Finding it hard to sell your products and services?

In every field, there are top performers in sales. There are individuals who are making great money, who have great clients, and who are at performance levels that others admire.

And in the same or similar fields, there are individuals who are finding it hard to sell anything and are trying to get out. They believe that for whatever reason, no one can make money in that field.

There are those who love and work in/with real estate, watches, jewelry, travel, hospitality, automobile sales, hi-fashion brands, and so many more. They love iconic brands and the beautiful environments, and they sell successfully in them.

And then there are people who say there is too much pressure and too much stress which makes it very hard to sell. They will site not having the right clients, things are not working, and they are quick to get out of there and try something else.

What’s the person who is excelling is doing? What do they know that the other person doesn’t know? Is it the territory? Is it the timing? Is it luck? Is it personality? What is it that is causing one individual to perform well while the other individual is having challenges and finding it hard to sell?

Now, these are big questions when it comes to many fields. What I would like to do here is to be a bit more specific to those who are selling high ticket and luxury products. Of course, as you go through my explanations, you will find that these will apply across many situations besides the luxury market.

So, let’s get started.

The question then becomes is, why are you not selling enough of your high-end products or services? Is it really that hard to sell premium products and services? Why are you not getting more affluent and wealthy clients?

Well, in my years of working for premium clients of my own agency, I have also had the pleasure of working with many sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and premium brands. I’ve discovered first hand the many reasons that could possibly contribute to why you may be experiencing a hard to sell slump.

Commonly experienced in these cases are that your brand is not growing and that you’re not able to move your products as you would like to. And if you are in this zone, you’re left wondering what is it that’s happening?

You seem to be doing everything you can and it’s just not working!

Let explore with you here five of the more common issues, that I run across often, that affect those who are finding it hard to sell their high-end products. Let’s start in reverse order from number five and end with the number one reason for your hard to sell slump.

Each one of these ideas are ideas that you should look at in your own career life, business performance and explore whether you are experiencing any of these.

Number Five: Lack of Professionalism

hard to sell

Believe it or not, that the brand and the product is not selling because you’re not professional about selling. You’re not taking selling seriously enough.

I can’t tell you how many individuals I’ve asked the questions:

  1. What does your database look like?
  2. How many people are you approaching?
  3. How many people have you talked to?
  4. What kind of effort are you making to sell your product?

And the answers are invariably similar to:

  1. Oh, we just do it without any database.
  2. Word of mouth.
  3. We try to see what happens.
  4. We hope that someone comes in.
  5. We hope that the word will spread.

They just don’t have a professional approach to selling.

So, I look at that and I reply that a lack of professionalism is what’s making it hard to sell. You don’t have a definite approach to selling.

You don’t have targets. You don’t have key performance indicators. You’re not making a certain effort on a daily basis. You’re not using certain tools to your advantage.

Bottom line is that you’re not professional about selling.

Number Four: Poor Communication

hard to sell

This one is a very common reason.

Essentially, the person, the company, or the brand who is selling is not doing their market communication part very well. In other words, what I am talking about is the written words, also known as the copy, is poorly constructed to communicate the brand/sales messages to the prospects.

My questions would be similar to:

  1. What is the copy that you’re using?
  2. What are the words that you’re using to ask someone to engage with you?

And this could even be the copy that is in the form of a script. For example, when someone is speaking with someone one on one over the phone or it could be in person.

Sales copy should always be well researched and highly targeted to the audience in any print advertisement. The same for any digital advertisement copy and it’s always about saying the right words that resonate with your audience and make them compelled to act.

They hear what you’re saying. They hear the words and those words make them want to buy now.

So many people take this issue very casually. And when you’re targeting affluent and wealthy individuals, I must tell you that you should never take that casually. The idea is that every word matters in every word should be carefully chosen.

If you’re not doing that, it is likely that you’re saying the wrong words, that your words are not unique enough, and those words are not compelling your audience to act.

That’s what you need to achieve in order to sell effectively.

Number Three: The Offer

hard to sell

The problem for many high-end brands is their offer. They don’t really have an offer. And so what is an offer?

The offer should encompass many things such as the proposition to the client, the positioning, perhaps even how it is packaged, vivid description, even certain terms, and conditions, maybe even indicates a deadline or scarcity, etc.

So, the offer is the way you say to someone that, you can have ‘all of this’ if you do ‘this now’.

