for those keywords, find your page listed in the search engines, and subsequently, go to that page.
  • Choose keywords that are directly related to the content of a particular page, are widely searched for every month, and have little or no existing competition.
  • With pay per click, you can start receiving traffic right away, oftentimes within minutes of launching a campaign.
  • When writing articles, choose topics that are related to both a product you’re promoting and a targeted keyword that is associated with that product.
  • Submit articles to as many directories as possible. That will allow other websites and newsletter owners to use your articles for their content.
  • If numerous high-ranking websites are linking to specific pages on your website, and the links contain keyword-rich text, you’ll experience highly targeted traffic and a large thumbs up from the search engines.
  • Concentrate on gaining links from quality websites that already receives a large amount of traffic.
  • When you have your own affiliate program, you want an entire sales force of people who actively promote, market, and advertise your product. For that to happen, you have to make sure that they have everything they need in order to be successful.
  • Use discussion boards wisely, and you’ll gain a lot of benefits, both in terms of people getting to know you as an expert in your field and the traffic you’ll receive from links that are attached to your posts.
  • Find blogs that have content directly related to your niche. Frequent them on a regular basis and place valuable and informative comments whenever possible.
  • Creating and distributing your own free eBooks and software products can be a great method of gaining large amounts of targeted traffic.
  • Before contacting joint venture partners become familiar with their business so you can personalize the communication.
  • Look for high profile products on web pages that receive a substantial amount of traffic. Send the owner a positive comment about that product and let them know they can use what you’ve written as a testimonial.
  • Make it possible for webmasters to publish your syndicated content on their sites, with either JavaScript or SSI code.
  • Assuming you have the time to do it properly, operating your own blog can be one of the best methods for generating a great deal of traffic.
  • Supplying website or blog content through RSS feeds is one of the most creative and effective methods of gaining widespread viewer traffic.

The best practice is to always try and master any one of the above methods to generate traffic, before starting with any other. That being said, SEO should be a top priority even when you are deploying paid traffic methods. I personally do both at the same time to promote my blogs, courses, and eBooks. Also, always building more backlinks play a big part in my strategy to generate traffic.

Hope this blog helped you to understand how you can also generate traffic. If so, please be sure to share this post using the social media share buttons that are available on this page.

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Investing in gold often draws a certain opinion from investors around the world that gold is ancient antiquity that no longer holds the financial premiums of the past. In the present-day financial environment, paper money is the currency to prefer. They argue that gold’s only advantage is the point that it is an element that is utilized in the manufacturing of precious jewelry. On the flip side of the same coin are those that assert gold is an investment with numerous inherent qualities that make it essential and distinct for investors to have in their portfolios.

Throughout the times, people have always found investing in gold to be prosperous for numerous purposes. All modern economies have also placed value on gold, hence bolstering its worth. It is the metal we resort to when other forms of currency don’t perform well, which suggests it consistently has some worth as a guaranteed safeguard against difficult economic downturns.

Here are 8 factual reasons for investing in gold.

The Fragility of the U.S. Dollar

Even though the U.S. dollar is among the world’s most essential reserve currencies, when the market value of the dollar falls opposed to other currencies as it did in between the 1998 and 2008 period, this typically triggers a lot of people to drift to the safety and security of investing in gold, which raises the gold prices. The value of gold almost tripled between 1998 and 2008, reaching the $1,000-an-ounce breakthrough in early 2008 and almost doubling between 2008 and 2012, reaching around the $1800-$1900 point. The fall in the U.S. dollar took place for a variety of factors, consisting of the nation’s large budget and trade deficits and a rather big boost in the money supply.

A Strong Tradition of Maintaining Its Worth

Dissimilar to paper currency, coins, or other investments, gold has actually kept its worth throughout the ages. People see investing in gold as a means to hand down and safeguard their wealth from one generation to the next. Ever since ancient times, people have actually valued the special aspects of this treasured metal. Gold doesn’t rust and can be melted over a basic flame, making it simple to deal with and brand as a coin. Additionally, gold has a lovely and distinct color, unlike any other element.

Concerns over Geopolitical Issues

Gold maintains its worth not just in times of economic uncertainty, but also in times when geopolitical concerns emerge. It is frequently called the “crisis asset” due to the fact that people always inevitably flocked to gold’s relative safety and security when the global economic stress levels increase. Throughout such troubled periods, investing in gold typically outperforms other types of financial investments. For instance, gold prices had seen some significant price moves in recent times in reaction to the crisis that took place in the EU. When trust in govt gets low, gold prices typically increase the most.

