Did you know that you now have the flexibility to make money online and that too is on your own terms. The good news is that I will help you to get started as I explain below in very easy to follow ways while trying to avoid all the complex industry jargon.

These days, you’re no longer cemented down to making money by trading your time for a wage in someone else’s office for hours on end with very few vacations or sick days.

Let’s get started.

1) Be Aware of Scams ☠️

There are several ways to make money online, yet there are also scams. be sure to check out the reviews from trustworthy sources and all the fine prints before committing to anything.

Even after doing the due diligence, sometimes you will have to trust your experience and instinct to guide you. Sometimes a very promising opportunity may end up being a scam and also the other way around.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid anything that resembles a pyramid, MLM, or Ponzi schemes.

2) Never Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

When planning on ways to make money online, never put all your eggs in one basket. Keep as many options open as possible. This is to make sure that you will simply have money coming in from several options. Failure to plan like this may really cost you if your main site suddenly runs into any sort of trouble.

3) Paid Surveys for Side Income

Take paid surveys online if you wish to make some extra cash on the side. Market research companies always want to collect maximum amounts of consumer feedback, and these surveys are an excellent tool in their arsenal. Surveys may range anywhere from few cents to few dollars based on the type you select.

4) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing remains as one of the simplest yet performance-based ways for you to make money online in your spare time. This kind of marketing means that you will sell someone else’s products or services and get paid a commission when a sale takes place. There are all types of items that you can sell depending on your preferred niche.

Check out this free training here.

In addition to regular sales commissions, there are also subscription-based products and services you can sell which will generate a recurring income for you as well.

Some examples of this can include, but not limited to, are domains and hosting, email autoresponders, magazines, weight loss programs, etc.

More on the basics on Affiliate Marketing on my blog here.

5) Pace Yourself to Make Money Online

Give yourself a schedule. If you wish to make money online, you need to pursue it relentlessly. This is not a fast way of making tons of money, despite popular belief. You will need to work hard at it every day. Choose specific times to work on it every day. Even just an hour in a day can mean that you do well or fail.

Once you put in the elbow grease to create a system that is working for you 24×7, you could then rely on a truly passive income to start.

6) Start Article Marketing

You could also consider freelance writing in your spare time to make money online through what is known as Article Marketing. There are websites that you can join where you can choose from multiple varieties of topics to write articles on. Sometimes, the higher paying sites may request that you take a test to gauge your writing proficiency

You can find more details on my blog on Article Marketing here.

7) Become a Blogger

Do you enjoy writing? Are you trying to find an outlet for your creativity in writing? You should then seriously look into becoming a blogger. It can benefit you to get your thoughts and ideas out there, while also earning you money.

However, to do well as a blogger, you will need to ensure that you blog about something you are passionate about and also that you are knowledgeable enough to deliver value to the readers. This is a sure way to draw others to your work and develop a steady readership. Once you have got a following, you can approach the relevant advertisers or start writing paid reviews.

An example of this fact is this blog itself, which you are reading 😉.

More on blogging your way to profits here.

I believe that you now understand that there are many money-making opportunities available to you for making money online, even beyond the scope of this article.

The Internet has truly brought the world closer and just about any information can become accessible through a simple Internet search. Similarly, learning is another aspect that is now within everyone’s reach through the Internet. For example, if you need to learn more about blogging, going through an online course for less than 10 dollars could make you a formidable blogger.

Whether you have a formal degree or not, there is opportunity for you to make money online with the help of your computer with an Internet connection. I am certain that you will really enjoy making a full time and yet leading to passive income thanks to the make money online opportunities available across the Internet.

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Select the best web hosting service for your blog

While there are several popular and free ways to get you BLOG started, you will want to consider a few things before choosing any of those platforms. If the goal is to make money online, then SEO should be your top priority. And this is where your unique domain name coupled with the right web hosting service excel in a big way.

Some of the major drawbacks of the free BLOG platforms without your own unique domain and we hosting service can be as follows.

Slower page loading times

This is a major consideration for any SEO efforts as well as a negative impact on the visitors to your BLOG. Only a proven web hosting service can ensure faster page loading times and maximum uptime of your BLOG. Also, it’s a well-known fact that Google or any other prominent search engines doesn’t give as much weight to free blogs on their search results. Why? Because they don’t consider them as authoritative. By hosting your own blog with your own domain name hosted in a prominent web hosting service, you’re signaling to the search engines that you are running a professional blogging business online.

Very limited control

Most free blogs do not allow you to add new features to your site such as online stores, forums, membership opt-ins, etc. Some platforms do offer certain advanced features as upsells, but usually they attract high monthly fees.

