For those starting out to create an online presence, building a website is surely in their minds. And if you consider the road map to eventually lead to monetizing that website, you will need to incorporate auto responders and landing pages onto that site.

Of course the type of website will determine the type of auto responders and sales funnels needed to be implemented. The more you want to sell any products and/or services through this website, a sales funnel will need to be a ‘must have process’ for you to properly monetize from your site visitors. More intense type of these sales funnels are usually implemented on affiliate marketing and e-commerce sites. Keep in mind that even personal blogs can be easily monetized through a well-planned sales funnel.

In this post however, instead of focusing on auto responders or sales funnels, I want to highlight the importance of landing pages in the marketing/sales process.

Any successful sales funnel process begins with an attractive landing page. Other terms such as squeeze page, opt-in page, etc. are also used widely as synonyms of landing pages. The term comes from this page being the very first page the visitors land on to view your offer, in contrast to your home page. While your site’s home page surely has a lot of relevant links for other pages such as about us, contact us, products, terms of use, etc., the landing page will not have any of those whatsoever.

Why use landing pages?

The sole purpose of the landing page is to immediately engage the visitor to your offer, usually a free giveaway, with the sole purpose of the visitor submitting their email address. There could be any other promotion than a free giveaway, but whatever it is, it should be engaging immediately with only a singular actionable objective for the visitor, without any other on page distractions.

Surely by now, you can understand that building nice and attractive landing pages can impact your income significantly. While page analytics will provide you with many essential data about your site visitors such as visiting device, locations, bounce rates, operating systems, time on site, visited pages, etc., only landing pages are designed to capture the visitor specific information such as name, email address, phone numbers, preferences, etc. in return for free e-books, catalogues, discount codes, product lists, etc.

Hence, your landing pages should be a very important consideration in building a successful lead generation strategy. This is why a lot of marketers and business owners spend a good deal of their time driving traffic to their landing pages, hoping that it will deliver the desired results. On average, a good landing page will convert between 1 percent and 3 percent.

Key elements & uses of landing pages

Let’s now have a closer look at some of the, yet not limited to, features of any successful landing page.

1.       Creating User Engagement

You need to have a cool headed brainstorming session to think about your offer and how it may appeal to you visitor enough so that they will give you their email address willingly so that they can receive the ‘benefits’ of your offer.

One such tool use could use is to incorporate video(s) into your landing page. This will allow them to absorb the offer into greater details as the benefits are explained by a person or simply a voice which is easier to process.

2.       Every aspect of your landing page must corral all visitors towards a ‘Call to Action’. This is something to consider very deeply in terms of below.

a.       The message/content on the call to action button plays a very important role. Consider the difference between ‘Download’ as opposed to ‘Send My FREE eBook’. While both messages serve the same purpose, one of them is obviously more compelling.

b.      The color of the button should always be of a contrast to the background color. The call to action button should never blend into the background color or design.

c.       Similarly, the size of the button should not be odd looking as too small or too big. Rather it should exude the aura of being highly purposeful.

d.      And finally, the placement of the button should be prominent. It is also common to see that the call to action button is displayed at several different places throughout the landing page. This is done intentionally to invoke a sense of urgency.

3.       Let’s not forget to use relevant image(s) in your landing pages. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. I follow this age old dictum strictly when I design my landing pages. General statistic is that 80% of people tends to remember what they have seen. Chances are that they may bookmark and remember your landing page for any future action if the image is relevant and compelling enough.

4.       And finally, the form itself should be nice and short. I usually have name and email fields and that’s it. A compelling offer followed by a simple form always work well. Often enough I see that people are trying to capture too much information through their forms. This often discourages the visitors to fill out the form and should be avoided like the plague.

Maximizing your landing pages

The performance of your landing page must be constantly monitored a tweaked accordingly. Performance depends on many factors and I will lightly touch on one of them… traffic. Your traffic sources, meaning how your visitor found your landing page, affects your landing page performance a great deal. The usual traffic sources include social media, SEO, FB ads, adwords, PPV, CPA, Solo Ads, etc. Not all traffic sources are the same and considering the source of traffic, you can design your landing pages accordingly. In fact, I recommend using multiple landing pages for the same offer and split test them by sending traffic to them using several traffic sources. This will take a bit of time to do but well worth it in the long run.

Naturally, creating multiple landing pages for the same offer and regularly creating landing pages across many offers can become a major drag if you are not creating the landing pages using a simple software, programs or plug-in.

If creating landing pages becomes too time consuming accompanied by a large learning curve, not only is it difficult to create the pages but will be also difficult to split test them regularly. Fast and easy should be the core strength of any landing page creation program/software.

In addition, you would want to use a software which is web based and involves zero coding. It should be based on a drag and drop feature rich environment. Always remember to think like a visitor and be able to design the page as such. If you get too involved with coding to build the page, I can almost guarantee you that eventually you will simply give up improving the page for optimum results. The page should be first and foremost visually appealing with engaging content backed by a simple form.

What I recommend

I often use this software called Landing Page Monkey. It’s the fastest & easiest way ever to build high converting, amazing looking landing pages.

For video integrations into your landing pages, Landing Page Monkey works with any hosted video from services like YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 or your own server. No tech skills required, no inflexible templates to edit – It’s just point & click easy!

As for working with the emails that your visitors provide, Landing Page Monkey works with all major email autoresponder services like Aweber, MailChimp, GetReponse, etc. Further, it will allow you to use custom coded forms for any email service providers.

Another amazing aspect of Landing Page Monkey is that you could use their awesome pre-made templates to customize them as your own and use those pages at their hosted service completely free of cost. This is very useful for creating quick promotions for campaigns that can be up and running in matter of minutes!

Whichever browser or devices visitors may use to view your pages, the experience they’ll have would be second to none – Looks great on tablets and smartphones.

You can browse through all of Landing Page Monkey features into details by clicking the link.

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