The offer should also ‘speak’ specifically to some emotional idea that your client will immediately resonate with. So, you could easily see that you could have a great product, but if you don’t have a great offer, then any prospect will not be compelled to take any action.

They may simply look at and say, that’s nice, and simply move on without considering to take any immediate action. Imagine how damaging this type of trend can be to your brand.

So, you have to have an offer that is constructed properly with much thought going into it while keeping in mind that the offer is and should be different than your product.

Number Two: Wrong Audience

hard to sell

More than often, I see that brands, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs in the high-end and luxury sector are not successful at moving their high-ticket products and services is who they are offering it to. They offering the product or service to the wrong person.

In the marketing category, this is about your list. If you have the right list aimed at the right individuals with the right products or services, those people are going to respond because they really want what you have to offer.

So often, we’re trying to sell something to an affluent and wealthy audience. But we don’t have that audience in our database. We don’t have an offer constructed specifically for them.

Naturally, you’re not going to sell the product if you’re just trying to sell it to anyone. A high-end product has to be matched with the right people who are seeking high-end products. The right audience has the willingness, the interests, and the inclination to buy that product.

So, what’s the number one reason that you might not be moving your expensive product of service?

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Number One: Internal Conflict

hard to sell

The number one reason that makes it hard to sell or to sell effectively is the level of conflict that they have internally. This literally refers to the person who is selling, has a conflict about selling the product.

This actually might surprise you, but the person is not able to truly focus on selling is because they think the product is expensive, the product is not worth it, or may even have some resentment toward the audience.

Simply put, they are uncomfortable presenting the product. They don’t understand the marketplace, and that prevents them from offering the product and presenting the brand in a definitive way. These are all examples of conflicts, and the conflicts can have a rather wide swing.

I’ll tell you, the most common conflict I see is a person is selling an expensive product or service, but they would never buy that product or service for themselves even if they could. This is because they’re not aligned with prosperity. They’re not aligned with affluence and wealth.

So, you might hear someone talking about trying to sell their premium products or services, and in the very next breath, they’ll talk about how they don’t have money to invest in their business or any other related things.

They would even resort to making excuses about the marketplace about how the prospects don’t have money or this is the wrong target group. This type of behavior shows that they are deeply conflicted about the way they look at things.

Understand that the person who sells a multimillion-dollar jet is not trying to sell that jet to the average person on the street. They know that person is not in the capacity to buy a jet. So, no point in even thinking about where that person is financially, and so a lot of conflicts come up where a person is just not aligned with their product and service.

You will need to think and target the appropriate affluent audience.

If you fail to think wealthy, think successful, then there is surely a conflict in the ability to move any product or service.

All of these things would be major hard to sell roadblocks when it comes to selling a product or service, and all of these are in the category of being aligned with the client so that you can make sales.

So, to summarize these things quickly again, number five is you’re not approaching selling from a professional standpoint. You don’t have a professional approach or a professional system. You’re just not taking steps in a way that is organized professionally so that you could get the results that you would like to have.

Number four is you’re not using the right words. You either don’t have an effective copy or your copy is not compelling anyone to take action.

Number three is you don’t have a compelling offer. It isn’t positioned, packaged, or presented in a way that makes someone want to have it.

Number two is the people that you’re targeting are not the right people. You don’t have the right list or the right audience. You’re not targeting people who have the capacity, the desire, and the willingness or inclination to buy your product and service.

And finally, the number one reason is that you are not properly aligned with what you’re doing. Your psychological conflicts, challenges, and the way you think about money or affluence, or wealth make you somewhat divided. You are simply sending out mixed messages.

You’re selling an expensive product, and at the same time, you’re keeping score about your own inability to buy and sell. Sometimes you’re so fixated on needing the sale, that gets in the way of serving the clients properly.

I do hope that these five points were helpful for you and will serve you to identify issues in your business. All of these or any of these issues will make it very hard to sell any premium products.

I do have ‘Done For You’ services where I assist professionals, entrepreneurs, and brands not only solve these five issues but understand how to move high-end products and services to market and build a business and scale that business quickly and successfully.

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In many ways, my services have opened up opportunities for the savvy marketers of emerging brands who want to capitalize on the opportunities out there.

Prevailing market trends have always shown that clients are willing to buy from multiple channels. They’re receptive to emerging brands, and the interest in luxury products, services, and experiences is greater than ever before.

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