Have you been trying to create a digital product but struggling to do so?

Well, I have good news. You don’t have to struggle if you follow my recommended strategies. Creating a high-quality information product isn’t all that hard to do.

Digital products have become very popular over time due to their very low creation costs while being inherently scalable. Some commonly seen digital product types are ebooks, online courses, downloadable templates, software, audio products, etc. The most popular of the lot are ebooks.

I’m going to show you how to create a digital product in only a few steps. Digital products are an exciting way of making money online. It’s so easy that you can start selling in just a few hours. Before you start, go through the steps of learning how to create a digital product to make sure that it will be done properly.

Let’s go through the steps on how to create a digital product to make money online.

1. Find a Good Niche

You’ll need to have something interesting to write about. Something that can stand out from the crowd. Some people will want to read some kind of tutorials while others will want to learn something specific about your niche.

Think about it this way that there is no point in creating something that hardly anyone is interested in.

You can find a niche in which you are interested or in which you already have a skill. Then answer the question, “Are people spending money in this niche?”

Look to see if there are products for sale in this niche. Are there books on Amazon, Dummies, magazines? Is there coaching available? If yes, then people are willing to spend money in this niche.

Be sure to study your market before you start to create any digital product. I usually start off with Google Trends and search for areas of interest around which I could viably create a digital product.

When you enter a specific keyword phrase, Google Trends will present to you the popularity of that keyword phrase over a specified time frame.

Next, I move on to another tool by Google, one which actually assists me to verify the possible success of a digital product. It is called the Google Keyword Planner, part of Google AdWords. This allows you to analyze the month-to-month search volume and forecasted competition on particular keyword phrases.

Once I decide on a general keyword I am comfortable with, I head over to Neil Patel’s Ubesuggest. It’s a free tool while more comprehensive paid versions are available.

Ubersuggest will analyze your keyword and offer you the possible variations for that keyword based on SEO difficulty, paid search difficulty, the average cost per click,  etc. It will also present you with the links to competitor websites along with their domain score and backlinks.

As you can probably understand that selecting a niche and targeting a worthwhile keyword for that niche should be of paramount concern for you. After all, you will want to be found in the searches (preferably on the first page) to establish reach over your target audience.

You will need to become very familiar with doing research in a similar fashion as I had mentioned above to find a solid product idea that people will actually be interested in, leading to a purchase.

Btw, can you guess the keyword for this blog post?

AWeber: Free email marketing and landing pages

2. Find a Pressing Problem to Solve

This is a very important part.

Always start to create your digital product with the idea that it must solve a problem. You can’t create a product and hope that people will buy it just because you have created it. The information within your digital product must compel the prospect to buy it because of the amount of value and urgency you create.

You must look for a problem people in your niche are experiencing. And they must be willing to pay for the solution.

Now there are some pressing problems people have but are not willing to pay for the solution. For example: How to unclog a toilet is a pressing problem. But most people won’t buy a video course or eBook on the subject. They need the answer now and will go online and get their information for free.

One good way to find problems that people are desperate to solve is by going to the more prominent forums on your niche. You could also search for books available on your niche and get a sense of what types of problems those books are addressing.

Youtube is also a great idea generator for content. I always find popular videos on a niche and scour through the comments to find the problems people are discussing.

3. Find the Solution to the Problem

Naturally, after finding the problem to solve, you will need to be aware of or find the solution.

Always be specific to the solution. One problem one solution. Research the solution properly and discuss it elaborately throughout your digital product.

You do not necessarily be an expert yourself on the solution. However, you will need to offer well researched and justified solution to the people you are selling the product to.

You don’t have to know everything but the more you know the easier it will be to create a digital product and even scale it up into other future digital products.

4. Write Out the Structure

Determine how you are going to package your product. Will you do an eBook, video course, or perhaps even an audio course?

Here’s my recommended way of creating an outline of your digital product.

List down at least 5 to 10 main topics.

Now list down 5 to 10 subtopics for each main topic. Refer to your research for this and take your time to develop the subtopics.  Now add some bullet points for each sub-topic.

Write a paragraph on each of the bullet points and subtopics.

Once you are done with these steps, review and add any more important things to it. Feel free to create more topics, subtopics, and bullet points to elaborate upon.

In addition, you can also create record audio and make videos to highlight or stress any specific points.

Sometimes, I find it easier to start this work with a PLR (private label rights) product which matches my interest. Mostly the structure is already there and I simply start adding in all that needs to be added.

Do keep in mind that any or all of this part can be outsourced also.

5. Repeat the Process

When you create your next digital product, you can offer it as an “upsell” to your first product. Believe me that after the first one, it only gets easier and easier to create products.

Here is my recommended training for learning how to upsell your products using a sales funnel.

Eventually, you could take any or all of your eBooks and convert them into a more detailed video course. You can certainly charge more money for the video courses, especially if they are very specific and detailed.

So, here you go. Now you know how to create any digital product.

So many people think of every excuse why they can’t create their own products. You only need to follow the time tested formula I have provided to you.

I do use a few tools to help with my writing. You can check them out also as I am sure that you will find these invaluable.

Your audience will also appreciate your final products as they will become highly polished and presentable.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started immediately to create a digital product to make money online.

P.S. If you liked this post and are thinking about launching your own digital product, I strongly recommend you check out my eBook titled ‘TIME TO LAUNCH YOUR ONLINE COURSE’.

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Did you know that you now have the flexibility to make money online and that too is on your own terms. The good news is that I will help you to get started as I explain below in very easy to follow ways while trying to avoid all the complex industry jargon.

These days, you’re no longer cemented down to making money by trading your time for a wage in someone else’s office for hours on end with very few vacations or sick days.

Let’s get started.

1) Be Aware of Scams ☠️

There are several ways to make money online, yet there are also scams. be sure to check out the reviews from trustworthy sources and all the fine prints before committing to anything.

Even after doing the due diligence, sometimes you will have to trust your experience and instinct to guide you. Sometimes a very promising opportunity may end up being a scam and also the other way around.

As a general rule of thumb, try to avoid anything that resembles a pyramid, MLM, or Ponzi schemes.

2) Never Put All Your Eggs in the Same Basket

When planning on ways to make money online, never put all your eggs in one basket. Keep as many options open as possible. This is to make sure that you will simply have money coming in from several options. Failure to plan like this may really cost you if your main site suddenly runs into any sort of trouble.

3) Paid Surveys for Side Income

Take paid surveys online if you wish to make some extra cash on the side. Market research companies always want to collect maximum amounts of consumer feedback, and these surveys are an excellent tool in their arsenal. Surveys may range anywhere from few cents to few dollars based on the type you select.

4) Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing remains as one of the simplest yet performance-based ways for you to make money online in your spare time. This kind of marketing means that you will sell someone else’s products or services and get paid a commission when a sale takes place. There are all types of items that you can sell depending on your preferred niche.

Check out this free training here.

In addition to regular sales commissions, there are also subscription-based products and services you can sell which will generate a recurring income for you as well.

Some examples of this can include, but not limited to, are domains and hosting, email autoresponders, magazines, weight loss programs, etc.

More on the basics on Affiliate Marketing on my blog here.

5) Pace Yourself to Make Money Online

Give yourself a schedule. If you wish to make money online, you need to pursue it relentlessly. This is not a fast way of making tons of money, despite popular belief. You will need to work hard at it every day. Choose specific times to work on it every day. Even just an hour in a day can mean that you do well or fail.

Once you put in the elbow grease to create a system that is working for you 24×7, you could then rely on a truly passive income to start.

6) Start Article Marketing

You could also consider freelance writing in your spare time to make money online through what is known as Article Marketing. There are websites that you can join where you can choose from multiple varieties of topics to write articles on. Sometimes, the higher paying sites may request that you take a test to gauge your writing proficiency

You can find more details on my blog on Article Marketing here.

7) Become a Blogger

Do you enjoy writing? Are you trying to find an outlet for your creativity in writing? You should then seriously look into becoming a blogger. It can benefit you to get your thoughts and ideas out there, while also earning you money.

However, to do well as a blogger, you will need to ensure that you blog about something you are passionate about and also that you are knowledgeable enough to deliver value to the readers. This is a sure way to draw others to your work and develop a steady readership. Once you have got a following, you can approach the relevant advertisers or start writing paid reviews.

An example of this fact is this blog itself, which you are reading 😉.

