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Thousands of online entrepreneurs across the globe followed the knowledge from this video course to automate their marketing processes to create multiple successful businesses online without any complex tech knowledge. You can do it also within a few minutes after completing this video course. 

Automate Your Marketing Video Course


Master the basics of marketing to your leads with our video course appreciated by many participants across the globe. There are 3 detailed modules to explore, all created by Mashuk himself and presented by professional instructors. You are sure to enjoy and appreciate this video course packed full of practical walk-through and examples to help you turn this knowledge into action.

Note: This is a training course which teaches you how to automate your marketing processes

By no means you should feel pressured by me or the course content to buy any specific software or resources. Any reputed funnel builder and autoresponders that you might be using at the moment should be just fine to implement this knowledge with.

“Marketing automation is powerful, which also means to make it work, you must understand all its components and nuances.”

SOURCE: Hubspot.com

Why Take This Course Today?

Whether you are a marketer in retail, affiliate, info products, professional services, and many other spaces, this is the training course for you.

This course focuses on automating your processes on how you should be handling your leads in an optimum way. This can only be achieved through a very clear understanding of your options for nurturing your every lead until they become excited buyers.

After all, it is always easier and most cost effective to be able to sell to the same audience over and over. To justify my statement, you can try and do an audit of your time and cost you currently spend per lead acquisition. This course will teach you how to automate the nurturing process for every lead you get.

These days, it is all too possible to automate such marketing process with many available tools such as autoresponders, funnel builders, etc. But it can be somewhat confusing and even very daunting, if you are a beginner and trying to go about it by yourself.  Sure there are a lot of YouTube videos and Google search results to offer you zillions of suggestions. But you need the process laid out to you in a structured way. That’s why I had created this easy to follow video course.

You have unlimited access to the course videos so that you can keep referring back to them as and when you need to. The course is laid out in a very easy going style with the beginner to intermediate marketers in mind. Absolutely no technical knowledge required.

How Thousands of Course Participants Have Rated Us:

No Need to Try to Learn from Scratch Alone By Yourself

This Course Will Show You How To Automate Your Entire Marketing Process

In Only 1 Weekend

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Automate Your Marketing


We will discuss the Knowledge, Skill and Automation that you need and show you how to implement it in a logical manner. Based on this, you will be able to create a goal for yourself on how fast or slow you want to pace yourself to automate your sales/marketing process

Most importantly, you will have the knowledge to be able to design your marketing automation and not waste any cold or warm leads. Anyone can run ads and gather leads. But what you are able to do with those leads will greatly impact your profitability.

The purpose of this video course is to make you efficient and effective in automating your marketing process to manage all your leads, just like how the big gurus do it.

You will gain several critical skills and disciplines that will accelerate your success regardless of your business size. The ability to automating your marketing process is a necessity in this digital world.

Very easy to absorb the video instructions, this course was designed with the beginner to intermediate marketers in mind. This was done in consideration for them because this specific segment usually waste a lot of money trying out several ways to improve their marketing ROI.

The Real Money Is After The Click!

"99% of the business owners are letting money and opportunity leak out of their sales processes like water gushing through a broken dam."
Frank Kern
Renowned Internet Marketing Guru

From The Course Creator

Hello and welcome. My name is Mashuk.

Just wanted to share a few things about this course.  Firstly, it was a tremendous pleasure to work on this project. It was a tough challenge.

Before starting on this project, I found some courses like this with good, bad and simply terrible content. Some did have good intentions but the execution was poor. But they all did have one thing in common and that they were all very expensive! Some of them even ran into thousands of dollars.

Now, you should understand that creating courses, especially video courses, can be very expensive. That’s where my challenge was. How to create quality content while keeping it affordable for my customers.

Ultimately, I believe I have achieved that end with this course as being affordable, simple and newbie friendly. Hope to see you inside soon.

Mashuk R.

Owner & Business Coach at www.mashuk.pro

PS – Please don’t mistake this course, or any other course for that matter, a replacement for hard work required to build your online business. This course is intended to provide you with the much required information on how to automate your marketing processes so that you are able to maximize your exposure to nurture and convert cold leads to excited buyers.


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