Protection Against Deflation

Deflation is described as a time period in which prices reduce when business activities slow and the economic situation is strained by extreme financial obligations, which has actually not been seen around the world ever since the Great Depression of the 1930s (although a little degree of deflation happened following the 2008 economic crisis in some parts of the world). Throughout the Depression, the relative buying power of gold skyrocketed while other prices plummeted dramatically. This is due to the fact that people decided to hoard money, and the most safe location to hold money remained in gold and gold coins at the time.

Hedging Against Inflation

Investing in gold has traditionally been an exceptional hedge against inflation due to the fact that its price tends to go up when the cost of living rises. Over the past 50 years, investors have actually found gold prices to skyrocket and the stock exchanges to dive throughout the high-inflation years. This is due to the fact that when fiat currency loses its buying power to inflation, gold tends to be priced in those currency systems and therefore tends to increase in value together with whatever else. Additionally, gold is viewed as an excellent store of value so consumers might be motivated to invest in gold when they think that their regional currency is on the decline.

Rising Demands

In the past years, the growing wealth of the emerging market economies raised the need for investing in gold. In a number of these nations, gold is entwined into their way of life. For example, India is among the biggest gold-consuming countries on the planet. Gold has so many usages there, including precious jewelry. As a result, the Indian wedding peak time of year in October is historically the time of the year that sees the largest worldwide demand for gold. Also in China, where gold bars are a very traditional form of savings, the demand for gold has actually been enduring.

Functioning in the Modern Economy

Despite the fact that gold no longer stands behind the U.S. dollar (or any other international currencies), it still holds much significance in today’s society. It is still essential to the worldwide economy. To confirm this point, it isn’t necessary to look further than the ledgers of central banks and other financial institutions, such as the IMF. Currently, such institutions are accountable for holding nearly one-fifth of the world’s supply of above-ground gold. Moreover, many central banks have actually increased their gold reserves, showing apprehensions about the long-lasting worldwide economic conditions.

As a Diversifying Investment

Generally, investing in gold is viewed as a means to diversifying any investment portfolio. It is certain that gold has actually in the past functioned as a financial investment that can bring in a diversifying aspect to your portfolio, irrespective of whether you are stressed over inflation, a receding U.S. dollar, or perhaps safeguarding your wealth.

In summary, investing in gold must be an integral part of a mixed financial investment portfolio considering that its price rises in reaction to the activities that trigger the worth of paper assets, such as bonds and stocks, to drop. Even though the price of gold can be unpredictable in the short-term, it has actually consistently sustained its worth over the long term. Throughout the years, it has actually functioned as a hedge against the rising cost of living and the eroding of major currencies, and this is a financial investment well worth thinking about.

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Membership websites are gaining a great deal of popularity for both the online entrepreneurs as well as for the users.

It is a website like various other websites yet contrasts in that you specialize in a specific subject and have quality information regarding that particular topic and will let readers have easy access to that topic for a specific membership fee or sometimes just for subscribing and also letting you send them information to their email.

These people pay you a recurring fee typically on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. If you continue to add valuable information to the site, members will certainly continue with their memberships to your site thus creating passive and also recurring income for you. These very same people may also promote your website via word of mouth and trigger others to sign up also.

Membership websites are a great method to market products and services for the online marketer and a convenient option for getting required items or information for the consumers. So, in essence, this type of website is a win– win situation for all concerned. The consumers achieve their goals fulfilled and so do the Internet marketers.

The Benefits for the Internet Marketer

When you look to the Internet to produce money, you are always looking for brand-new products, or new methods you can generate income online. Your need to sell and do marketing online can be difficult due to the fact that there is never ‘eye-to-eye’ contact and also this causes the Internet to feel rather impersonal as well as a difficult sell, but membership websites solve a lot of these issues.

A membership website allows you to give qualified information away absolutely free or for the price of the membership fee. This information relates to the interest of a specific group of people. If for instance, you are a teacher and also have all kinds of interesting activities, downloads on your website, information that in general will certainly guide other teachers with their skills, then this would be your specific niche for the group you wish to market to. You can either offer free membership to your website with all of this great information or require a small monthly fee.