More on blogging your way to profits here.

I believe that you now understand that there are many money-making opportunities available to you for making money online, even beyond the scope of this article.

The Internet has truly brought the world closer and just about any information can become accessible through a simple Internet search. Similarly, learning is another aspect that is now within everyone’s reach through the Internet. For example, if you need to learn more about blogging, going through an online course for less than 10 dollars could make you a formidable blogger.

Whether you have a formal degree or not, there is opportunity for you to make money online with the help of your computer with an Internet connection. I am certain that you will really enjoy making a full time and yet leading to passive income thanks to the make money online opportunities available across the Internet.

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Working from home might not have been in your initial radar, but do keep in mind that life will throw some curve balls at you often times. Having a flexible mindset could embark you on your biggest financial success while breaking all the rules of the norms.

Before having kids, my wife and I had never ever pictured dedicating every waking hour to their needs. Besides, our years of formal education did not prepare us for months of changing unclean nappies to dashing around to calm their endless shrilly cries.

Yet, when we did set our sights on both our daughter after birth, our hearts simply became numb. It’s a very humbling experience no matter what your circumstances might be. We would certainly do anything to spend every waking moment of ours in their lives. And also, I wager that if you have children, you would certainly have felt similarly as well.

However, did financial and career concerns constantly overshadow your thoughts at the back of your mind even at times like these, like they did over me? If so, don’t let it upset you any longer even though such concern simply will not fade away for anyone. Whatever may be the reason for you to become a stay at home parent, you can actually plan for making money while working from home.

Surely this isn’t the 1950’s anymore, so mothers can do away with your warm rollers as well as dad’s striped suit.

You are the mom and dad of the 21st century! You have many options to be working from home and make money from the favorite room of the house!

But exactly how?

I suggest that the modern-day mothers or fathers can end up being entrepreneurial rather easily – running their own small business as working from home online. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. The business ideas and options available to you are rather huge.

Millions of small businesses across the globe are managed from home over the Internet and also this trend is still sharply increasing. The best component is that you aren’t restricted to any crazy working terms and conditions created by someone else.

You are your own employer!

You make the decisions as to when and how long you will spend time with your youngsters as well as when you will commit the time to your home-based business. Working from home enables you to develop the perfect balance of family and also work in your life. So why not start today?

A blog owner – connecting to anyone on the planet

Starting a blog website sharing ideas as well as tips online, for example, about solitary parenting, fostering, youngsters’ wellness and lifestyles with so many other moms and dads across much distances and cultures could bring lots of rewards to your life. Mothers or fathers that create good blogging websites can have hundreds and thousands of fans around the world and genuinely become authentic voices of modern-day parenting.

With this type of working from home niche, you could open up into opportunities like amazing publication deals, parenting conferences as well as also the possibility of television appearances. These things can significantly boost up your home-based business and generate a lot of revenue.

A quick Google search for Jen Singer will reveal excellent examples of exactly how her sweet and small blogs turned into fortunes within a relatively short period of time. Jen is a delight to listen to as well as to watch also!

Did you know that you can utilize platforms such as WordPress, WIX, etc. to start your very own blog in a matter of minutes? In fact, I am not a tech-savvy person at all, but I managed to get this blog site marching forward slowly but surely. And if I can do it, so can you.

Trying to find new ways to connect:

A cellphone and fast-speed Internet connection could have you promptly responding to the phone with, ‘Hey there, how can I help you today?’ to clients from highly successful firms. Businesses are constantly looking for consultants who can help them to grow their organization. The consultants being available online is actually a plus point for them. A few of the most effective ways to reach potential customers can range from looking in your local paper to posting ads in online forums and bulletin boards. You can do a search for ‘Freelance Admin Jobs’ to see what I mean.

Have buckets full of suggestions – and just be prepared to sell them:

Your potential customers will always enjoy originality, appealing catchphrases, innovative ideas as well as simplicity. Keep these points in mind whenever handling new customers. On a side note, you can also find lots of surveys using various platforms that pay YOU to tell companies what you think of their products or services. Imagine that!

All you need to do is to try out an item that is sent to you and then you need to tell the company what your thoughts are on the experience. Also, if you have some crazy expressions, you could certainly enjoy seeing them be used on ads on various platforms such as Sitepoint to answer dozens of ‘call my …’ questions for cold cash. This is making money from home just by being mindful.

Please don’t be constrained to these few examples; there are literally zillions of ideas out there. Businesses are constantly looking for unique thinking individuals to make their world beam a little brighter. So, you are not a stay at home parent, rather an entrepreneur working from home.

Understand that the Internet has put the entire world right at our reach which were not readily the case even ten years ago. And don’t forget, sometimes working from home may get a little crazy so be prepared, yet you will have the best of both worlds if you succeed.

BON CHANCE my friends.

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Membership websites are gaining a great deal of popularity for both the online entrepreneurs as well as for the users.

It is a website like various other websites yet contrasts in that you specialize in a specific subject and have quality information regarding that particular topic and will let readers have easy access to that topic for a specific membership fee or sometimes just for subscribing and also letting you send them information to their email.

These people pay you a recurring fee typically on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. If you continue to add valuable information to the site, members will certainly continue with their memberships to your site thus creating passive and also recurring income for you. These very same people may also promote your website via word of mouth and trigger others to sign up also.

Membership websites are a great method to market products and services for the online marketer and a convenient option for getting required items or information for the consumers. So, in essence, this type of website is a win– win situation for all concerned. The consumers achieve their goals fulfilled and so do the Internet marketers.

The Benefits for the Internet Marketer

When you look to the Internet to produce money, you are always looking for brand-new products, or new methods you can generate income online. Your need to sell and do marketing online can be difficult due to the fact that there is never ‘eye-to-eye’ contact and also this causes the Internet to feel rather impersonal as well as a difficult sell, but membership websites solve a lot of these issues.

A membership website allows you to give qualified information away absolutely free or for the price of the membership fee. This information relates to the interest of a specific group of people. If for instance, you are a teacher and also have all kinds of interesting activities, downloads on your website, information that in general will certainly guide other teachers with their skills, then this would be your specific niche for the group you wish to market to. You can either offer free membership to your website with all of this great information or require a small monthly fee.

You might also prefer to structure your website to do both. Offer specific information totally free, but make a paid membership readily available for people that desire more detailed information. Making use of membership websites in any one of these methods will certainly generate income for you.

Customers Love Membership Websites

Not only are membership websites are appealing to the Internet marketers but customers like them as well. They get all the information they want on a particular topic without having to do endless searches on the Internet. It is much more practical as well as easier for them.

Membership websites are a win– win circumstance for everyone. You obtain the sales you require, the easy revenue you need and also the registered member gets the very specific information, products or services you provide to them.

The Paid Membership Website

If you charge a membership fee no matter how modest it will certainly generate a residual income. As an example for the activities of the same teacher’s site there is a small charge as a membership fee of $5 monthly and also gains 1 brand-new signup a day for a period of three months, that will certainly produce $500 at the end of those 3 months and also eventually the income will certainly continue to increase every single month. Now imagine if you had 3 or 4 such sites, which could target different demographic groups and niches.

The Free Membership Website

Believe it or not, many free membership websites make more money than those which call for a membership fee be paid. Simply look to Google to figure that one out. Free membership websites make money due to the fact that they have a benefit over other internet sites that only market certain line of products. Free membership websites also often tend to develop a relationship between the visitors and the owner, and eventually a relationship in between them develops over time. Certainly, this is what any Internet website owner could long for, since as soon as there is a relationship, sales would certainly follow.

Free membership websites can provide several types of products on their sites. It can be anything from educational items such as Ebooks, articles, reports, etc. It can also be physical products (i.e. books, DVDs, etc.) which are mailed to the consumer. In situations where you do not have your very own products, such products can be sourced from various other companies by becoming an affiliate marketer for them. Every product sale would certainly make you commissions.

Just how Costly is it To Start Membership Websites?

One of the greatest benefits of this type of website is that they are not expensive to launch. If you have the ability to do your own website design work and use creative advertising and marketing methods as well as SEO practices, your site should be up and running for a couple of hundred dollars, a really low-cost venture for something that can generate a significant revenue.

What Type of Information Works on Membership Websites?

