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The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

Andy Warhol

Attention Business Owners and CMOs

Now you can choose to work with a highly experienced marketing team and get lightyears ahead of your competition by focusing only on your ‘genius zone’ while leaving all major areas of marketing to us.

Read on to explore how we can best serve you. Please feel free to discuss if you need any additional services.

Content / Offers

Many famed companies rely on us to develop all their content every month.


From daily social media posts to the best PPC campaigns, we manage it all for you.


Our copywriting services is one of the best performing tools in your arsenal.

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2 Major Secrets You Can Steal From Successful Entrepreneurs

done for you contentEver wonder how some entrepreneurs, i.e. Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Ryan Deiss, Grant Cardone, etc., have become such sensations in their respective fields?

The answer is actually not such an elusive secret. 

They free themselves up to do what they need to do while delegating the more regular day to day stuff such as integrated marketing, to a team of more capable people. 

Now you are wondering at the back of your mind of the hefty cost to have such a team. Well, I suppose the cost of it all is one way to look at it. But I can assure you that it’s not the only way.

Consider looking at it another way.

What is your primary goal as an entrepreneur? Where should your absolute focus be? 

The obvious answer to that question is to make your business as profitable as possible, as soon as possible. You need to be always be in your ‘Genius Zone‘. You trying to do any type of work that doesn’t fall into your Genius Zone, makes as much sense as you trying to do your own dentistry!

For example, suppose you are a lawyer and are about to kick off your own law practice, how much time can you afford to waste in learning website technologies, intricacies of SEO best practices, generating interesting daily content to create engagement, build and maintain a social following, ensure a steady stream of leads to start off with, and so on and on…

done for you content

Soon it will seem like your business is never going to take off! 

So, what do most people end up doing? Get someone to do a sloppy job to put together a website and hope (‘pray’ is more likely the word to use instead) to get a flood of prospects to make a beeline to your doors with cash in hand.

Although you may be thinking how ridiculous this would be to do, let me tell you that’s rather the norm of what actually happens.

So let me ask you something now. What would the true cost be of NOT doing things the right way to kick off and run your business?

Such ‘opportunity loss‘ costs are not even on the radar of most business owners when starting off. Such a waste!

Fear not though. You have reached the right place to find the team that is going to set up the business for you. Not only that, my team and I will make sure your business keeps on building a dynamic brand and a strong fan following throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

I know your pain points as an entrepreneur because I also went through the same hurdles not too long ago. People like you and I, understand the value of a professional team backing us, behind the scenes. Only then, you are able to do your thing and not worry so much about the integrated marketing stuff.

That’s precisely why I had created my two Done For You – Business Accelerator Packs.done for you content

Done For You  #1. Business Accelerator- Starter Pack

… and

Done For You #2. Business Accelerator – Professional Pack

With me on your side, you can truly focus on your business growth and profitability. You will have enough free time to contemplate how to innovate your business with greater customer retention.

Armed with these 2 big secret systems of successful entrepreneurs, you will soon become the shining star of your industry. Our partnership is sure to turn some heads your way. You can finally focus on your Genius Zone while we make sure your content creation and other online marketing ‘stuff’ is getting done smoothly everyday.

Read on for the details of your Done For You Business Accelerator Packs.

Hello and welcome.

Perhaps you don’t know me yet. I am a real person who is an experienced marketer with a 22+ years of corporate marketing career, spanning across many diverse industries such as advertising, telecom, manufacturing, technology, etc.

Over the years, it became a passion to help fellow entrepreneurs to reach their maximum potential, regardless of their trade. I know starting a business and keeping it going can be a monumental task.

Please know that I am here to help. I will provide you with the absolute best services to start your business and to keep it moving upwards.

Mashuk R.

Owner @ Mashuk.pro & Defiant Marketing

done for you content

My 'Done For You' Services Are Not For...

If you have made it this far, I am truly excited for you.