You might also prefer to structure your website to do both. Offer specific information totally free, but make a paid membership readily available for people that desire more detailed information. Making use of membership websites in any one of these methods will certainly generate income for you.

Customers Love Membership Websites

Not only are membership websites are appealing to the Internet marketers but customers like them as well. They get all the information they want on a particular topic without having to do endless searches on the Internet. It is much more practical as well as easier for them.

Membership websites are a win– win circumstance for everyone. You obtain the sales you require, the easy revenue you need and also the registered member gets the very specific information, products or services you provide to them.

The Paid Membership Website

If you charge a membership fee no matter how modest it will certainly generate a residual income. As an example for the activities of the same teacher’s site there is a small charge as a membership fee of $5 monthly and also gains 1 brand-new signup a day for a period of three months, that will certainly produce $500 at the end of those 3 months and also eventually the income will certainly continue to increase every single month. Now imagine if you had 3 or 4 such sites, which could target different demographic groups and niches.

The Free Membership Website

Believe it or not, many free membership websites make more money than those which call for a membership fee be paid. Simply look to Google to figure that one out. Free membership websites make money due to the fact that they have a benefit over other internet sites that only market certain line of products. Free membership websites also often tend to develop a relationship between the visitors and the owner, and eventually a relationship in between them develops over time. Certainly, this is what any Internet website owner could long for, since as soon as there is a relationship, sales would certainly follow.

Free membership websites can provide several types of products on their sites. It can be anything from educational items such as Ebooks, articles, reports, etc. It can also be physical products (i.e. books, DVDs, etc.) which are mailed to the consumer. In situations where you do not have your very own products, such products can be sourced from various other companies by becoming an affiliate marketer for them. Every product sale would certainly make you commissions.

Just how Costly is it To Start Membership Websites?

One of the greatest benefits of this type of website is that they are not expensive to launch. If you have the ability to do your own website design work and use creative advertising and marketing methods as well as SEO practices, your site should be up and running for a couple of hundred dollars, a really low-cost venture for something that can generate a significant revenue.

What Type of Information Works on Membership Websites?

Whether you know it or not, you are an expert in something or another, and also when you have an abundance of understanding in a certain topic, you generally limit yourself by telling your good friends and also perhaps some family members so they can “ooohh and aaaaaaaaahh” at your success (this typically happens at the time of rare family events), or you could make an active decision to turn that expertise into income. So, if you are an expert in martial arts, baking delicious chocolate chip cookies, chauffeuring the children around town, or even reading novels, you can earn money with that knowledge by making a membership website that caters to consumers that are seeking a specialist in the field.

The trouble is that when you start a website in your field of expertise and don’t really understand the fundamentals of online marketing then you are setting yourself up for failure as if you might as well not have even started at all. That’s why it is necessary to do your research and find out about how to do Internet marketing before starting your membership website.

The very first point you should do is to discover everything you can around beginning a membership website. Read case studies about other successful membership websites as well as what they did to make their website a success.

Nevertheless, as you are already an expert in the area you are targeting, which is the most integral part, be sure to be diligent in your research on online marketing, which is to find out the proper methodology behind Internet marketing. As an example, did you know you can provide your registered members complimentary eBooks which they can download, or a free weekly or monthly e-newsletter. Actually, they are not truly free because the member is paying his membership fee, plus you can market other affiliate offerings on your website or via the e-newsletter where various companies will certainly pay you a percentage for selling their goods as an affiliate.

What types of Membership Website is Ideal?

Membership website types are very diverse across lots of niches and tailored after several business models. If you run a business pertaining to ‘websites’, you will definitely be surprised at the huge number of membership websites are available that accommodate many niches such as domains, hosting, coding & development, plug-ins, cloud solutions, online software, and so much more.

You can research online the various kinds of membership websites or solutions that might or may not charge recurring fees. Such information will enable you to know whether paid or free membership sites would suit your business needs the best.

You could find several free & paid useful resources and devices online which may be required to run your membership websites more effectively. For example, a few of the membership websites uses administration programs developed with Perl which allows the webmasters to manage the features and content of the websites with relative ease. Several of WordPress themes provide exceptional features for those running either type of membership websites.