Whether you know it or not, you are an expert in something or another, and also when you have an abundance of understanding in a certain topic, you generally limit yourself by telling your good friends and also perhaps some family members so they can “ooohh and aaaaaaaaahh” at your success (this typically happens at the time of rare family events), or you could make an active decision to turn that expertise into income. So, if you are an expert in martial arts, baking delicious chocolate chip cookies, chauffeuring the children around town, or even reading novels, you can earn money with that knowledge by making a membership website that caters to consumers that are seeking a specialist in the field.

The trouble is that when you start a website in your field of expertise and don’t really understand the fundamentals of online marketing then you are setting yourself up for failure as if you might as well not have even started at all. That’s why it is necessary to do your research and find out about how to do Internet marketing before starting your membership website.

The very first point you should do is to discover everything you can around beginning a membership website. Read case studies about other successful membership websites as well as what they did to make their website a success.

Nevertheless, as you are already an expert in the area you are targeting, which is the most integral part, be sure to be diligent in your research on online marketing, which is to find out the proper methodology behind Internet marketing. As an example, did you know you can provide your registered members complimentary eBooks which they can download, or a free weekly or monthly e-newsletter. Actually, they are not truly free because the member is paying his membership fee, plus you can market other affiliate offerings on your website or via the e-newsletter where various companies will certainly pay you a percentage for selling their goods as an affiliate.

What types of Membership Website is Ideal?

Membership website types are very diverse across lots of niches and tailored after several business models. If you run a business pertaining to ‘websites’, you will definitely be surprised at the huge number of membership websites are available that accommodate many niches such as domains, hosting, coding & development, plug-ins, cloud solutions, online software, and so much more.

You can research online the various kinds of membership websites or solutions that might or may not charge recurring fees. Such information will enable you to know whether paid or free membership sites would suit your business needs the best.

You could find several free & paid useful resources and devices online which may be required to run your membership websites more effectively. For example, a few of the membership websites uses administration programs developed with Perl which allows the webmasters to manage the features and content of the websites with relative ease. Several of WordPress themes provide exceptional features for those running either type of membership websites.

I can share with you that much customization work will certainly need to be done to your membership website. For this to happen, a clear implementation road map is required from your website developer. Based upon this road map, a clear idea of the man hours as well as sources required will take shape. You will certainly after that be able to determine the size of the budget plan needed to launch your website.

Often enough, this budget may not incorporate any one of the costs of the post implementation activities such as marketing, content development, SEO, running expenses, maintenance, and so on. Such budgeting should also be considered at the earlier stages.

Several societies these days are considering running membership websites because they are able to charge a certain amount of membership fees for the members in order to access the content within the websites. They can in addition profit from the subsequent up-sells at the various stages later on.

A lot of societies become interested to start running a membership website because:

  • The online aspect of websites makes the society member information more conveniently manageable.
  • It is easy for the society registered members to interact with each other on the online message boards, which are often moderated by the admins.
  • It offers each member special “Members Only Zones”. Members only zones might include many points of interests such as point based special offers, free gifts, rewards, private messaging, society notices, payment history and so much more depending on the type of the membership website.
  • Members only areas and the features can also be segregated by free and paid members.
  • Experts could also be employed to periodically populate the niche knowledge base section with relevant content which eventually snowballs into being a significant collection of information.
  • It can amplify the society income by providing the registered members dedicated space and resources for their online stores.

As you can see, running a membership website and identifying the ideal website structure matched with the target membership cluster is necessary to lots of societies and communities.

How to Run a Membership Website?

Running a membership website requires continuous workflow.

If you choose to start a paid membership website, then you will certainly need to give cost-free information to your members that blend well with other prominent trade membership websites. Membership websites will allow the consumers easy processes to sign up for your website. The user is then protected by a strong password and a unique username. They will need these two things to enter in your website and access the website’s pages, merchandises, and/or member services.

Running a membership website gives you many benefits, including managing an efficient business that brings in recurring income at predictable intervals. A membership website includes many niche specific information, interesting articles, reports as well as many downloadable resources.

Whatever your concept may be, it should continually concentrate on the main points. Feeding the membership website with fresh information/content on a regular basis is considered the lifeblood of the business. You need to create informative products, programs, downloads, pictures, articles, and make then available to the members often enough to keep their interests growing.

The cost of membership websites can vary greatly depending upon your business model. The key to creating and running a cost-effective membership website is to become armed with updated information that drives you to cut back on your expenses on outsourcing others to do your work. Paid membership websites really should be able to expect very decent revenue levels. If you do your research properly on your membership website’s specific niche before you start, you will have made a great financial investment and the site should be worth your expenses.

Running a membership website can become the answers to your financial independence prayers. When you launch your website, you have to move to the promotional or advertising and marketing phase. You might need software to help you with this phase, or even developing your website. The marketing process of membership websites to members are quite a few.

An example of a membership website is They pay their customers to take surveys or award them merchandises for spending time responding to questions.

One of the biggest problem entrepreneurs running a membership website face is that a lot of the essential ongoing work is required to be done manually, such as content research. Although that the membership websites bear reasonable startup costs, the time and effort spent to develop, maintain, and also continually improve the website can become demanding.

Membership website owners must constantly add/develop content to the website. The content should include fascinating topics that keep their members returning for more. This fact alone provides those running a membership website a near guaranteed success.

Running a membership website certainly may not be for everyone who is looking to start an Internet based business. You need some money, time, ability to work, as well as some specialized skills to get your website off the ground and keep it running profitably.

Membership Websites are Hot

Well organized membership websites have actually always performed well and also continues to be a great way to make residual revenue and also to get a professional standing in any type of a specific niche. If you have been looking for a way to earn money on the Internet then the membership websites are absolutely worth checking into.

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If you are reading this, I would think that you are at least curious about becoming an online entrepreneur and whether it can become a sustainable and profitable route to your financial freedom.

If you had the chance to ask a ‘marketing guru’ about online marketing, chances are that you got the same, vague, generalized advice when it comes to marketing online?

You might have been suggested to start a blog. Also that you will need to leverage social media to gain traffic and move up in the rankings and after you’ve done all of this, they tell you that you’ll start receiving traffic to your website. Every marketing guru says the exact same thing, and the advice is always somewhat vague.

Consider this

When you hear the words “online marketing”, which words come rushing through your mind? Blogging? Social Media? SEO? Facebook? Or perhaps even WordPress?

Or perhaps you have even tried your luck in online advertising, pay-per-clicks, search engine marketing, etc.?

One more word that may also peek into your mind to associate itself with the term “online marketing” could be the word “complicated”. Yes, online marketing can indeed be a complicated process in your journey to become an online entrepreneur.

Am I spooking you already? Should you stop right here and not start your online business?

Absolutely not!

I am only trying to establish the fact that becoming an online entrepreneur can be very profitable, but it must be taken up as a very serious business. Despite the gurus preaching overnight success, most likely that will not be the case.

Let’s try to do some research

Get online and let’s Google “online marketing strategies”. You don’t have to look past the first page of the search results and read through some of the top articles. Just as I found, you may also find that that most of these articles seem very similar in many ways.

Some of the articles/blogs offer an overview to start with and expands into the content in a list format. An example of this may look like this: “7 Online Marketing Strategies to grow your Facebook Fans”.

The list format content delivery is not of any problem at all. This type of a formatting makes it easier for the any reader to absorb the content. The problem is that the type of content are seemingly very similar. So, following my example topic on the previous paragraph above, if you want information on how to grow your Facebook fans, all your research on Google may yield a lot of similar content.

Keep in mind that such content were developed by professional writers, writing for some of the biggest companies in the world. You will eventually start to ask the question that why do majority of the articles sound the same?

The answer is simple. Online marketing can be complicated beyond the basics.

No one likes to be wrong or to give bad advice. The content publishers are just writing the same vague, generalized advice as many of the marketing gurus. I believe that you’ve got my point by now.

The Voice of Experience

If you are still reading this, I am going to give you something awesome. I’m going to give you some original and effective advice about online marketing. This is completely honest advice based on my own experiences. This will not involve outdated strategies that do not work. How can I be so sure? Because, I am an online entrepreneur who runs a very successful online business employing only a few online marketing strategies.

I run this blog, among some other sites, which is all about online business and marketing. Every online entrepreneur can gain much insights from all the content made available throughout this site. I know the initial struggles of every online entrepreneur because I have probable made all the mistakes out there when I was starting out back in the year 2016.

So, let’s dive into it.