Yet still, let me be very clear as to who the information on this page is for, or rather who it isn’t for.

All the services I am about to show you below are for the more ‘committed entrepreneurs’ who are after faster results.

These highly specialized services are not for the tire kickers.

Having an efficient marketing team working for you round the clock is very man-hour intensive work. We deep dive into your business model and produce content and solutions to attract the best fit prospects. Hence, such a commitment is not for anyone who just wants to dabble in online business.

This page is for those who are more determined and are after faster results not only to start their business but also to become highly profitable within the next 6-12 months with a full-scale digital marketing agency doing all the day-to-day marketing tasks for them

done for you content

Did You Know?

done for you content

Select & Order Your Pack Now!

Business Accelerator - Starter Pack

We all know that getting started with your online business is the hardest part. So much to plan, so many people to engage, micromanage every bit of work, and the list goes on.

Well, this is for you. I will work with you personally for 30 days to get you started with your best foot forward.

This Starter Pack will get you up and running with a prominent online presence with social marketing within 30 days. This is best for those who are starting a new brand or a new business segment and want to launch quickly for maximum impact.

Also would be excellent for those starting a 360-degree online presence for their already existing brick and mortar business.

Here's What You Get


1 Professional Quality Website Powered by WordPress

Domain of Your Choice (first year free)

Hosting Cloud Server (first year free)

Theme of Your Choice

Fully Responsive

Image Editing

Logo Design

All Graphics

Complex e-Commerce Sites May Attract Extra Charges

Complete SEO for Website

High Quality Articles for Website

8 Articles

Keyword Rich

SEO Optimized

Plagiarism Free

1000 Words Minimum Each

Email Swipes

15 Emails for Your Campaigns

Social Posts for Facebook & Instagram

Max 30 Images with 200 Words Content

8 Ten Seconds Video Posts (optional)

Market Research

As Applicable to The Project

One Time Charge


Instructions will follow for scheduling the first strategy call, after successful receipt of payment.

Limited Time Offer | Price Subject To Change Without Notice.

How cool would it be for you if we did all the heavy lifting with marketing for you, so that you could completely focus on innovating your business?

done for you content

Business Accelerator - Professional Pack

This pack is all about scaling your online business quickly and can be started right away.

Your business is generating revenue or perhaps even doing better than most, but you want to scale it to 7 or 8 figures. If you are literally having sleepless nights about it, but struggling with putting the right marketing team in place, then you have finally found the solution.

For best results, this pack requires us to work closely together to plan and execute the best industry practices in unison. It requires extremely man-hour intensive and close coordination work on our part. You will also need to respond quickly with all the approvals for all content we would send your way. We will keep on implementing all the done for you content as outlined per our strategy calls.

This constant flow of content, partnered by our PPC management services, will be sure to bring in new buyer leads every month and keep them engaged with your brand while you can keenly focus on growing your sales and profitability.

The minimum duration for this pack is for 3 consecutive months. After that, a 12-month contract is required, which can be renewed at the end, on a 12-month period basis. You are welcome to suggest any other deliverables you would like to include, for consideration.

Here's What You Get

Strategy Calls

As Needed

High Quality Articles for Website

5 Articles Per Month

PDF Lead Magnets

Max 3 Per Month

Social Posts

Daily Posts

Can Be Repurposed Across Multiple Platforms

Email Swipes

Max 10 Swipes Per Month

Lead Generation with PPC Marketing

Unlimited Google, Bing, FB Ad Copies

Customized CRM Provided for Lead Tracking

Proprietary Artificial Intelligence Assisted Demographic & Geo-Targeting

Ad Setup, Optimization, Complete Management

Monthly Reports

Ad Image Creatives and Related Graphics

Complete SEO For Organic Traffic

Limited Time Offer


Instructions will follow for scheduling the first strategy call, after successful receipt of payment.

Can Be Fully Customized To Your Unique requirements | Price Subject To Change Without Notice.

What people say?

