To find a profitable niche for affiliate marketing will take some work but not very difficult to do once you understand the overall process and what to avoid.

Affiliate marketing is a terrific online business model created for more precise business targets where you can offer products or services, to your specific audiences, that have actually been created by someone else.

The product owners are willing to pay you a commission every time when you make a sale. You do not have to worry about producing any of the products, handling customer support, having to deal with any payment gateways, processing any refunds, or even deal with the deliveries.

Usually, you can think about affiliate marketing as the concept of any business selling their products or services, and seeking out others (i.e. affiliate marketers) to assist in selling those services or products in exchange for profit-sharing.

You can likewise refer to the affiliate as the publishers or advertisers. And it does not have to be a substantial business either. It can be just about anyone!

Affiliate marketing services can produce income all over the board depending on the number of products sold and just how much traffic you can drive to the promotion/offer.

The affiliate will promote their chosen niche’s products in an effort to convert and sell to as many customers as they can in their profitable niche for affiliate marketing.

In this manner, they can earn tons of affiliate revenue from the profit-sharing method of affiliate marketing.

For example, you could do exactly that if you have a popular blog that drives targeted traffic through the blog posts or subsequently by the autoresponders.

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Due to the fact that affiliate marketing is so popular, there are many products available for sale in almost every niche and industry you can think of. Although you may be essentially sure in your mind that you will become a success in your target niche, you are probably still wondering of any proven ways to understand whether your efforts in that niche will actually pay off?

Here are some of my suggestions to discover a rewarding niche for affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Merchant Platforms

Affiliate platforms like Shareasale, Warrior+, JVZoo, ClickBank, CJ.com, etc. are simply a few of the platforms to find successful affiliate niches. If you plan to sell digital information products, you will also get a good feel for it on some of these platforms.

Your potentially profitable niche for affiliate marketing will not make you money if you do not have the best products to promote. So, when you have locked in your niche you wish to work with, and some good search from the Google keyword research tool, you can browse through the affiliate networks to find unique and popular products to promote.

Alternatively, Ubersuggest by Neil Patel is a good keyword research tool I personally recommend.

Level of Competition?

Excessive competition can make it challenging for you to carve out your unique presence in a popular niche. Conversely, having no competition is a bad indication as well. A simple enough way to check whether a niche will be profitable enough for you or not, type in the name of your specific niche into a couple of popular search engines and then check out the search results.

If you find that there are ads matching the search results, it’s an excellent indication. That would certainly indicate that at least some other affiliates are making sufficient revenue in that niche to invest in paid advertising.

If you discover your search term is popular with more than 30,000 searches monthly, simply avoid that and search again for another niche. Keep in mind that the more popular the niche is, the more countless content and promotions have already been published around it.

If you must stay on a niche knowing that there is a lot of competition, then drill down into sub-niches where the competition is more manageable. For example, food > pizza > new york pizza.

Search in Amazon

A lot of affiliate marketers are making a significant level of income from the largest online retailer in the world, Amazon. Try searching your prospective niche in Amazon to check whether the search results are in thousands or more, or perhaps fewer than only a hundred? In the case of the latter, you should probably be looking for some other niche if the greatest selling website does not show too many items for sale in your potential niche.

Check Blog Aggregators

Blog aggregators are platforms where many blog creators submit their own blogs from their blog sites. Bloglovin.com is a complimentary blog site aggregator. Use it to browse your niche subject. If there are a decent number of search results, you most likely have a niche that is workable. If not, keep on trying to find another niche where there is a sufficient level of interest. Use the search filters to drill down your specific interests.

Is It Only Seasonal?

Some affiliate products offer dependably at specific times every year. Think about chocolates at Valentine’s Day or costumes at Halloween. Some markets can really take off at certain times of the year, while others might simply flatline. Google Trends is a very effective tool to check month by month performance of all types of niches. It can expose some truly important trends you could expect about your niche.

Some Popular Niches

  • Money Niches – Investing, Credit card, Mortgage, Bitcoin, Debt Settlement
  • Health and Fitness Niches – Fitness, Weight Loss, Yoga, Organic, Vegan, Nutrition,
  • Tech Niches– Gaming, WordPress, Web hosting, VPN, SaaS, Software
  • Lifestyle Niches – Fashion, Luxury, Cruises, Airlines, Travel, Online dating, Jewelry
  • Hobby Niches – Travel, Photography, Sports betting, Event Tickets, Fishing
  • Alternative Niches – Essential oils, CBD, Marijuana, Personal development, Herbal
  • Home & Family Niches – Coffee, Home security, Gardening, Baby products, Dogs

Recurring Affiliate Programs

Lastly, don’t forget to consider the affiliate programs that offer you recurring monthly or yearly commissions.

After all, why not earn money numerous times for each and every sale?

And that’s precisely what recurring programs/products provide.

Now the other hand of this is that many subscription-based recurring programs only pay out a few dollars per month.

So having 4 recurring clients paying you around $9 monthly isn’t going to purchase you that island in the Caribbean you have always dreamt of. However, 100 repeating consumers paying you $900 per month will definitely be good for your monthly finances.

Here is a program I use which every online business owner should use.

In summary, try to discover a successful and profitable niche for affiliate marketing to produce and promote content for it. You should also make certain that there is sufficient search activity surrounding it, and that you can get plenty of buyers who search for that specific niche’s products and services.

Proven specific niches, with really few exceptions, are more profitable than untried ones. So you can invest a great deal of time, cash, and effort in looking for that one specific niche no one has actually thought of yet.

Or you can dig down into a niche you already know or found to be profitable.

Also, you will need to ensure that your selected niche has some excellent products for you to promote, and the most fundamental part, to always think of working in a low competition niche. Just keep drilling down the niche to reduce the competition.

Stay away from promoting basic niches that popular blog sites and marketers are promoting. Concentrate your efforts on specific niches where it is easier to find success.

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