I can share with you that much customization work will certainly need to be done to your membership website. For this to happen, a clear implementation road map is required from your website developer. Based upon this road map, a clear idea of the man hours as well as sources required will take shape. You will certainly after that be able to determine the size of the budget plan needed to launch your website.

Often enough, this budget may not incorporate any one of the costs of the post implementation activities such as marketing, content development, SEO, running expenses, maintenance, and so on. Such budgeting should also be considered at the earlier stages.

Several societies these days are considering running membership websites because they are able to charge a certain amount of membership fees for the members in order to access the content within the websites. They can in addition profit from the subsequent up-sells at the various stages later on.

A lot of societies become interested to start running a membership website because:

  • The online aspect of websites makes the society member information more conveniently manageable.
  • It is easy for the society registered members to interact with each other on the online message boards, which are often moderated by the admins.
  • It offers each member special “Members Only Zones”. Members only zones might include many points of interests such as point based special offers, free gifts, rewards, private messaging, society notices, payment history and so much more depending on the type of the membership website.
  • Members only areas and the features can also be segregated by free and paid members.
  • Experts could also be employed to periodically populate the niche knowledge base section with relevant content which eventually snowballs into being a significant collection of information.
  • It can amplify the society income by providing the registered members dedicated space and resources for their online stores.

As you can see, running a membership website and identifying the ideal website structure matched with the target membership cluster is necessary to lots of societies and communities.

How to Run a Membership Website?

Running a membership website requires continuous workflow.

If you choose to start a paid membership website, then you will certainly need to give cost-free information to your members that blend well with other prominent trade membership websites. Membership websites will allow the consumers easy processes to sign up for your website. The user is then protected by a strong password and a unique username. They will need these two things to enter in your website and access the website’s pages, merchandises, and/or member services.

Running a membership website gives you many benefits, including managing an efficient business that brings in recurring income at predictable intervals. A membership website includes many niche specific information, interesting articles, reports as well as many downloadable resources.

Whatever your concept may be, it should continually concentrate on the main points. Feeding the membership website with fresh information/content on a regular basis is considered the lifeblood of the business. You need to create informative products, programs, downloads, pictures, articles, and make then available to the members often enough to keep their interests growing.

The cost of membership websites can vary greatly depending upon your business model. The key to creating and running a cost-effective membership website is to become armed with updated information that drives you to cut back on your expenses on outsourcing others to do your work. Paid membership websites really should be able to expect very decent revenue levels. If you do your research properly on your membership website’s specific niche before you start, you will have made a great financial investment and the site should be worth your expenses.

Running a membership website can become the answers to your financial independence prayers. When you launch your website, you have to move to the promotional or advertising and marketing phase. You might need software to help you with this phase, or even developing your website. The marketing process of membership websites to members are quite a few.

An example of a membership website is They pay their customers to take surveys or award them merchandises for spending time responding to questions.

One of the biggest problem entrepreneurs running a membership website face is that a lot of the essential ongoing work is required to be done manually, such as content research. Although that the membership websites bear reasonable startup costs, the time and effort spent to develop, maintain, and also continually improve the website can become demanding.

Membership website owners must constantly add/develop content to the website. The content should include fascinating topics that keep their members returning for more. This fact alone provides those running a membership website a near guaranteed success.

Running a membership website certainly may not be for everyone who is looking to start an Internet based business. You need some money, time, ability to work, as well as some specialized skills to get your website off the ground and keep it running profitably.

Membership Websites are Hot

Well organized membership websites have actually always performed well and also continues to be a great way to make residual revenue and also to get a professional standing in any type of a specific niche. If you have been looking for a way to earn money on the Internet then the membership websites are absolutely worth checking into.

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Do you enjoy writing posts for your website or blog? If so, did you know that you can use your article posts as a way to earn money? This is also known as article marketing. In fact, you may be surprised at the number of options you have available to you.

So, what can you do with the articles you create? Honestly, you can do whatever you desire with them. Why? Because you authored the articles yourself, making you the legal owner. If you opt for outsourcing, make certain you get exclusive rights. Despite the fact that you have the liberty in deciding how you wish to use your posts, continue reading for a few handy suggestions.

If you are a website owner and have a published site, certainly include these posts to that site. This is suggested if you outsourced or created the articles that are similar to your website’s niche. Although any type of post will do typically speaking, keyword rich posts are always suggested. They get indexed by all the online search engines. This indicates that you might discover your site appearing on the front page of Google with relevant web searches from all around the world.