Develop Awesome Content

To become a successful online entrepreneur, you will understand one absolute truth. That truth is that ‘content is king’. Take some time to think about it.

Think of all the Facebook likes, retweets on Twitter and social media shares on other popular social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit are cool, but do they really increase profits for your online business? Think about it, how many times do you patronize a business because you liked their Facebook post?

Social media can be a very powerful tool but only works if you have awesome content to offer. Content can be anything. It can be from a very nicely written blog to a fashionable t-shirt with a clever phrase on the front.

Content can truly be anything.

My only suggestion here would be to create your content based on what you are truly passionate about. Your passion for the subject should always reflect into the content you are offering. Don’t rush and take your time to develop useful content that solves any problem for your target readership.

Content Always Comes Before Marketing

These days I see majority of the online businesses think that just posting a catchy post on Facebook along-side an eye-catching photo will increase their consumer base and ultimately their profits. Only if running an online business were that easy. Then everyone, including the average person would be an expert at online entrepreneur.

Anything in this world worth having, takes hard work and time. The results of an effective online marketing campaign are no different. Of course creating great content isn’t easy, however, when you do create great content, there are so many resources at your disposal for marketing. We often see many type of content that even becomes viral almost overnight.

I sure you have seen many posts and videos on Facebook or YouTube that have hundreds of shares and thousands of likes? The reason that video went viral is because of the content. The average person isn’t a marketing guru and doesn’t have a social media budget but all of them have the power of their own imagination. That’s all you will need to create great content.

Creating Great Content

So, now that we’ve established that creating great content is the best online marketing strategy for your business, I’m going to show you how to create great content. Creating great and viral worthy content isn’t easy. However, there are so many resources to help that content go viral; creating the content is really the only hard part.

Mashuk at work -

Creating great content requires the patience to do very in-depth research.

You have to think about what’s trending in the world. Too many marketing gurus think that the only thing that can go viral is a funny YouTube video and that’s just not true. If you’re not funny, don’t try to be funny. You don’t need to be funny.

You must play on your strengths. You need to be creative, persistent, and use your imagination in all your content creation efforts. There are a lot of things that are trending in the world. Pick one that interests you the most. Following that, create content about any concerns that surrounding that trending topic.

The more passionate you become to create high value content, the better the content will become. Take your time to ‘evolve’ your content over several days. Make it a habit to never finalize your initial draft.

The next step is to create the content using a media that’s popular. There is a reason why videos are more likely to go viral than an article. A great blog can surely also go viral, but it will definitely take longer. But that’s certainly fine also as you can see that I have also chose the blogging route.

Generally speaking, people tend to enjoy videos more since there is no reading involved in watching a video. Yet people also search a great deal for specialized blogs, infographics and articles on so many trending topics.

The videos doesn’t have to be aesthetically appealing and you don’t have to be an expert video editor. It just has to be packed with appealing and relevant content. And don’t worry, you can always learn about video editing and how to add special effects later down the road. It’s not very difficult to learn and do, as I had found out first hand.

The next step in the process to create viral worthy content is relating your content back to your business. This might be the hardest part, but, if done correctly, is a true game-changer. While the ultimate goal of the content is conversions, however, it doesn’t need to happen immediately.

Profits for the Online Entrepreneur

The mistake that many marketing gurus make is to have their content do the hard selling. Creating great content is to raise awareness towards your online business and eventually to build your brand. The brand should eventually become the ultimate weapon of the online entrepreneur.

Just as any sustainable business anywhere in the world, you need to be patient and deploy a plan to build your brand, customers, relationships, success stories and snowballing profits over time. There are some hit and run ways to conduct business over the Internet, but they are never sustainable.

Throughout the journey of building your business over time, your content will need to solve many problems in your chosen topic. Whether you chose a niche topic or a general one, your potential customers will be those who has problems in that topic and your content somehow managed to show them a way to remedy or even completely solves the problems.

This is how your online business gains traction over time and manages to create a substantial customer base or following. Their enthusiasm over your spectacular contents will allow for most of your content to go viral often enough. This will always equal to sustained profits.

In summary, the best online marketing strategy is to create great content. The essential five steps to creating great content are:

  1. Pick a topic that’s trending
  2. Use a popular medium to create the content (i.e. WordPress)
  3. Relate the content back to your business
  4. Make sure the content solves a problem

The last and easiest step in this process is to share the content, everywhere.

When sharing the content, use every avenue you can think of such as Social Media, Blogs, YouTube, PR, press releases, etc. Don’t be shy or stingy. One of the joys of creating great content is also meant to be shared with the world.

Surely you can now see that this is a great strategy for any online entrepreneur. Creating awesome and creative content around any trending topics is the easiest and most sustainable strategy for any online business.

Extra Tips

Work Hard: Work harder than anyone else to profit better than anyone else. Stop looking for the quickest way and focus all your hard work on the best way.

Be Authentic: The most powerful asset you have at your disposal is your individuality. This always has and will continue to make you unique. All your work should reflect this throughout your online business.

Connect: Avoid always being at the computer. Other ways to develop your business is to also connecting with real people and the culture around you. Doing so will develop you as a person which will inevitably reflect in your work.

Travel: Try to travel at every opportunity you get. I find traveling to be a humbling and inspiring experience which allows me to become a better person.

Be original: Nothing beats originality especially in this online and disconnected world.

Do: Always be on the lookout to better your skills and abilities. Trying to learn any new skill set will challenge your mind to become more acceptable to new things in life and business.

Right people: Keeping connected and maintaining positive relationships with the right people will always help you to avoid negative experiences.

Intuition: Try to accept your instincts and intuitions more often as you grow as an entrepreneur.

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Should Starting An Online Business Be Expensive -

Is starting an online business expensive?

I get this question asked by someone or another just about every day. And my answer starts off the same way – “Whether starting and growing your online business will be expensive or not will depend entirely on your mindset and expectations”.

In one of my previous blogs, I had already elaborated on why anyone should start an online business. So, there is no practical reason to delve into that further in this blog. Rather, it would be best to discuss the practical aspects and the costs associated with them as needed to run an online business.

It’s always the mindset, an entrepreneurial mindset, which will be responsible for the success of your online business and the costs thereof. As there are several types of mainstream online businesses, my focus here will be more affiliate marketing centric as that is my chosen model of online business.

The reason affiliate marketing resonates very well with me is that I do not necessarily prefer to create products to sell. Promoting products which are already available and getting a commission per sale or action suits me just fine. This mindset also allows me to find and promote offers rather quickly, whenever I want to.

In such a business model, I always leverage on certain tools to assist me to derive the best results and profitability. I would like to highlight here that I do not have any people related expenses in my online business. Rather, I leverage on several tools and automations to run my online business 24×7.

This has been one of my cornerstone strategies even before starting out. Such a strategy helped me to identify and select any products or services to promote, which would suit me the best.

Keep in mind that just like any business, keeping costs low at the beginning stage of your online business should be your paramount concern. It is highly unlikely that you will make any significant income right from the get go.

While many people do not use their own website for their affiliate business, I deem that to be a grave mistake. It tells me that these people are simply dabblers and not very serious at all about making money online. You will find all highly successful affiliate marketers have their own website, perhaps even several websites, to use as the base of their multiple types of promotions and to build their brand(s).

All it takes is a domain name and hosting to get started with. This cost doesn’t even compare with the enormous startup costs of a traditional brick and mortar business. Design and development of a website is becoming so easy these days as compared to a decade ago.

I do all the design and development work of this website all by myself. To do this, I use WordPress (which is free by the way) and some free tools/plugins. There are zillions of YouTube videos available for you to learn from on how to do this. As many of you know that I am not a coder or developer by any stretch of the words. Yet, here I am running a very successful affiliate business online.

Email Lists

The next aspect you will need to focus on is building an email list. In addition to your website(s), you will need to grow an email list over time so that you can market anything to the people who already knows you or your brand. The more you communicate to them and offer valuable content, the more they will be prone to buying something at your suggestion.

But keep in mind that your email list consists of real people and they must be treated as such. Most modern marketers I see these days tend not to treat them with such intentions and view them as a name on their list only. Whether your subscribers buy anything or not, they are your audience and you must treat them with respect and offer them value at every turn.

In order to build this email list, you will need to subscribe to an email autoresponder service. Some such services do have some free offers limited to the number of total subscribers in your list. There may also be some restrictions on how many emails being sent per month. You should explore this to find the service that best suits your business strategy.