Limited design options

On a paid hosting, your blog can be setup as per your design taste. You will be free to choose from literally zillions of free and paid pre made themes, hire designers to create a custom theme to cater to the attitude of your BLOG, and more. You can also tweak the designs and layout and change the total look and feel even as you go. With a free blog you most likely cannot do any of that. Hence, your BLOG will look like most of the others in the same platform. You would be stuck with the options offered by the platform only.

It’s not truly yours

For me, the biggest drawback of using any of the free platforms is that you don’t actually own your BLOG site – the provider does. You only can post your content there. What most new bloggers do not realize is that your BLOG site is actually a digital asset in the making. Once it becomes a revenue generating business, you can actually sell your BLOG sites for very high profits. So, you will need to keep this in mind from the very beginning.

You cannot migrate

Once your BLOG site on a free platform gains popularity with your reader base and you would want to now go set it up properly on a paid domain of your liking, you will sadly realize that you cannot migrate your content to another blogging platform, such as WordPress, Wix, etc.

Bad for the image of your brand

I strongly believe that having a domain name of your own is one of the key elements of owning your own BLOG. That domain name is what will define your brand and identity as you become successful as a blogger moving forward over the years.

So now you are probably thinking that these free BLOG platforms usually take care of the technical back end stuff and you personally will not be involved with anything other than uploading the BLOG content. Yes, that is very true.

In contrast, I can happily tell you that running your own self hosted BLOG can be a very painless affair these days. In fact, I am not a very technically gifted person at all. My technical knowledge runs as deep as ‘point and click’.


This very BLOG uses a platform called WordPress, which is completely FREE to use. Once you are set up in WordPress, choosing a free theme from the thousands available from the theme gallery may seem a bit overwhelming at first. Just take your time and select one that suits you and your brand the best. You will then find that once the blogging content is ready, it usually takes a couple of minutes to get it published using a very simple word processor similar to Microsoft Word.

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. WordPress powers more than 25% of websites on the web.

Needless to say that it’s very popular among the bloggers.

WordPress offers free open-source software millions of bloggers employ to develop stunning websites to house their content. Whether it’s a text-centric theme that brings your words front and center or a graphically charged photo blog that showcases your portfolio, WordPress’s designs can make your vision a reality.

There are more than 45,000 plugins built for WordPress that allow BLOG owners to customize their BLOGs to their exact specifications. I believe that most of the platform’s designs are responsive (can be viewed in any device and orientation) and come complete with built-in SEO.

Now that you are aware of which platform you can use for shaping your BLOG, you will need to choose a value-added hosting package from a reputed web hosting service, which will not be free but won’t break the bank either.

In 1994, Justin Hall created what would become known as the world’s first blog, Links.net, which chronicled his life in detail. And, by 2004, the aptly named BLOG would be honored with Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year award. Since the early days of the internet, blogging caught on as a way for individuals to express their passions and for businesses to communicate to consumer bases.

By 2011, there were upward of 173 million blogs blasting information to audiences globally. For you to carve out a niche for your BLOG in the World Wide Web, you will need to pick out a cool and catchy domain and host your BLOG with a tried and tested web hosting service provider.

Web Hosting Service Recommendations

Below are my picks for the most recommended web hosting services.

 Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress, and they host over 2 million websites worldwide. Their hosting gets rave reviews from their users because of its ease of use and reliability. They have the best up time of 99.99%, plus lightning-fast loading times (an average of 461 milliseconds!). This is by far my best recommendation.

With a 45 days money back guarantee, HostGator offers unlimited bandwidth and storage to its users. They host 10 million websites worldwide, which makes them one of the most popular web hosting service in the world. Because of its easy-to-use features and 1-click WordPress installation, it’s one of the best web hosting companies for WordPress users.

 NameHero offers high speed cloud hosting for websites of all sizes. They boast affordable, reliable, secure and scalable hosting environment that will allow you to take your business to the next level. NameHero has also been rated as an industry leader in customer service providing 10/10 support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

After reviewing the above listed options, select any of the web hosting service provider and get WordPress installed. It will be a ‘1-click free to install’ for all of the options above. There are also many videos on YouTube you could check out to familiarize yourself with the WordPress environment.

Now you should be all set to start your BLOG. You can also browse through my other BLOGs here on article marketing tips and doing SEO properly to generate a lot of traffic to your BLOG.

Best of luck to you and thanks for dropping by today.

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Blogging Your Way To Profits - www.mashuk.pro

Blogging has been the tip of the spearhead of content marketing since many years now. In fact, so many bloggers have been able to monetize their blogs enough to make a full time and predictable income year after year. I personally realize that I should have started this blog site a few year ago and not put it off for later.

As you may be aware that there are many aspects of blogging. To keep in line with this site, I will focus more on the online business aspect of blogging and how you could generate and optimize your income from blogging. Naturally, your results based on my recommendations will vary based on so many aspects of your own efforts and general online behaviors of your readership.