Articles that you wrote can also be used on a blog. What is nice about this approach is that blog site postings aren’t often expected to be too long. In fact, some readers choose blog posts that are around 500 words each. Many of your blog site visitors wish to read posts/articles that get right to the point. This can also indicate that you might divide a longer post into two or 3 different blog posts.

Article Directories

Articles can also be submitted to article directories. Sadly, this choice is often not considered, as some do not see it as a method to earn money. However, this can be a truly profitable form of article marketing. When you submit a post to a directory site, you get to include a link to your site or blog site. Other internet users could also share your short article on their site, with your links are still there to provide credit to the original author. This is a simple way to get the word out and increase your website or blog site traffic through a back linking strategy. Keep in mind the more traffic you receive, the more you are most likely to generate income.

Articles can likewise be added to profits sharing websites. These are websites where you are paid for submitting your articles online. You may receive a percentage of sales created through advertisement clicks or affiliate purchases, however you might also receive a set page view reward. This technique isn’t often the first that enters your mind, however you could surely take advantage of it. Keep in mind, it’s your article and you should try to get the most exposure out of it.

Finally, you also have the alternative of reselling your articles. You can develop your own site where your articles are made available for sale. This is a fantastic option if you can devote time to composing custom-made keyword rich short articles on a vast array of topics or you could simply employ an outsourced writer to help you. There are also online marketplaces where you can publish your posts for sale. This approach is simple and practical, but be aware of any high fees, as they can cut into your earnings.

So, which approach might be the best fit for you? It depends.

Do you already have a website or blog site published online? If so, post your articles to your website. Your readership would love fresh material and they would keep coming back for more.

Sending your articles to online directories is a great way to create traffic for your own site or blog site. While you don’t earn money for using them, the traffic produced can create profits for you. As for how you generate income, it depends on whether you are offering anything for sale or depending on advisements such as Google Adsense or both.

Using Revenue Sharing Sites for Article Marketing

Revenue sharing sites are also a good option for article marketing, however only if you wrote the articles yourself. Many people would consider outsourcing the writing work. If so, double check all outsourced articles before taking final delivery. In fact, you need to do this regardless of your intended use. Make certain the articles are genuinely distinct. One thing to remember about revenue sharing sites, some will prohibit you from submitting plagiarized material, even if you didn’t know it was acquired from an existing source. In fact, that leads to a very crucial point.

If you are provided the chance to choose between composing your own posts and outsourcing them, doing the work yourself is always considered best. Outsourced articles can be nice, however your name and track record are on the line. Make certain all articles are composed with quality and individuality.

Article Outsourcing Dos and Don’ts

Whether you want to resell your posts, add it to your website, or submit it to article directory sites, you might find the task of article marketing to be more than you can handle at times. If that is the case, you should consider outsourcing your work to an expert freelance writer.

As terrific of an idea of outsourcing may seem, it is very important to know what you are doing. There are numerous methods for you to benefit from using outsourced articles, but you can likewise lose money with them as well.

If you are seeking to outsource your article writing projects:

DO make the effort to find a quality author. There are numerous writers looking for work online, many very actively. Keep in mind, however, not all authors produce the same levels of quality content. To improve your chances of making money with outsourced article writing, ensure you hire a good writer, who will get the job done the way you need it to be.

DON’T employ a writer without first asking to see some recent samples. As previously mentioned, you need to work with an expert writer who is known for producing quality content. How do you understand they are a good author? You should be able to tell by reviewing some samples of their work.

DON’T pay too much money for material you understand is or will be bad in quality. That is why it is very important to demand earlier samples of their work. If you want to employ an author based solely on rates, know that you may have to improve their articles or make numerous corrections by yourself.

DO tell your outsourced writers what you want and expect from them. If you have a particular function for the articles, such as if you want to post them on your site, tell your writer precisely what you want and require from them. This is the best method to get quality content that you could eventually benefit from.

DON’T assume your author automatically understands what you need. Likewise, do not presume that everyone will ask you questions. Some writers see asking a lot of questions as a trouble or a signal they do not understand what they are doing. Don’t provide your outsourced writer a chance to make any mistakes; provide them with all the needed information ahead of time and make sure that they understood all of it before they start.