Using the autoresponder, you can set up a series of emails, as campaigns, to be sent out at a predetermined intervals without you having to intervene with personally. For example, anyone who would subscribed to your email list will automatically get a welcome email regardless of what time of the day or night it may be. They will continue to receive your emails from the pre-set campaign at your chosen intervals.

I have found that most autoresponder services are not friendly with the affiliate marketers. Hence, the frequency of the emails you may sent may trigger them to stop your service without any prior notice. Also a point of concern is the amount of actual emails you sent out that would actually end up in the inbox of the intended recipient rather than their spam folders.

For my business, I had chosen to work with Aweber because of their reputation and reliability. It’s also very easy to use, even for a person like me. I never had a problem with them what so ever. Their delivery rate is also one of the highest in the industry. It is however a paid service from the start. They do offer a trial period for you to try out the service and cancel if you are not satisfied.

GetResponse is another reputable autoresponder service that you could look into.

I stress again that having an email autoresponder is a key tool to impact the profitability of any type of online business.


Webinars are a very hot promotional tool these days used by all the top online marketers. While you can hold live sessions at some of the social platforms, it is best to organize them independently for Live Casting, Event Streaming and Webinar Broadcasting for maximum level of impact with your viewers. You can also record the session for future promotions.

I use WebinarJam. It’s packed with useful features such as private rooms, virtual whiteboards, live streaming, polls, live chat, autoresponder integration, analytics, etc. For my further promotions, I use the recordings of the live webinars afterwards on social media platforms to drive more traffic to my offers.

Holding regular webinar sessions is a great way to engage with your audience regardless of whichever part of the world they may live in. I suggest to hold regular webinar sessions to any type of online businesses and not just to affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Platforms

I always suggest to find the products or services to promote through a credible affiliate platform rather than signing up with any specific merchant directly. For a wide range of products and services for you to promote, I recommend ShareASale and CJ. My recommended platforms for info products are JVZoo, Warrior Plus and Clickbank.

Using such platforms are free of cost. Personally, I tend to sign up first for the products I intend to promote, even if it’s for a trial run, so that I could familiarize myself with it before I start to promote it. Often this way you will incur some costs but my advice to you will be to know the products first hand before you start to promote to your audience.

Marketing Your Affiliate Links

Marketing is a vast topic and I have already covered some popular ways in my previous blogs here. Yet, you will need to do a very critical thing before you start marketing your links. Whether you are promoting your own product links or affiliate links, your primary intention should be to always capture the email addresses of the visitors.

You will need to have an email capture form in a page where the visitors will enter their names and email addresses in order to proceed onwards to the actual offer page. Often these capture pages are called the landing page, bridge page, squeeze page, sales page, etc.

This can be developed with the help of certain free plug-ins if you are using WordPress. Just be sure that the plug-in integrates with whichever autoresponder you may be using. There are other service providers who can provide you with the bridge pages such as ClickFunnels, Builderall, TheConversionPros, etc.

Having captured the email addresses is simply the beginning of the marketing process. I had always said that there is a right way of doing things and just about hundreds of wrong ways of doing things. I discussed this in details in my e-book, How To Earn Riches Like A Super Affiliate.

You can download the e-book for absolutely free from this site and get the detailed information from there on this. No need to repeat all of that info here again.

One thing I will mention here as a reinforcement is that ideally there should be two types of affiliate programs you should be promoting. The first is a program that which gives you a monthly recurring income. The second should be a high ticket affiliate program which would give you a greater level of commission from every sale through you.

Marketing high ticket programs could take a bit of work but it certainly isn’t rocket science. There aren’t many such programs out there and finding the right one for you should be a priority level task.

Learning and Training

The one constant for any online business is that the learning never stops. You can always learn something new to improve your business and profits. You can always find some content at YouTube to learn from. However, you should have a way to learn how to become successful with your online business in a more methodical way. Bits and pieces of learning in YouTube is just that. All training should be done in a systematic way by credible sources with a proven track record.

I always recommend my 100 days challenge which has a lot of methodical tips and a systematic approaches for anyone who wants to fast track their learning while they also are able to earn. Give it a try for free today.

You should always set aside a budget for any training at least annually. You will always appreciate it and be rewarded by it.

In summary, it always boils down to your mindset. As you can see that there are certain absolute expenses involved to get started, yet there are some free options also. Somethings can be done very well using the free options while somethings should be absolutely done with proven tools.

Even from the very start you should always target a six figure income. As such, certain small expenses for some essential tools should be budgeted for even if your income hasn’t yet started. Investing into such tools will fast track the growth of your online business and create very profitable conversions.

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Start Online Business

You have probably heard about a friend of a friend or co-worker’s second cousin who has made it big in the world of online business. Or maybe you have read about a young girl fresh out of college who is successfully running her own Amazon store and making big bucks despite having a degree completely unrelated to business.

Now, if you are interested in business and particularly online business, you are bound to know that many types of online business/ marketing sectors has flourished over the past few years. While some are more known, many are not quite in the spotlight yet but nevertheless are making big money.

For example,from the perspective of private consumers around the world, the most renowned form of e-commerce falls under the business to consumer category which is more commonly abbreviated as B2C. Online retail or online retail is a part of this category.

You may also know that B2B marketing in the online space refers to the marketing cycle of a business marketing to other businesses and naturally implies buying in bulk. An example of this can be seen in most cases of the products marketed in Alibaba as sold in bundles and lots.

The brand named Amazon is certainly an example we are all familiar with as an e-retailer giant which is one of the most formidable and well known online retailers with a profit of  $1.86 billion in net income in the fourth quarter of last year itself.

During last year, approximately 1.66 billion people from all over the globe have taken part in purchasing goods online. Moreover, in that same year, worldwide e-commerce sales added up to be 2.3 trillion U.S. dollars and projections and predictions display an estimated rise of 4.48 trillion dollars by the year 2021.

If we take into account of regional sales, in the Asia Pacific in 2016, e-retail sales have accounted for 12.1 percent of the total retail sales In Asia Pacific, see: e-retail sales accounted for 12.1 percent of retail sales.

The statistics clearly show that so many people these days belonging to a wide swing of demographics are willingly participating in the online business and e-commerce communities. Such participation trend has been on a steady rise for both business owners as well as consumers.

The barrier to entry is rather low and it is quite easy to quickly turn a small home business into a profitable online business enterprise. A decent number of people from all over the world are entering the online industry as the days pass, and can seem obvious as to why you too should consider starting your own online business!

Become Your Own Boss

First and foremost, when you own an online business, you truly are the one in charge. You would clearly become your own boss. There are no bureaucratic processes preventing you from taking decisions and actions which you may deem fit for your business. There are no binding timelines and you are free to do things at your pace. You don’t have to worry about office politics, work hard on projects you don’t care about or spend time with co-workers you don’t like.

Moreover, when you become the boss, you’re also most likely to work harder to achieve your financial goals. Your business will unfold and operate at a pace you are comfortable with.

Now at a first glance, it can seem intimidating to start such an initiative, especially if you are new to the online business scene.

However, if you have at least some decent amount of funds available and work on educating yourself properly about the various levels of online business, there’s nothing holding you back from starting a small online based business for yourself. With hard work and self-confidence, you can certainly achieve financial freedom.

Free from the opinions of others, you can find successful people in many types of online business across the world irrespective of gender, race, colour or creed.

Put Your Energy Into Your Own Project

Most of the times, we are assigned projects at our jobs that we have to force ourselves to work on. Our time, energy and creativity are all wasted working on someone else’s projects. At the end of the day, this can become unrewarding and we may end up losing interest in work altogether. Thus our motivation and productivity eventually takes a nose dive.

Instead, imagine how much progress you could make if you were pouring the same amount of time and energy into your own online business. Imagine how much more satisfying and rewarding it would feel if you were working hard to earn a profit for yourself instead of just a paycheck.

You would certainly feel a lot more accomplished if you spend time building up to something for yourself. It’s one of the strongest reasons why small business owners don’t give up during the tough times and why more and more younger employees are choosing to take the entrepreneur route.

The growth and failure of your business will depend entirely on your own efforts and the level of commitment. You truly have complete control of your business.