I tend to break up any blog content into two different categories. They are ‘news’ and ‘evergreen’.

Blogging content as news

With these types of blogs, I do not mean to only imply where mainstream news is presented as news blogs. It could also be any variety of activities which are reported in the blog for people who may be interested in that topic. These type of news blogs are mostly on current events and will wear out its popularity in a relatively short period of time.

Often you could find bloggers offering the details of their day to day experiences such as having an English breakfast in the morning in a specific café overlooking the beach area. This would be considered news to the interested readership who may be following that particular blogger on a daily basis.

People often tend to also write similar types of blogs of their pets, travels, new tech they just bought, shopping, making new friends, graduations, etc. You could also find people blogging about a specific news event and adding to it their point of view or expertise.

So, news type of content blogging usually highlights the blogger who is sharing his/her experiences. Or it revolves around a specific topic, such as ‘Life in London’. More than often you may also come across blogs which combines both these aspects, such as ‘My life in London’.

One advantage of such type of blogging is that you should hardly ever be stuck for any subject within the topic to write on. There is always something or another happening to write about. These blogs are usually not very long and around 500 words with some pictures and/or short videos.

Evergreen content for blogging

Evergreen content is quite the reverse spectrum of the news type of blogging. Such type of blogging aims to retain the popularity of the content for a very long time, perhaps even a few years.

The inherent strength of evergreen content is that they remain relevant to the interested readership for years to come. These types of blogs are always written to wrap around a specific niche in mind.

Once a niche is selected, various blogs are then written highlighting many specific aspects of that niche. For example, the niche can be ‘soccer’. The blogs written around that niche can be rules of the game, popular clubs, tournaments, worldcup events, etc.

These blogs will tend to be longer and more detailed with all the relevant information. For example, a blog about worldcup could mention the biggest worldcup years, background on the organizers, some of the host country demographics, specs on many key stadiums, pictures of the approved soccer balls for the event throughout the years, some of the legendary players over time, highlights of some historical games, etc.

The recommended length for such types of evergreen blogs are at least 2000 words. Pictures and videos are also encouraged to make the posts even more engaging.

Others have categorized evergreen content further as response posts, cornerstone posts, etc. For the purpose of this post, further classifications of the evergreen content in not necessary and is fully covered on how to monetize them.

Monetize your traffic

Monetizing the traffic to the blog site should be a major target for any blogger.

For the news type of blogging sites, this usually would not amount to much over any length of time. There would surely be a flurry of visits/traffic initially over weeks or even months, if it is a popular blog site. Hence constantly marketing the site, usually with paid traffic, would need to be a daily and ongoing activity. Monetizing the traffic nevertheless should be part of the income strategy.

On the other hand, evergreen type of blogging sites tend to receive less traffic on the short term but should generate a substantial amount of traffic over time. My recommendation to at least start out with 10 well written and detailed posts (over 2000 words). Keep on adding to them over time as you move forward.

Monetizing through Affiliate Marketing

All bloggers are recommended to have an affiliate account with Amazon.com. Amazon has a very good affiliate program for which anyone could sign up for from anywhere in the world.

The best thing about Amazon is that any blogger could find at least some products related to their niche and subjects. Hence, they could share a link (or multiple links) out to Amazon from all posts they write regardless of the subject.

Of course, depending on your niche, you could readily find more affiliate programs to join and promote through your posts. Your profits could vary greatly depending on the affiliate program(s) you choose to promote.

Affiliate Marketers - www.mashuk.pro
Affiliate Marketers – www.mashuk.pro

Some popular affiliate sites are ShareaSale, Clickbank, JVZoo, CJ, Admitad, etc. There are many affiliate advertisers available through these sites for you to select and promote.

Both evergreen and news content writers can benefit from promoting selective affiliate links in all their posts.

Monetizing through your own products

It is always recommended to have your own product(s) to promote through your blog posts. At the starting phase, this maybe too involved and expensive of an option for you. However, this should most definitely be a part of your long term income strategy.

Your own product could also be in the form of a service which you could provide. For example, if your niche is ‘antiques’ you could offer an ‘appraisal service’. As long as your offered service is not too alienated from your niche and post subjects, it should be fine.

As for products, it can either be an information product or even a physical product. In some cases, you could even further plug in a service to your offering as well. For example, if your niche is about ‘pianos’, your info product could be ‘How to select a piano’ while your physical product could be a ‘piano polish’ and finally you could offer a ‘piano moving service’.

This sort of monetization is also recommended for both evergreen and news content writers. However, this method is easier to monetize for evergreen content writers.

Combine all options

Your goal eventually should be to be able to monetize your overall blogging site from all the options presented to you above. Of course until you have your own products to suit the purpose, you should lean heavily on your affiliate promotions. For example, at the end of every post, you could surely recommend a book or product on the post subject from Amazon.