The depth that they dive into to ensure the very best results for my business has been truly priceless.
Plastic Surgeon
The teamwork and attention to detail have been seamless, informative, and world-class.
Legal Services
Our business result just keeps getting better. I would highly, highly, highly recommend them!
Luxury Influencer
We are constantly updated and educated. We know that Mashuk's team are truly committed to taking us to the next level.
Family Law Solicitors
The team is super capable and the quality of writing has surpassed any previous agencies we've worked with.
Antique Dealer
We noticed a return on investment almost immediately! I would recommend Mashuk.pro to anyone looking to improve their bottom line.
Interior Designer
New York
They deliver things ahead of schedule and usually delivers far more than our expectations.
Real Estate Agency
Although reluctant at first, clearly the best decision I've made in my many years in business.
Yacht Rentals
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Are You Still Unsure?

I’ve been at a crossroad like this many times before, just like you are now.

And I’ve learned three lessons along with my own long, painful… and thrilling entrepreneurship journey. The way I see it, we all learn these three lessons at some point or another as business owners.

LESSON #1: Do Nothing

This is the easy one.

After all, what’s easier than doing nothing?

This lesson Is easiest for business owners who already have a thriving online business.

> For those who are already dominating their sector and have nothing more to learn on the topic.

> For those who have established authority in their market.

> For those who don’t need more cash, customers, or credibility.

Every time you do nothing (or don’t need to do something), there is a valuable lesson to be learned.

If that’s you, I applaud your success.

If it’s not you yet, there’s a second lesson that follows.

LESSON #2: Do It All On Your Own

This Is the hard one.

Sure, it may take you a little while, maybe even few years, but it’s not impossible.

Even if you try to spend a couple of hundred hours to learn the intricacies of intent-based marketing, search engine algorithms, social engagement, copywriting, developing creative content, etc…

Every time you try to figure it all out on your own…

…there’s a valuable lesson to be learned. 

If that’s you, I commend you for your commitment to your craft, because I know what that level of work requires.

If that’s not you, either, there’s also a third opportunity for a valuable lesson.

LESSON #3: Partner Up With A Specialist

This is the exciting one.

To work with someone who’s already been where you are (and where you want to be).

Someone who’s already put in the hard, painful work and is willing to share the fruits of that labor with you.

Out of those three lessons, which one do you most desire?

Here’s why you should get started right now. To prove to yourself and your family that you are not just a talker or a dreamer, but a doer. And what would not taking any action would get you anyway? You would be exactly where you are right now!

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.


done for you content


Who Approves the Design/Content?

Of course, you do. We will pre-agree on a timeline for the approval processes for each type of design element and content.

Can I run Google & Bing Ads At The Same Time?

Certainly so. We will manage multiple PPC platforms for you at any time.

What If I Am Not Happy With The Content?

We will redo the work until you rate us as perfect.

Some such cases may arise at the start. But we are quick to adapt to your taste and preferences.

Can I cancel At Any Time?

Yes, of course, you can. We will need a 30 days notice to cancel your monthly subscription for the Business Accelerator professional Pack.

Will Your Content Be SEO Friendly?

Yes, of course. We will plan out the keyword strategy early on with you, to optimize for SEO at every opportunity.

Do You Post The Social Content On My Behalf?

We provide the content only to you but do not post them directly since it will require us to access your personal accounts. But we are open to discussion.

done for you content

How Do I Get Started?

If you want to get started with either of my Business Accelerator Packs or just want to shoot me a quick question, please use the contact form below to reach out to me directly. I work across several time zones and most days of the week. I will surely get back to you to schedule a call with you at a time convenient to you.

Please outline your interests or questions with as many details as possible. Be sure to also include your business type, target audience, your goals, objectives, obstacles, your team strengths, and what type of assistance you would expect from me and my team. Naturally, the more details you provide, the best I could help you with.

    Alternatively, please click the WhatsApp button at the corner to chat with me.

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