The Internet of Today Is a Gold Mine

In this day and age, we’re at a peak of technological advancement. With machine learning and artificial intelligence technology improving by leaps and bound while more and more smart home devices penetrating our homes, it is safe to say that the Internet has weaved itself into our daily lives more than we realize.

Thus using the internet to start your own online business can only be the best decision in a world where there are more smartphones than toothbrushes.

It is now easier than ever to make a profit online and the wisest move would be to make the best use of the so many online business options available to you, as you start out.

However, making money on the internet is only possible if you do your research well and take the time to educate yourself properly. The best way to do that is through proper and selective mentor-ship and coaching, which is readily available through the Internet. Geographical distances should never stop you from learning online business/marketing.

Also before jumping into any type of business, it is always prudent to be well informed on your topic of interest. It is absolutely essential to make researching a part of your work habit as it will certainly affect your financial future.

Even if starting an online business sounds like a lot of work, the best thing about the internet is that it can teach you with an abundance of information available online. Join relevant communities to learn and connect with like minded peers.

You’re certainly not limited to simply opening a website promoting your brick and mortar business or generating ads on Facebook. There are many other things to invest your time in such as specialized forums, various social media, apps, blogs, software, web tools, e-commerce, etc.

There is a lot of gold to be found in the deep pits of the Internet, you just have to know where and how to dig. It’s a shame that most people only learns the bare minimum and don’t continue the process in the long run.

Barriers to Entry are Very Low

Say you want to start a clothing store showcasing vintage clothes from a certain decade. There are two ways to set foot in the business.

You could take the traditional route and start a brick and mortar business –rent a building, hire salespeople and spend thousands of dollars on initial renovations and utilities to maintain your store.

There’s also a ton of paperwork to get through – red tape as the economists call it. You have to pay for delivery, talk to a zillion people, look through hundreds of insurance options and so on. There is also the limitation of operating hours.

With brick and mortar stores, apart from spending on establishing the physical business, there is a huge cost on advertising and events to send foot traffic to the business. You can’t just open a clothing store and expect people to show up on their own.

On the other hand, if you invest in an e-commerce website instead, you can forego the expenses for lease/rent of the store, renovations, vehicles, insurance, fire code compliance, utilities, etc. You don’t have to worry about decorating your storefront to make it eye-catching or hiring salespeople and train them to service the customers.

Instead, the money could be used to rent a more cost-effective inventory warehouse. The products can be shipped to your customers within a few days and if you are smart with your decisions, you can find a shipping company which suits your financial needs to match the needs of your customers.

The barriers to entry in the online business industry are very low. All you need to start up a site is a domain name and a reputable hosting service. There are, of course, certain costs such as outsourcing to a designer, content writers, and web developers to make your website look polished, but even that is a lot lower than the cost of starting a brick and mortar business. Even for brick and mortar businesses, online presence these days is a must. Do keep in mind that much of these costs are an one time investment and not monthly recurring costs.

The biggest advantage of online retails is that customers can select products within a few minutes. They can look through pictures of your online collections to quickly choose a product no matter how far away they may be.

Online stores are also easier to advertise. Through sharing your various product links to your target audience(s), they can view the products at their leisure and in turn share the same product details to their friends and family all at the click of a button.

You can easily advertise your online business in social media and forums and even to create apps to support your site. Promotion becomes a lot more cost effective and would deliver a tremendous ROI which would propel your business to grow at a much faster rate as opposed to the traditional brick and mortar model.

Customers can visit your site and  place orders from anywhere and anytime. Your store operates 24×7 and never closes.

Similarly, you could oversee the orders being processed from anywhere just by using your laptop or smartphone. It will only take a few clicks for any customer to interact with your automated processes to arrange any fulfillment requirements, such as to arrange delivery of any physical goods to even the other side of the country.

How About Online Marketing?

Another exciting fact is that even if you do not have your own products to sell online, there is the option for you to market products and services of others. You can join certain sites/platforms for absolutely free to do this while certain options may be a paid service.

Such type of online marketing is also commonly known as affiliate marketing.

Some popular platforms to work with are Shareasale, AdmitadJVZoo, Commission Junction,  ClickBank, etc. You can select products from a niche that may appeal to you and market them through paid or free advertising means.

You can also avail a range of marketing tools such as email autoresponders, funnels, webinars, affiliate link tracking, etc. from their respective providers in order to strengthen your marketing campaigns and create better conversion rates.

Another popular way to do online marketing is through creating your own BLOGs. It’s not at all as complex as it may sound at first. All you need is a domain name and a good hosting service to get started.

I prefer to use WordPress as my blogging platform for its versatility, super useful plug-ins and zillions of free themes to choose from. If you choose to explore this option further, you can find my detailed BLOG on this topic here.

There are also other affiliate marketing programs which coaches you step by step to become a highly profitable marketer. These programs will offer many aspects of coaching and mentoring which is otherwise not included with other types of platforms mentioned above.

You can also pick up a free e-book on my recommended program, which I have personally authored and in turn have helped hundreds of people just like you to achieve their financial freedom.

You Have a Lot More Flexibility

Even though this factor depends largely on which type of online business you choose, you are likely to have more flexibility in your schedule when you run an online business as compared to any traditional businesses. Having the luxury of time freedom is one of the key promises of any successful online business.

Since you are your own boss, you can choose what time of the day you want to work or how many hours of work you want to get done every week. You can even choose your own holidays and don’t have to worry about sick leaves since you’re possibly working from home anyway.

However, just because you have more control over your time doesn’t mean you should use this time to lay back and relax. Even though you have more flexibility and the opportunity to be comfortable, you should always invest in yourself by learning more ways to boost your business.

The big advantage that comes with working from home at your own pace is that you can work at the hours when you’re the most productive. Research has shown that is more useful to work in the hours when you feel more energized and productive than working more hours per day.

Moreover, having a flexible schedule allows you more time to spend doing things you enjoy other than work. You can make more time for your family, your hobbies, traveling, catching up with friends and do all the things your job had held you back from.

The same way that your customers can order from anywhere, you also have the opportunity to work from anywhere you like. You do not have to sit at a desk all day in a dull office environment and could take your laptop and go wherever you feel is comfortable (like the beach) and run your business. You are not tied down to any one location and the frequent change of scenery may be refreshing for your creativity.

Unlimited Income Potential

When you own any online business, your profit and income are not being decided by the number of hours you work per day. Rather it largely depends on how well your have implemented certain processes and automation you have in place to service your site visitors.

Second factor to consider is how much demand  is in the marketplace for your products or services. If these two factors are in your favour, it’s simply a matter of driving customers, otherwise known as traffic, to your website through various means of online marketing.

More your business is automated, the more time you will have on your hand. This is a very important fact to consider. Having time at your disposal can mean more practical opportunities to grow your business profits and eventually perhaps to start a second online business.

Your income would by no means be limited or fixed by any of the restrictions or scope of any traditional business. The key asset for online business is your knowledge and apply it to strategize, develop processes, automate customer service points and servicing customer demands.

At start it can be a lot of hard work, however, the work is very specific and targeted. If done properly at the early stages, all your hard work should yield an income flow which would be more or less expected. Naturally, your work load should become much less while profits grow higher over time.

Social Media Can Be Used For Free and Paid Promotions

Social media and search marketing, when used in a proper manner can help you skyrocket sales for your online business. Studies demonstrate that there has been a huge growth in the local, mobile search volumes over the past few years. Google also confirms the fact that more than 50 percent of mobile questions are local.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to learn how to use your social profiles, pages and groups to connect with your potential buyers and provide detailed information and your products and services through these platforms.

There are three major types of content you have in your arsenal when it comes to driving any social media marketing campaigns:

  • Written, Video and Images

The following are 6 social marketing tips that can help you improve your sales:

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most visited social media sites with billions of users. By using customer-focused updates on these platforms you can easily connect with your buyers and communicate with them with just a few clicks. Content, timing, and engagement are essential to make the best use of these sites and achieve access to a wide spread of audiences.

The basic things you can do to increase engagement is post quality content on your site and social media on a regular basis. It could be in the form of questions, photos, and/or infographics related to your business. Sometimes you can also post articles and links to other sites to make your page more interesting and relevant.

However, you need to make sure that you aren’t spamming your customers with poorly designed posts which delivers no inherent value to them.

It would be beneficial for you to hire a graphics designer to create animations and infographics for your page. These are easily shareable by your visitors to their pages and groups.