What about doing SEO?

The key element to monetizing your traffic is indeed through SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If done successfully, this fact alone will drive all the traffic you will need to your site, especially for all evergreen content. The best part of it is that you can get all that traffic to your site at free of cost!

So yes, learning proper SEO techniques with the aim to promote your blog site should be a paramount task for you. Getting a certain volume of free traffic, also known as organic traffic, could potentially vault your site to the number one position in the search results for specific keywords related to your niche.

Of course if you have the budget for it, by all means you could do paid campaigns to boost your traffic much sooner. However for the sake of efficiency, I would recommend to have someone professional to optimize your blog site for SEO, so that you do not waste your time and hard earned money.

Planning your SEO in general actually starts even before you launch your site. It starts at the time you are selecting your niche. Simply visit Google Trends and type in the niche you wish to work with. Based on the popularity of that niche/keyword vs. the level of competition, you will need to finalize your niche to work on.

You could even type in your blog subject lines there to get a feel for demand. Ideal would be to select niches and subjects with higher popularity vs. low competition. This will ensure that you will quickly climb through the search engine ranks and eventually establish yourself as a subject matter expert in your niche.

Do keep in mind that doing SEO for organic or free traffic is a long term strategy. You will not be ranked overnight by any means. For example, it will take at least three to six months for your new blog site to even get ranked. If you are blogging evergreen content, you should see a steady rise in the rankings after that initial period.

So many people do not seem to understand this fact and simply give up blogging before that initial period of six months.

Which blogging platform should I choose?

Just to let you know that I am extremely partial towards WordPress.org. This particular site was built on the WordPress platform.

WordPress logo - www.mashuk.pro
WordPress logo – www.mashuk.pro

The very first reason being that I am not a coder or programmer. WordPress does not need me to code anything for me to start and operate my blogs.

Secondly, there is usually a plug-in available for just about any additional functionality anyone may require for their blog. For example, anyone could sign-up to receive my newsletters at this site and be automatically be included in my third party newsletter emailing service. I did this using only a plug-in where zero coding was required.

WordPress is also inherently very Google SEO friendly. This platform was designed to be as such. This fact is certainly a key consideration for me when I was starting out. I also do not have much time during the day to do any intensive marketing for my site. However, I do use an additional plug-in to be even more SEO friendly. You can also choose from several user friendly SEO plug-ins, if you choose to use WordPress.

There are also zillions of themes to choose from when setting up your WordPress site. You can also change these themes at a later stage simply at the push of a button.

Getting support from WordPress is also very easy and available. WordPress offers a wealth of documentations to address any common concerns. Further, if you require any programmer to assist you at any time, there is an arsenal of freelancers for you to choose from any popular freelancing sites.

Over 25% of all websites in the world are in fact WordPress sites. So the platform is not only blogging friendly, but can be purposed for just about anything.

Of course there are other options available which have their own merits. I would recommend for you to look into these other options as well to suit your needs best.

What about hosting?

Many people fail at this and usually end up choosing a cheap hosting option to start out with. Nothing is actually wrong with selecting a cheaper hosting company but you should do your due diligence before selecting your hosting on price point alone.

Your site’s down times and loading speeds will certainly affect your search rankings. This will in turn affect your revenue adversely. So, the money you had thought which you had saved in hosting will in fact cost you a lot more in the long term. It’s always wise to select a good hosting company right from the very start.

Very important to track your links

Another important thing most bloggers skip doing is that they do not track their links. These are all the links to your products, your affiliate links, funnels, etc. Unless you track the performance of your links, you will not truly understand how your readership is reacting to our offers or promotions.

Track Your Links - www.mashuk.pro
Track Your Links – www.mashuk.pro

You definitely will need to replace your non-converting or low performing promotions with newer and better ones. Constant monitoring is needed to weed out the weaker promotions in order to maximize your profits from the same number of site visitors.

For example, you need to know why some people who are clicking on your affiliate link to get to the affiliate landing page and ultimately are not converting. If you would know this information, you have some choices to explore. In this case, it would seem that you had warmed them up enough to the offer for them to click the affiliate link but when they come across the affiliate landing page, something or another prevents them from buying.

Your choices could be to change your link to a different yet similar program, rewrite your content to explain the offer more or request assistance from your affiliate partner to give you a more customized landing page (otherwise known as co-branded) to encourage your readers better, etc.

So you can see that much potential income could be missed out on, IF, you do not do link tracking. Also, without such tracking, you are simply burning through your traffic and leads without any desired level of conversions.

I hope this post will help you to boost your profits from your blogs. I welcome any questions or comments you may have on this post.

For my recommended book at Amazon on blogging for profits, please click here.

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