DO try to select a native speaker. This might trigger some controversy. Yes, lots of writers can speak and compose in several languages, but the quality might not be as high. Nevertheless, due to various living wages around the world, a writer from another country might be willing to work for a lower rate.

DON’T assume that you are provided with fully original articles by your writers. Yes, you may have ordered for one hundred percent unique articles, but that does not necessarily suggest that you will receive them. Really professional writers will never copy work from another author, however is always best to verify this ahead of time.

DO look for plagiarized work prior to processing a payment. There is absolutely nothing worse than realizing that you were scammed. That is why you need to analyze the originality of articles prior to you taking final delivery. When you have verified that your outsourced articles are original, i.e. through sites such as CopyScape, you can then approve the payment.

DO inform your writer that you want exclusive rights to the articles. Although this falls under the classification of informing your writer what you desire and get out of them, it is very important. If you plan to make money from article marketing, all articles absolutely need to be originals. If your writer offers your articles later on to someone else or utilizes them for his or her own individual use, you might fall victim to duplicate material.

Use an Article Spinner

In order to avoid some of the pitfalls mentioned above, my suggestion is to use a professional grade article spinner. Once you are satisfied and get delivery of the article from the outsourced writer, spin the article to make it 100 percent unique beyond any doubt.

This way, even if the outsourced writer might have copied some parts of the article from elsewhere, your newly spun article will become unique. This is also true in case the outsourced writer rewrites the same article for any of their future clients, it would be very different from your final re-spun article.

You can find my recommended article spinner here.

How Article Marketing Can Create Sales

Do you sell any products or services online? If so, you likely face a lot of competition. Lots of individuals and business are trying to profit from the internet and its popularity. So, how could you ensure that you see a consistent flow of sales? By relying on posting value driven and keyword intensive articles, known as article marketing.

As great as it is to hear that you can increase your sales with article marketing, it is necessary to understand that not just any article will do. To please everyone, you must create keyword abundant articles. Your posts will require to be pleasant to read for your website visitors, however at the same time they need to likewise be friendly towards the online search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Speaking of search engines, they are one of the many ways that article marketing can help you make profitable sales. When you have keyword rich posts on your website, interested readers could quickly find that site just by carrying out a basic web search. For example, do you sell an eBook that shares tips for selling on eBay? Use a keyword research study tool (i.e. Google Keyword Planner) to determine what internet users are looking for related to this topic. You might find that they are looking for “things to sell on eBay,” and general information on “how to earn money selling on eBay.”.

You would need to include these and other appropriate keyword phrases throughout your sales page and the eBook. If properly done, you will find your website appearing at the top of the relevant internet searches. This indicates that an individual trying to find details on how to sell things on eBay, might see your eBook available for sale right away. With a good online search engine ranking, you should see a constant variety of sales, specifically if you are offering a good product or service. When it comes to selling an eBook on eBay, you want your website to be seen initially, otherwise searchers might discover similar sites where similar info is perhaps shared free of charge.

Traffic from online search engines, like Yahoo, Bing, or Google, is referred to as organic traffic. In addition to creating natural traffic, articles can likewise generate referrals. This is when another site refers readers to you. Those websites can be a post directory or an accompanying blog site you operate. Whichever approach you take, make certain to include a link back to your site.

If you opt for using article directories, select those that give out usage rights. This indicates that other web users are allowed to use your articles. Such articles could be posted on their own website or blog site, as long as they leave all of your links intact. While you may have concerns about others using your posts free of charge, there are actually benefits to doing this.

It is an excellent method to get the word out about your site and your sales pages. However, if you ever find your posts posted online without your links, ask to have them removed right away.

If the services or products you are selling is brand-new, you may wish to generate interest by developing press releases. Prior to creating your own or before outsourcing to a writer, know one thing of great importance. Articles can also be utilized as press releases. Unfortunately, many people select to work with press release writers instead. This is fine, however did you know that it can cut into your profits? Most writers charge more for press releases. Instead, tell your writer exactly what you want written in article format.

If you are unveiling an eBook that shares eBay selling pointers, have your writer summarize how you can make money selling on eBay and the importance of familiarizing yourself with moneymaking tips and techniques. Then, have them introduce your product. With this technique, you basically get a press release without in fact having to pay for one.