There are also more budget friendly options these days for creating animations and images yourself. Keep in mind that the more professional your page looks, the more willing any potential customers would be to interact with you. When it comes to online businesses, aesthetics play a very crucial role.

Its always a good idea to show off your products with large and professional quality images. It will grab the customers’ attention as they scroll through Facebook or Instagram and to grab their attention. In turn they may share the post or even click through to your website.

Another thing that can be done is to run contests and competitions. That way, there will be more customer engagements. Your posts will be shared between people and automatically be advertised by your existing and potential customers.

If you have the resources for it, you could also use YouTube to your advantage. You could open a YouTube page related to your online business and post videos frequently.

Even if you are camera shy, you can find many marketers these days are posting videos without even showing their faces. Make sure to link the videos in your Facebook and Twitter profiles to make them easier to find.

Moreover, Instagram is another huge social media platform that you can use easily. When it comes to this platform, aesthetics is everything. Try your best to create visually pleasing feed which will captivate the visitors to your page. Here you could also further personalize your feed along with your products and services.

You should also host regular promotions and offers to boost the engagement levels of existing customers and at the same time to attract new ones.

By increasing engagement and advertisement through social media, you can generate an increased flow of revenue and find more customers than you could’ve with regular ads in brick and mortar business.

More on how best to use social media to your marketing advantage can be found here.

In conclusion, starting an online business may be daunting at first but it can also be extremely liberating and adventurous. You can start with very little resources and very quickly earn a lot of profits and exponentially grow in an industry which has risen straight out of the technological era.

Even if you’re doubtful about your success, you should remember that if you never try you’ll never know. So why not take a chance and stake your claim even if for the sake of adventure and excitement. There’s no harm in it if you educate yourself well enough. Maybe the online business world will pleasantly surprise you and you will be one of the success stories your friends and relatives tell their friends about.

Key to success in online business is focus. Being focused from the very start will open many doors for you in this age of the Internet. It may not be an ‘easy’ journey, but certainly an enjoyable and profitable one.

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Anyone who wishes to be found in the Internet by their target audience, Search Engine Optimization, or commonly termed as SEO, should always be on top of their minds. While doing SEO for certain types of websites may prove to be easier than others, the basic considerations tend to be the same in general.

The content spread throughout any website will play the major role for most, if not all, SEO checklists. This in itself poses a rather huge challenge. This means that if you keep only the major SEO aspects in mind, your content will suffer.

After all, it’s human beings who will be reading through your content. However, it will be the search engine bots who, i.e. from Google, will rank your site after evaluating the content based on very different metrics. Therefore, you must become a grand expert on content creation keeping both the human aspects and the search engine bots in balance.

The general rule of thumb is to have the keyword(s) inserted into the page tags as well as peppering the body text with them. Not long ago, the tags and the body text could be littered to the point of almost gibberish with the keywords. However, Google has greatly changed the way it evaluates content as to where it will determine whether a human being is able to read the content in any normal fashion.

Reading BLOGs -
Reading BLOGs –

So, the art of writing content now plays a very strong role in all SEO evaluations. Simply put, inserting keywords must make sense and be relevant to the content being written.

Hence, true success is only achieved when the art of SEO & the art of content writing is in perfect harmony where search engine ranking and user experience works seamlessly.

Is such a writing skill easily achieved? Absolutely no.

Most of us have been trained in either one, traditional creative writing discipline or the comparatively newer digital discipline. Rarely can we see both present within the same type or range of content.

Now a days, no matter your writing style, SEO is a ‘must’ consideration for all pages and posts. Keywords must be inserted properly throughout the site in order to achieve maximum ranking. Of course, you will need to have quality content to work with to begin with.

Make no mistake that readers will be able to see through any poorly written content straight away. Only content with authority and absolute clarity can boast a solid readership base over time. Hence, SEO elements must work in harmony and not disturb the original writing style and intention of the content.

For such harmony to happen, I allow myself time. I tend to simply write out everything that’s rattling around in my head on the subject. I don’t even worry about the grammar. Just simply freehand writing flowing from my thoughts.

Editing happens later on and in stages. Running through once over is simply not good enough. Consider your keywords, audience, subject matter, key benefits, solutions offered, etc. during the entire editing process. I usually allow myself a couple of days for several revisions until I am satisfied.

I am a bit of an old school writer and will always tend to write as such. However, I have struggled and learned to be better through following some best practices I have read about over time. Let me attempt to offer you some of those best practices tips as below.

1.      A Catchy Headline

I have already touched on how to write catchy headlines in a previous post. Here I just wanted to reiterate that the keyword must be present in the headline. Often enough the headline carries as much weight as the words that follow.

Also my workflow is to develop my headline AFTER the entire article is finished, including the editing process. This provides me with a better understanding of the entire content and finalize on a more fitting headline with the SEO keywords in place.

2.      Keyword Research or SEO

Have a standard workflow of how you do your keyword research. Do the keyword research well beforehand and plan your content accordingly. Also have a process flow on checking back on the specific keyword later in time, in case another variation would become a better fit.

3.      Using Bullet Points

Did you know that Google pays very keen attention to Bold letterings, Bullet Points and Block Quotes for SEO? Well, it does. Perhaps not a sure fire thing, but will certainly help your SEO for the page or post.

4.      Keywords in Meta Description

This fact is not really for SEO purposes as Google claims to not use meta descriptions for ranking purposes. Rather, in the search results, your meta description will have your keywords appear as bold. This should catch the reader’s attention better and improve the chances of engagement.

Meta keywords appear in bold in search results -
Meta keywords appear in bold in search results –

5.      Keyword Priority

Know where the keywords matter most. Usually, the logical priority sequence is:

  • Title tag
    • This is very important and try to place the keyword early in the sentence
  • Internal links within the content
  • Alt attribute of the images
  • Headline tags
  • Meta description

6.      Write something daily

It’s a fact that writing is like developing a muscle. The more you do it, the more conditioned you become. Work with a daily schedule so that you have a dedicated time slot for writing. Not necessarily you will need to publish every piece of writing. But write anyway.

Turn off all distractions, including your Wi-Fi during your writing times. Even researching during your writing times is considered a major distraction. Organize all your research work before you start to write.

Also such regular practice will decrease mistakes with grammar and spellings and make the editing phase a lot less stressful.

7.      Peak Performance

I always prefer to write during the early morning hours. I feel my energy flows at peak levels during those hours. Of course the 2 cups of coffee might have something to do with that also.

8.      Focus on your topic

Needless to say that you will do best if you write on topics you resonate well with. Don’t worry of the commercial success and focus on just churning out quality content on your chosen topics.

9.      Ask a lot of questions

Join active forums on the topic(s) you are writing on. Ask questions and let others answer them. Such type of proactive engagement will foster better thinking as well as provide indications on interest levels on the topic. Engage in detailed conversations in case the interest levels seem high.

You can then build your content around the questions. Answering even one question can become a full length post. It also may be a good idea to merge a few questions into the same post, depending on the situation at hand.

10.  Always research beforehand

The readers are very unforgiving towards false or mis-represented facts. Doing proper research will severely impact your credibility overall. Studying your direct competitors can also be a good way to find out what works and what doesn’t.

I spend a good deal of time with research, usually during any down times I may get during the day. I always carry a notebook and pen with me to jot down any quick thoughts I may have throughout such times. If the pen and paper isn’t your thing, you could do the same with a tablet or perhaps even a voice recorder.

11.  Know your audience

Your content should always be written with your audience in mind. Always try to write with a similar tone so that your content becomes truly unique to your audience and eventually encourage them to share the content.

12.  Tell the whole story

Don’t just rush to finish a story. Allow for your audience to feel their way around your entire content. The beginning should be just as important to them as the end. Appeal to all their senses where you can. Lead them on to what and how they should feel and possibly even react to any particular situation.

The average length for an effective post should be around 2000 words. This fact gives you a lot of room to work with to tell the depth of the story. Longer posts are perfectly fine, but only IF they are filled with appealing content rather than wasteful fluff.

13.  Organize the 5Ws

Your content should always address the classic 5Ws – What, Where, When, Who & Why. Of course the most key element follows with the How. I often like to put a teaser for the How in my headlines or titles. All the 5Ws should always be addressed elaborately in organized paragraphs. This way, it’s also easier to insert your keywords well in to the content for the perfect SEO.

5Ws of writing posts and blogs -
5Ws of writing posts and blogs –

14.  Start with the end in mind

This is an old cliché but it really works. If it helps you to visualize this better, write out the topic first on a piece of paper. Then on the next line, write out the objective you wish to achieve ultimately. This way you can always refer back to this often and not meander off into tangents.

Once finished, you should actually audit your content versus the objective before publishing

15.  The 10 second rule

When editing, keep in mind that it’s a proven fact that you will have around 10 seconds max to engage your reader to the content. Hence, you will need to edit in such a way to achieve any engagement very early on. This may lead to re-writing some of the content, which is just fine. Allow yourself the time to do this.

16.  Select your words wisely

Always use strong and suggestive words to begin as well as ending the sentences. Avoid any passive words to start any sentence. Similarly, the paragraphs should also be structured in a way that it will always start with a strong sentence and should end similarly as well.

Remember that you will need to lead the reader to where they need to go. Hence, every word matters.

17.  Less is more

This tip is of paramount importance. In fact, obsess over this fact.

You really don’t want to dilute the strong words and sentences with endless ramblings which bears no impact on your ultimate objective. Even if you feel that more needs to be said, find ways to tell the same thing with more impact while using less words.

Simplicity should be your best friend, always.

18.  Mix it up

If you haven’t seen it in my writing yet, I try to use medium length sentences which may often be followed by shorter sentences. This helps to create a tempo. And always avoid long sentences. Always a good idea to break up long sentences into a medium length and short sentence for maximum effect.

19.  Shorter Paragraphs

Similar to the sentence length, try to work with shorter paragraphs as well. This always fosters better readability. Shorter paragraphs will also allow you to ‘lead’ the reader to any specific objective such as ‘lead capture’.

20.  Work with deadlines

I don’t mean that you should restrict your creativity or research for your content. However, setting practical deadlines will actually get you to work more efficiently. Your post schedules should always have a regular interval. This will also condition your readership base to expect fresh content from you at timely interludes.

Bottom line is that without quality content, all your SEO activities will be wasted. As I had mentioned earlier, we should attempt to reach the perfect harmony of quality content strategically peppered with your keyword(s). Keyword placement should never disturb the quality and natural tempo of the content what so ever. Keywords should always appear as a natural part of the content to the reader.

Keep in mind that your end goal is to transition your readers > prospects > customers.

For maximum effect, you will need to master the SEO techniques to be combined with quality content writing which truly appeals to the target audience. If you can achieve this, your intended success will only build over time in many folds.

I further recommend a very good book for you to read on SEO available at by clicking here.

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I came across a question at yesterday where someone was seeking to find any affiliate marketing opportunities where it would be absolutely free to join and yet be able to make lots of money.

Now, I always wondered of what is the actual intent behind such type of questions. Free to join vs. anyone being able to make ANY money are two very different things.

I know that we get bombarded with claims of overnight success with many so called free online marketing or affiliate programs every day. Many of these gurus claim that there is hardly any work involved and you could simply lay back and watch the profits in thousands of dollars roll into your bank account.

The reality of all affiliate marketing is the same as any other business whether online or not. It involves serious commitment, taking massive actions, dedicated involvement, precise business planning, dynamic marketing plan, well planned budgets, highly tuned strategies, flawless execution, etc. Simply put, you need to be able to see where you want to be in 3 years from start and know how to get there.

Let me be the one to tell you that there are no short cuts to a successful and sustainable affiliate marketing business. Sure you could make some money here and there, but it will surely not be at a sustainable level of income which you can count on every week or month.

These so called ‘get rich quick’ programs are what someone else’s dreams in which they want you to join into. So how would you know whether it’s the right path for your dreams and success?

Online Marketing Success -
Online Marketing Success –

The reality of affiliate marketing is that there are a few who were able to become filthy rich, some are successful as generally speaking and most are simply struggling.

This is a clear indication that most people are simply trying to grab for the next ‘shiny object’, while certain types of people are trying to take advantage of this fact.

They are hoping that someone else will in turn give them thousands of dollars of profits while they simply sit around and do very little or nothing.

Does this statement not sounds absurd to you? Well it certainly should.

Before proceeding further, let’s have a quick look at some of the common pros and cons of online/affiliate marketing.

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Low cost of entry while many are free to join
  2. You do not have to create your own products
  3. No inventory to maintain
  4. No products to ship or deliver yourself
  5. You can work from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection
  6. Income can eventually be passive depending on your marketing strategy
  7. Can initially start as additional income

The Cons of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Need substantial amount of traffic to generate any high ticket income
  2. A bad affiliate program can damage your personal credibility
  3. Zero control over the affiliate product, service, or how it does business
  4. Some companies may not pay you when your commissions become due
  5. The better the affiliate program, the higher the competition
  6. The sales and customers will always belong to the merchant even though you had referred that customer to the merchant

Falling into the many pitfalls of the affiliate marketing programs out there can only be avoided with due diligence on your part.

Some of the Key Things to Consider are:

  1. Before starting your online business, consider and learn all that is required to make the business successful. But I should state here that you should not wait until you have learned everything before starting your business. If you do, your business will never start. Rather break it up into steps to getting your business off the ground. Making profits right off the bat is a fantasy in most cases. A series of successful events will lead you to profitability. Think of Microsoft as they launch their products and will keep on providing updates at later stages.

  2. Always choose the right affiliate program. Consider buying their products and services to judge their processes before joining their programs. Remember, you will be sending your customers to the program and any bad experience will certainly damage your reputation.

    For example, I am an affiliate of NameHero and I use their hosting personally and I am comfortable with their level of service. They work very closely with me to resolve any issues and I proudly mention them here without any added interest. Your relationship with your affiliate program owners should be very similar.

  3. Be very clear on the financials such as terms of payments to you, frequencies, special conditions, etc. Also to keep in mind that you further negotiate any with them as you go based on your performance.

  4. Always be marketing. Utilize any and all traffic sources available to you free or paid to drive traffic to your offers.

  5. Start an email list. You will constantly hear that the ‘Money is in the List’. Your list will eventually become an amazing source of profits by marketing your promotions through it. Email lists are meant to be used in conjunction with an auto-responder system. There are free and paid versions of these for you to choose from.

  6. For certain promotions, consider using landing pages. They are most efficient in driving sales with this singular purpose. These days there are many options to creating landing pages even of you do not have your own website.

  7. Lastly, always monitor your campaign performances. It’s certainly worth it to monitor the stats everyday and tweak them as necessary to increase sales.

Understand that there are a few very good affiliate marketing programs to join out there. Leader of the pack may as well be Amazon. It’s absolutely free to become an affiliate at Amazon which gives you access to sell their zillions of products available online which would include your profit margins.

So the question here is that even if you sign up to a good and free affiliate program, how do you market the products well enough so that you could make a decent and sustainable income month after month?

Online Business -
Online Business –

Planning for Success

Naturally, you will need well planned business and marketing plans on how to go about making enough yearly/monthly profits based on specific sales targets. Hence, you will need to know how to manage these things the proper way. Otherwise, you are simply swimming around aimlessly and eventually drown.

For example if you decide to take the blogging route to promote your Amazon products, you will need to learn about domainshosting, WordPress, local SEO, on-page SEO, on-site SEO, meta tags, search engine ranking, landing pagesgetting traffic, keyword optimization, affiliate link trackingauto responders, sales funnel, back linking, copywritingcatchy headlines and so on and on.

Sounds like a lot of work? Well, it certainly is.

The good news is that when you have learned and  mastered how to do all that, it becomes a part of your regular work flow and will feel less and less like a lot of work.

As I had said always that there are no short cuts to a sustainable online business. It’s not going to be fast or without any great deal of effort.

My Recommendation

So here it is, my grand advice to anyone that wish to have a successful and sustainable online or affiliate business: “Invest in yourself first”.

All successful people have this one fact in common. They mastered their craft through diligent learning process which never stopped. In fact, they are always relentless about finding more and more things to learn relating to their business. They even study other successful people in their trade to learn their best traits.

Investing into yourself to take the time and effort to learn the best aspects of running your online business will certainly pay you back exponentially. Take the time to do this in the beginning rather than struggling with your online business throughout and eventually giving up.

Hope I have made my point clearly enough for you to take massive action starting right now.

Click here to browse through my go to online marketing resources marketplace which I had always used to teach myself properly.

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