As highlighted throughout, there are a variety of ways that article marketing can help you create sales. What is distinct about articles is that they can create traffic and sales for you for many years to come. As long as a article is posted on your website or somewhere else online with a link to your products, you will see a steady number of sales, even years down the road.

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If you are reading this, I would think that you are at least curious about becoming an online entrepreneur and whether it can become a sustainable and profitable route to your financial freedom.

If you had the chance to ask a ‘marketing guru’ about online marketing, chances are that you got the same, vague, generalized advice when it comes to marketing online?

You might have been suggested to start a blog. Also that you will need to leverage social media to gain traffic and move up in the rankings and after you’ve done all of this, they tell you that you’ll start receiving traffic to your website. Every marketing guru says the exact same thing, and the advice is always somewhat vague.

Consider this

When you hear the words “online marketing”, which words come rushing through your mind? Blogging? Social Media? SEO? Facebook? Or perhaps even WordPress?

Or perhaps you have even tried your luck in online advertising, pay-per-clicks, search engine marketing, etc.?

One more word that may also peek into your mind to associate itself with the term “online marketing” could be the word “complicated”. Yes, online marketing can indeed be a complicated process in your journey to become an online entrepreneur.

Am I spooking you already? Should you stop right here and not start your online business?

Absolutely not!

I am only trying to establish the fact that becoming an online entrepreneur can be very profitable, but it must be taken up as a very serious business. Despite the gurus preaching overnight success, most likely that will not be the case.

Let’s try to do some research

Get online and let’s Google “online marketing strategies”. You don’t have to look past the first page of the search results and read through some of the top articles. Just as I found, you may also find that that most of these articles seem very similar in many ways.

Some of the articles/blogs offer an overview to start with and expands into the content in a list format. An example of this may look like this: “7 Online Marketing Strategies to grow your Facebook Fans”.

The list format content delivery is not of any problem at all. This type of a formatting makes it easier for the any reader to absorb the content. The problem is that the type of content are seemingly very similar. So, following my example topic on the previous paragraph above, if you want information on how to grow your Facebook fans, all your research on Google may yield a lot of similar content.

Keep in mind that such content were developed by professional writers, writing for some of the biggest companies in the world. You will eventually start to ask the question that why do majority of the articles sound the same?

The answer is simple. Online marketing can be complicated beyond the basics.

No one likes to be wrong or to give bad advice. The content publishers are just writing the same vague, generalized advice as many of the marketing gurus. I believe that you’ve got my point by now.

The Voice of Experience

If you are still reading this, I am going to give you something awesome. I’m going to give you some original and effective advice about online marketing. This is completely honest advice based on my own experiences. This will not involve outdated strategies that do not work. How can I be so sure? Because, I am an online entrepreneur who runs a very successful online business employing only a few online marketing strategies.

I run this blog, among some other sites, which is all about online business and marketing. Every online entrepreneur can gain much insights from all the content made available throughout this site. I know the initial struggles of every online entrepreneur because I have probable made all the mistakes out there when I was starting out back in the year 2016.

So, let’s dive into it.

Develop Awesome Content

To become a successful online entrepreneur, you will understand one absolute truth. That truth is that ‘content is king’. Take some time to think about it.

Think of all the Facebook likes, retweets on Twitter and social media shares on other popular social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit are cool, but do they really increase profits for your online business? Think about it, how many times do you patronize a business because you liked their Facebook post?

Social media can be a very powerful tool but only works if you have awesome content to offer. Content can be anything. It can be from a very nicely written blog to a fashionable t-shirt with a clever phrase on the front.

Content can truly be anything.

My only suggestion here would be to create your content based on what you are truly passionate about. Your passion for the subject should always reflect into the content you are offering. Don’t rush and take your time to develop useful content that solves any problem for your target readership.

Content Always Comes Before Marketing

These days I see majority of the online businesses think that just posting a catchy post on Facebook along-side an eye-catching photo will increase their consumer base and ultimately their profits. Only if running an online business were that easy. Then everyone, including the average person would be an expert at online entrepreneur.

Anything in this world worth having, takes hard work and time. The results of an effective online marketing campaign are no different. Of course creating great content isn’t easy, however, when you do create great content, there are so many resources at your disposal for marketing. We often see many type of content that even becomes viral almost overnight.

I sure you have seen many posts and videos on Facebook or YouTube that have hundreds of shares and thousands of likes? The reason that video went viral is because of the content. The average person isn’t a marketing guru and doesn’t have a social media budget but all of them have the power of their own imagination. That’s all you will need to create great content.

Creating Great Content

So, now that we’ve established that creating great content is the best online marketing strategy for your business, I’m going to show you how to create great content. Creating great and viral worthy content isn’t easy. However, there are so many resources to help that content go viral; creating the content is really the only hard part.

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Creating great content requires the patience to do very in-depth research.

You have to think about what’s trending in the world. Too many marketing gurus think that the only thing that can go viral is a funny YouTube video and that’s just not true. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny. You don’t need to be funny.

You must play on your strengths. You need to be creative, persistent, and use your imagination in all your content creation efforts. There are a lot of things that are trending in the world. Pick one that interests you the most. Following that, create content about any concerns that surrounding that trending topic.

The more passionate you become to create high value content, the better the content will become. Take your time to ‘evolve’ your content over several days. Make it a habit to never finalize your initial draft.

The next step is to create the content using a media that’s popular. There is a reason why videos are more likely to go viral than an article. A great blog can surely also go viral, but it will definitely take longer. But that’s certainly fine also as you can see that I have also chose the blogging route.

Generally speaking, people tend to enjoy videos more since there is no reading involved in watching a video. Yet people also search a great deal for specialized blogs, infographics and articles on so many trending topics.

The videos doesn’t have to be aesthetically appealing and you don’t have to be an expert video editor. It just has to be packed with appealing and relevant content. And don’t worry, you can always learn about video editing and how to add special effects later down the road. It’s not very difficult to learn and do, as I had found out first hand.

The next step in the process to create viral worthy content is relating your content back to your business. This might be the hardest part, but, if done correctly, is a true game-changer. While the ultimate goal of the content is conversions, however, it doesn’t need to happen immediately.

Profits for the Online Entrepreneur

The mistake that many marketing gurus make is to have their content do the hard selling. Creating great content is to raise awareness towards your online business and eventually to build your brand. The brand should eventually become the ultimate weapon of the online entrepreneur.

Just as any sustainable business anywhere in the world, you need to be patient and deploy a plan to build your brand, customers, relationships, success stories and snowballing profits over time. There are some hit and run ways to conduct business over the Internet, but they are never sustainable.

Throughout the journey of building your business over time, your content will need to solve many problems in your chosen topic. Whether you chose a niche topic or a general one, your potential customers will be those who has problems in that topic and your content somehow managed to show them a way to remedy or even completely solves the problems.

This is how your online business gains traction over time and manages to create a substantial customer base or following. Their enthusiasm over your spectacular contents will allow for most of your content to go viral often enough. This will always equal to sustained profits.

In summary, the best online marketing strategy is to create great content. The essential five steps to creating great content are:

  1. Pick a topic that’s trending
  2. Use a popular medium to create the content (i.e. WordPress)
  3. Relate the content back to your business
  4. Make sure the content solves a problem

The last and easiest step in this process is to share the content, everywhere.

When sharing the content, use every avenue you can think of such as Social Media, Blogs, YouTube, PR, press releases, etc. Don’t be shy or stingy. One of the joys of creating great content is also meant to be shared with the world.

Surely you can now see that this is a great strategy for any online entrepreneur. Creating awesome and creative content around any trending topics is the easiest and most sustainable strategy for any online business.

Extra Tips

Work Hard: Work harder than anyone else to profit better than anyone else. Stop looking for the quickest way and focus all your hard work on the best way.

Be Authentic: The most powerful asset you have at your disposal is your individuality. This always has and will continue to make you unique. All your work should reflect this throughout your online business.

Connect: Avoid always being at the computer. Other ways to develop your business is to also connecting with real people and the culture around you. Doing so will develop you as a person which will inevitably reflect in your work.

Travel: Try to travel at every opportunity you get. I find traveling to be a humbling and inspiring experience which allows me to become a better person.

Be original: Nothing beats originality especially in this online and disconnected world.

Do: Always be on the lookout to better your skills and abilities. Trying to learn any new skill set will challenge your mind to become more acceptable to new things in life and business.

Right people: Keeping connected and maintaining positive relationships with the right people will always help you to avoid negative experiences.

Intuition: Try to accept your instincts and intuitions more often as you grow as an entrepreneur.

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